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Disneytopia: My Dream Resort


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Allow us to further explore the enchantment of Fantasyland with the Dream Voyage as well as some small rides in the area. The Dream Voyage takes inspiration from Voyage to the Crystal Grotto at Shanghai Disneyland.

25 - Dream Voyage

Any Height

Behind Bippity Boppity Boutique is a stairway that goes down (an elevator is available for those who can’t go down the stairs.) Guests go down the stairs and into a hidden passage. They walk down a corridor full of doors with Disney characters’ names on them and then through an observatory full of unusual artifacts, including a telescope that views different parts of the park. Eventually, a wizard-in-training will let guests into a library.​
Guests enter a circular library with a mirror in the middle of it. Once the room is full, the wizard-in-training will leave the room and the doors will close. Soon, the lights in the room will start to dim as the mirror comes to life. Inside is Merlin, the wisecracking wizard from Sword in the Stone. After his entrance, he will speak.

Merlin: “Ah, welcome guests. Welcome, indeed. I see that you’ve been directed into my private library. I’m sorry I can’t meet you in person right now but I am very busy enchanting these boats.”

He then looks around and realizes that the guests probably don’t know what he’s talking about.

Merlin: “Oh, you weren’t told why you were here? No worries. I can do that for you. This castle, as you know, is connected by magic. All of the princesses, heroes, and the Magic Guild reside here. As you all know, these people have very inspiring and interesting stories to tell. As tribute to those people, the wizards have created these colorful sculptures that tell their stories. But why are we doing this? Why would a bunch of wizards pay homage to legends? You see, there is a place under the castle where the power of dreams comes to life, something we’ve recently discovered. There, the magic is stronger than anywhere else in the kingdom. The good news is that I am already there, sending enchanted boats to come and pick you up. From there, it’ll all be smooth sailing. After this, you’ll never see your favorite fables the same way again.”

He scratches his chin and looks around some more.

Merlin: “Enough talking. The important thing is that you’re here, you’re going to see all of these statues telling stories, and then you’ll see the stories come to life in the cave. With all that said and done, it’s time for you to board the boats. Let’s go! I’ll see you soon.”

Merlin then vanishes from the mirror and a library bookshelf opens up. Guests walk out of that and into a loading area, which looks like an underground dock. There, they board a long boat, like an extended Jungle Cruise boat, but with no driver, ten rows of seats, and it is given a more colorful design. Guests then board the boat and sit down, waiting to leave the dock.​
The boat begins to move as Merlin’s voice comes from overhead:

Merlin: “Now that you have boarded your boat, we shall begin our journey. You are about to leave this cave and go into the River of Dreams, something I named myself. You shall sail along this river and see many sculptures of your favorite stories. As we are out here, keep your hands, feet, arms, and legs inside the boat at all times for your own safety. Enjoy your voyage!”

The boats go out of the cave and into the light of day. A small forest is all around them, hiding the majority of Fantasyland from their view.

On the left, guests see a sculpture of Belle and the Beast in a rose garden with Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts watching. Water fountains surround this as an instrumental version of “Something There” plays in the background.

Merlin: “Here we are at our first sculpture, the tale of Beauty and the Beast. This French fairytale is a story of love and learning to get past others’ differences. Above all that however, it is the classic saying of not to judge a book by its cover. In other words, what we feel in our hearts is more important than what we see with our eyes. A good lesson well said.”

The boat moves past that and goes towards another sculpture of a bayou. Ariel (in human form) and Prince Eric are in a boat while Sebastian is on a rock. Meanwhile, some fish and Flouder are spitting water upwards. An instrumental version of “Kiss the Girl” is heard in the background.

Merlin: “Now here’s a story about desire. The Little Mermaid, a classic story about a mermaid who wants to be a human, is a tale of love, hope, and desire. This story teaches us that a happy ending, no matter how improbable it may seem, is always in reach, even if it’s a world away.”

The boats turn a corner and see a cloud on their right, and on that cloud is Aladdin (dressed as Prince Ali) and Jasmine. In a fountain and surrounded by lights, the carpet moves up and down in the air. An instrumental version of “A Whole New World” plays in the background.

Merlin: “How about an underdog story? You wouldn’t expect a Diamond in the Rough to become Sultan, no? Well, the story of Aladdin proves that theory wrong. No matter where you start out, there’s no telling where you can end up. Even though he was changed on the outside, he learned that it was on the inside that mattered more. That is how he did it. That is how he won the princess’s heart.”

The boat goes a little while and then makes another turn. To the left, a river boat is sailing with water coming out of its smokestacks, and on it are Tiana and Naveen in frog form. In the meantime, Louis blows out of a trumpet that squirts water off the boat (but nobody gets wet.) An instrumental version of “Down in New Orleans” plays in the background.

Merlin: “Here’s a more modern take on a classic story. The Princess and the Frog is a story about believing in your dreams and noticing the important things in life. Tiana worked hard to get her restaurant, but she worked so hard on it that she forgot the important things in life. Through a magical adventure through the bayou, however, she would learn that there is more to life than work, but more important things like love and laughter.”

The boat goes down the river, where lanterns are seen floating, surrounding Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in a boat. Water squirts around it as “At Last I See the Light” plays instrumentally in the background.

Merlin: “Now here’s a story about breaking away from what holds us back. Based on an old Brothers Grimm tale, Tangled tells the story of Rapunzel, a young woman who wants to set herself free from what keeps her back in order to find her dream. In the process, she meets a charming scoundrel, whom she later falls in love with, and reunites with her long-lost family.”

The boat turns around again. In the corner is a Chinese pavilion, where Mulan is riding Kahn the horse and Mush is nearby. An instrumental version of “Reflection” plays in the background as water dances around.

Merlin: “How about a famous Chinese legend? Mulan tells the story of a young woman who takes her father’s place in the military and fights for her country. Defying the cultural aspects that placed women below men, she was able to prove herself a worthy hero, saving all of China and making her father proud. If there is one thing we can take away from this, it’s that there is a hero in us all, even if others don’t see it.”

On the left of the boat is a Greek-columned temple with a fountain in it. Appearing as if he were flying is Pegasus, who is carrying Hercules and Phil. An instrumental version of “Go the Distance” plays in the background as the fountain squirts out water around the statue.

Merlin: “Moving from Ancient China to Ancient Greece, we come upon the story of Hercules. This tells the story of a demigod living in exile who must prove himself to be a true hero in order to return to his home on Mount Olympus. As he would learn later on, being a true hero comes from the heart, not from strength. In a way, that makes a lot of us true heroes.”

Last but not least, guests come across a fountain on the left. On the top of it is a cliff, where Mickey is directing the waves. In the meantime, brooms and dumping water on the center of the fountain.

Merlin: “Now here’s a story about imagination…...but also taking consequences for our actions. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a story about how one particular mouse uses his imagination to conjure up great things, but the results are not what he expects. Able to bring a broomstick to life and do his work, he is unable to make it stop. Things go too far, but this would teach him a lesson to be careful when handling powerful forces beyond his understanding.”

The boat goes through the forest through some eerie silence. As the boats approach the castle, Merlin breaks this silence.

Merlin: “So now you’ve seen all these stories and all the lessons you can learn from there. Now, prepare to see it all come to life here in this magical cave.”

The boats go into the cave after Merlin makes these words. Music fills the cavern as the music of Alan Menken (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Hercules), Randy Newman (The Princess and the Frog), Matthew Wilder (Mulan), and Leopold Stokowski (Fantasia, which features The Sorcerer’s Apprentice). As the music of all these films play, the walls light up with these stories. Soon, the boats go by Merlin himself, who appears as an Audio-Animatronic. He appears on the right, speaking to guests as they pass.

Merlin: “Now do you see? The magic of these stories is alive in this cave. Such a wonderful thing, it is. You’ve seen these stories, and now you’ve seen them in a new way. Each one has a lesson to be learned. Each one has its own world. However, they are all united in harmony here. Now that you have seen this wonderful place, I will send you back to the castle.”

Merlin flicks his wand once he says these things. The boat goes through a tunnel of magical light before re-emerging in the docks. As it heads to the docks, Merlin says some parting words.

Merlin: “I hope you have enjoyed this Dream Voyage. I hope that you will come again soon. Now, it is time to depart from the boat. When it comes to a stop, you will exit the boat and get on the dock. Do enjoy the rest of your day! Goodbye!”

The boat comes to a complete stop at a dock and the guests disembark. From there, they take a secret passageway out of the castle, spitting them out in the Tournament area of Fantasyland.​

26 - Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Any Height
Fly about Fantasyland in your own flying elephant. Behind the carousel is a circus where two sets of flying elephants soar in a circle. This mirrors the Magic Kingdom version of the ride, but it’s more colorful in tone.​

27 - Merlin’s Carousel

Any Height​
With these enchanted horses, take a ride around this lovely carousel based off of The Sword in the Stone. When you go around, the horses will bounce up and down. A perfect ride for all ages, this is at the heart of the castle courtyard, right next to an actual sword in the stone. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try to pull it out.

Join us tomorrow as we view the dark ride duo of this tournament area, Peter Pan's Flight and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.​


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We shall now see what two dark rides the tournament has to offer.

28 - Peter Pan’s Flight

Any Height​
Guests enter the building on the furthest west building in the Tournament. Its outside looks a lot like the Magic Kingdom version of the ride, as does the queue. The ride itself, however, is more like Shanghai Disneyland’s version of the attraction.

Guests walk through the queue, going through London alleyways and the backyard of the Darling house before boarding their pirate galleons and taking a seat. Their lap bars come down and their adventure begins.

It starts with them going through the Darling nursery. Here, Wendy, Micheal, and John are awake, marveling at the sight of Peter Pan, whose shadow goes along the walls. Peter sprinkles pixie dust out of Tinker Bell and then the window opens with Peter’s voice heard overhead: “Ready? Here we go!” The boats fly over the backyard, where Nana is flying but is tied down to the doghouse. They soon go over other backyards before heading over London. Below, they can see tiny versions of Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Big Ben. The ships approach the second star, which erupts with glitter when passed. The ships go over Neverland, but after that scene, they go through a jungle, where they encounter the Lost Boys. The ships fly past the native camp and then over Mermaid Lagoon. Finally, they pass by Skull Rock, where Captain Hook and Smee are. The ships then go into the pirate ship scene, where Hook has kidnapped the children and are making them walk the plank. The ships go up on a mast, where Hook and Peter are swordfighting. It then goes down to the deck, where Peter is steering the ship with the children nearby while Hook is balancing between the jaws of the Tick-Tock Croc while Mr. Smee is on a rowboat. The ships then go into the next scene, where Peter Pan and the kids are at the Lost Boys’ hideout. Peter Pan helps the ships navigate back to London. The ships pass a larger version of Big Ben, where Peter and the children are standing on the big hand. The ships then return to the loading station, passing under Hook’s flying galleon, glowing with pixie dust. There, guests leave their boats and return to Fantasyland.​

28 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Any Height​
In the eastern corner of the Tournament is this ride, which has its look similar to the Hong Kong Disneyland variant of the ride. However, the rest of the attraction is more like the Magic Kingdom ride. The queue is different, making it appear as if guests are in a library. A bunch of books are on shelves, all of which are open and tell Pooh’s story in Chapter One. Here, Pooh is thinking of what to do and ends up eating some honey. There are also notes by author A. A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh, further explaining the page. Guests can also draw in honey and sort vegetables for Rabbit. When they get to the loading area, they board a hollowed-out beehive and pull their lap bars down. From there, the ride begins.

The first door looks like a book, which opens up to guests as they enter. As the vehicle goes in, it tells of Chapter Two, where Winnie and Pooh experience a blustery day. The vehicle turns around to see wind in the Hundred Acre Woods. Pooh is flying around on a red balloon, flying through the trees. On the left, Rabbit is holding on to his laundry, which is blowing in the wind. On the right, Eyore’s house falls down (again). Up ahead, Roo is seen holding on to a kite, which Kanga is holding on to tightly. The vehicles then go through Owl’s House, where he is muttering about the windy weather.

Next scene is Chapter Three, where Pooh tries to get some honey. He is chased by bees on a screen and runs over a bridge. He is found on the other side of the bridge, hiding in a box. The vehicle then turns right into Chapter Four, where Tigger appears and invites the guests to bounce with him in an evening setting. The vehicles go up and down as Tigger randomly appears throughout the scene. He is later seen to have hit his head on a tree. The vehicles pass him and go into Pooh’s house.

This is where Chapter Five begins. Pooh is dozing off, and then with a pepper’s ghost effect, his balloon grows Heffalump ears as Pooh suddenly starts drifting into the air. A starfield appears as the vehicles enter Pooh’s dream. In the next scene, Heffalumps and Woozles are everywhere, eating from honey pots and pushing Pooh around. An identical ride vehicle full of Heffalumps and Woozles passes the ride vehicle the guests are in. Eventually, the vehicles go around a giant honey pot and go through the door to the next scene.

In Chapter Six, it starts to rain outside. Pooh wakes up in his house as lightning strikes outside. The vehicle leaves Pooh’s house and begins to “float” down a river. Meanwhile, Eyeore, Piglet, and Roo can be seen drifting down the river. Pooh comes around to save them, aided by Christopher Robin. After passing under a bridge, the vehicles then go left into the final scene.

In Chapter Seven, the citizens of the Hundred Acre Woods are celebrating the heroic rescue as well as good weather. At a table, they are all eating a delicious feast. However, Pooh is seen in the corner, snacking on some honey. From there, guests see a big “The End” and then go back through the pages of the book to the loading area.

When guests get off the ride, they walk into Pooh Corner, a gift shop/candy shop based off of the one in California. Tigger Tails and other desserts are sold here.

Tomorrow we shall head into the Enchanted Forest and see the rides it has to offer, some of which I have concerns about.​


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Here we have some rides in the Enchanted Forest area, which I have a little bit of hard feelings over because some people dislike them. They are Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Frozen Ever After, even though I did add a few things to them to hopefully improve them.​

29 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Must be 38 in

Before they settled in the Black Forest of Germany, the Seven Dwarfs moved around a lot. They originally had another mine (which the Magic World Railroad passes through.) However, the dwarfs decided that they needed a bigger working space, so they moved elsewhere. They eventually settled by a mountain, rich of minerals that they needed to mine. With their diamonds and crystals they mined, they could make a fortune and finally get a place for themselves in the world where they were discriminated against for being short.

Now, the dwarfs are showing off their mines to guests so they can spread the word of it. However, as they allow guests into the mine, they are totally unaware that an orphaned princess named Snow White has settled into their cabin, seeking refuge from the Evil Queen. As guests go out and see the dwarfs mining, they might return to the cottage to find this princess there.

(Quick development history here. As much as I enjoy the Magic Kingdom version of the ride, I do feel like it is a little too short and doesn’t really have a storyline. Luckily, I fixed both of those problems here. This incorporates elements from the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well as some original material not featured in the film, explaining why the dwarfs have a mine and how they found it. This ride is also extended a little to include a few new scenes.)​
Moving out of the King’s Tournament and into the Forest, guests will see a mountain station, where the queue begins. They will venture past the station and into the caves. Here, there are interactive things, such as sorting gems, spinning barrels, and finding diamonds in water, all of which are taken from the Magic Kingdom queue. There are also writings on the wall by Doc telling the backstory of the ride. Then, in the center of the cave, they will board their mine train, a bunch of mine carts linked together, and put their belongings in a pouch. Then, they will pull their lap bars down and get ready to go.​
Like the Magic Kingdom ride, this coaster begins with a drop into the woods. It’ll go past a mine cart and then go up a lift. At the top, parts of Frontierland are visible to the right as well as Fantasyland to the left. The ride will go down and then up again. Then, it’ll move in a curved line, making the carts wobble back and forth.

The ride will then turn and go into the mine. Here, the Seven Dwarfs are seen mining away at minerals. Sleepy is slacking on the job while Grumpy is frustratedly doing his work. Doc, Happy, Bashful, and Sneezy are doing their jobs. Meanwhile, Dopey is wearing diamonds over his eyes in a goofy way. The clock then chimes and the train passes Doc, who calls out “Heigh Ho!” The train then climbs a lift while the shadows of the dwarfs are seen walking up on the left. At the top of the lift, the train goes down and past a waterfall. It goes around a hill before going over a bridge. It then turns and goes past some trees.

The train goes by the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. Inside, they can be seen dancing with Snow White while Grumpy plays the organ. On the outside of the house, a cloaked figure is hiding in the bushes. Although her old face is not seen, this is the Evil Queen in her peddler’s disguise. Her evil laughter is a transition to the next scene, which guests don’t hear until inside. The train then takes a turn into the mountain, where the dwarfs are all in mourning over Snow White’s death. However, the prince is there, kissing Snow White and reviving her. Snow White awakens and takes his hand, standing up with him. The ride then turns a corner with Doc saying overhead: “And they lived happily ever after” as the words themselves appear to the left on a big note by Doc, as well as a note from Snow White that they will have their diamonds sold. In other words, it’s a happy ending for Snow White and a happy ending for the Seven Dwarfs. Guests can look at this as the train is stopped and before it goes into the loading area.

When the train returns to the loading area, guests will get off of the train and then walk through a tunnel back to Fantasyland.​

30 - Frozen Ever After

Any Height

This version of the ride has a different backstory than its Epcot variant. The original ride is set between the events of Frozen and Frozen II, being a year after the first film where Queen Elsa celebrates her sister saving her life through an act of unselfish love and thus ending the eternal winter. However, this version of the ride serves as a sequel to that. It is set after the events of Frozen II where Anna has decided to preserve this commemoration by having an even bigger celebration, and of course, a visit to their new friends in the Enchanted Forest. Anna is the queen now while Elsa resides in the forest. However, for this occasion, Elsa will be returning to Arendelle to celebrate the event, also paying a visit to her ice castle.

The citizens of Arendelle, guests included, are welcomed to take a boat ride through Arendelle to celebrate this. What could possibly go wrong?

(This backstory was modified to be after Frozen II to give myself more freedom on what I can include. I’ve also decided to include a conflict within the story of the ride that of course would be settled by the end)​
Walking into a Norwegian-style building, guests soon find themselves in an Arendelle town square. This takes its inspiration from 19th Century Scandinavia, which I believe the films are set in (photography and bicycles have been invented yet royalty is still common, portraits are mostly used, and technology isn’t too advanced yet.) The buildings are white with snow, which has been placed there by Elsa for the celebration. Queen Anna’s announcement is on a post as guests walk by the town square, which has a maypole up. Guests then walk into the boathouse, where they board their ships. Unlike the Epcot ride, which features viking ships, this ride simply uses rowboats lit by lanterns. Once they get on, guests find their seat and get ready to go, the sight of a wintry village on their left.​
The ride starts out with the boats going through the forest. There, they see Olaf singing a revised version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Guests continue past Sven, and then past Wandering Oakens, where the namesake man is seen in the Sauna. They also see Kristoff near the building, announcing that they will be stopping by his family and then will go up to the ice castle. In the meantime, Hans can be seen hiding behind a tree, saying how he’ll get his revenge.

The ships then go through the troll knoll, where Pabble is telling young trolls about how Anna saved her sister. The ships then climb the lift to Elsa’s ice castle. There, Olaf sings “For the First Time in Forever” badly as he ice skates. Anna and Kristoff sing too, and mention the Enchanted Forest, which Hans, hiding behind a pillar, seems to be interested in. The ships then go into the main room, where Elsa sings “Let it Go.” The ships then change course and go backwards. The ships go down a hill and through mist, making a small splash. The boats encounter Marshmal-low and the Snowgies, pointing out how the sled has left for the Enchanted Forest.

The ships then travel to the Enchanted Forest, which is in autumn. As they pass by the four elemental marks, they see Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, now in their Frozen II looks. Elsa sings “Into the Unknown,” showing what lies in the forest through her magic. Hans is hiding in the bushes and notes how he will take over the forest and use the army of the Northuldra and the support of the spirits to take over Arendelle, but first, he has to get rid of Elsa.

The boats go into the forest and see the Northuldra, singing “Vulie '' as they celebrate the fifth spirit (Elsa)’s return. Meanwhile, Hans is seen kidnapping the chief. Olaf is on his own, singing a revised version of “When I’m Older” while Gale the wind spirit is playing with him. The boats go past sleeping Earth giants and then see the Fire Spirit before going into the dark sea, where Hans is sailing away on a boat with the chief. The ships go forward to Atohollan, the river of memory. Inside the glacier, the ship makes another drop.

Inside, Elsa sings “Show Yourself” as she explores the place with Anna. They eventually find Hans in the glacier, who has lead them into a trap. He is off to kill Elsa when the ice breaks and he falls into it. The ships then go through a tunnel where they see Elsa riding the Nokk, helping them escape the glacier. The boats then drop into the mist, riding the fjord back to Arendelle harbor.

When they return to Arendelle, there are fireworks and celebrating. They go past the castle and under the bridge, seeing Kristoff and Sven above. Nearby them is Hans, covered in ice and handcuffed. The ships finally go past a boat, where Queen Anna, Snow Queen Elsa (both wearing the outfits they wore at the end of Frozen II) and Olaf singing a revised version of “In Summer” while on a boat.

The ships then return to the loading area and the guests get off the ship. They then walk through a tunnel into Wandering Oakens, a gift shop based off of the Trading Post from the film.

And there you have it. Two updated versions of loathed attractions. Sure hope I was able to make them better though......Join us tomorrow as we go deeper into the forest and then to a French village, visiting the Beast's Castle and the Small World building on the way.​


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We shall now see another attraction in the forest, "It's a Small World," as well as the attraction in the French Village, Beauty and the Beast: A Tale as Old as Time.

31 - “It’s a Small World”

Any Height​
Join the Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed the World on this classic ride, settled at the edge of the forest.

Guests walk through a garden full of animals towards a giant children’s book-inspired building similar to the one in Disneyland Park, but with a few differences. Norwegian and German architecture can be seen as well as Arabian, Japanese, and Southeast Asian. Guests will walk down to a dock, where they board their boats and get ready for their cruise.

On the boat, the guests move to the right side of the building. When they enter, they go through the Europe section. They go through the British Isles and Scandinavia, then through the Iberian Peninsula, Riviera, Central Europe, Balkans, and Eastern Europe. Then, they go into the Asian section. They start in the Middle East before going into Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Next up is Africa, starting up in North Africa, then West Africa. This is followed by East Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa. Then comes Latin America. They start in the Amazon, then in the Andes, then in the southern part of South America. Then they go up to Central America and the Caribbean. Following that is Oceania, where they go to Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Polynesia, the ocean, and Antarctica. Then is the big finale, with dolls from all over the world singing, U.S. and Canada included. The ride exits past flags of all of the countries represented in the ride (which is a lot) and then they leave the building and return to the gardens. There, they depart from their boat and go back into Fantasyland.

There are dolls from all over the world in the attraction. Depending on where guests are on the ride, they will hear the theme song “It’s a Small World” played in another language. It will be a foreign language all over with the exception of English-speaking countries. This version of the ride will not feature Disney characters, even though Donald Duck makes a small cameo appear- ance in the Latin American room, appearing as a pinata.
32 - Beauty and the Beast - A Tale As Old As Time

Any Height
Relive the classic story of Beauty and the Beast in this one-of-a-kind ride. Located in the village area at the corner of Fantasyland, this is an attraction based off of the 1991 animated hit film. Here, guests will be an object in the castle and explore it, seeing Belle’s story as they do.​
Like the Tokyo Disneyland ride The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, guests will cross a bridge over to the Beast’s castle. Guests will go around in the foyer, going pass Lumiere and Cogsworth (who come to life occasionally) and even past Mrs. Potts and Chip, who interact with guests. Washing plates, cleaning mirrors, and sorting china are among the interactive experiences waiting in the queue. Eventually, the guests will be sent into the pre-show room by a castle servant who is somehow human (this is a cast member.)​
Guests will be loaded into a theater, where they enter a Carousel of Progress-like theater that spins. Unlike that, there are only two theaters. On the stage is a stained glass window showing the castle. Once guests are seated, the show will begin.

A voice from overhead comes. This is narrated by Angela Lansbury, who voiced Mrs. Potts in the animated film. The stained glass window changes to a picture of a prince.

Potts: “Once upon a time in the hidden heart of France, there lived a handsome prince. He lived in a beautiful castle full of beautiful people.”

Then, the picture changes to a darker rendition of the prince.

Potts: “Despite having everything that his heart wanted, the prince was spoiled and unkind.”

Then, the stained glass changes to a picture of an old woman offering the prince a rose.

Potts: “Then, one dark and stormy night, an old woman came seeking shelter from the storm. She begged the prince to let her stay, offering a single rose in return. The prince, however, was disgraced by her appearance, and so he rejected her. The woman told him that true beauty lies within, but he ignored her.”

The stained glass changes once more to show the image of the enchantress.

Potts: “When he dismissed her again, the old woman faded away and revealed a beautiful enchan -tress. The prince begged for forgiveness, but it was too late, for the enchantress had seen that there was no love in his heart.”

The stained glass becomes the hands of the prince. In the middle of Potts’ sentence, the human hands become beast hands.

Potts: “As a punishment, the enchantress cursed the prince, turning him into a hideous beast.”

The stained glass becomes the rose displayed on a case as well as the beast hands around the glass.

Potts: “A curse was placed on the castle and its servants and all memory was lost of the prince and his castle. He kept the enchantress’s rose, and if he didn’t learn to love and get it in return by the time the last petal fell, he was doomed to remain a beast forever. As days bled into years, the beast lost hope, for who would ever learn to love a beast?”

The theater then turns over to the next stage. Here, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip are seen, sitting on a table.

Chip: “Mama, do we have to remain like this forever?”

Potts: “Don’t lose hope, Chip. If the master learns to love, then we will be free from this curse.”

Cogsworth: “Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Look at the guy. Does he look like someone who could love someone?”

Potts: “Cogsworth!”

Cogsworth: “I’m just being realistic here.”

Lumiere: “There is hope. A human girl is in the castle.”

Cogsworth: “Yeah, I know.”

Lumiere: “But there’s more. What if she is the one? What if she’s destined to break the spell?”

Chip (excitedly): “Could it really be?”

Potts: “Hopefully, Chip. Tell me about her, Lumiere. What is she like?”

Lumiere: “Her name is Belle. She lives in a nearby village. The people there think that she is strange because of her love of reading. I wonder if she knows that she is beautiful.”

Cogsworth: “Maybe….”

Lumiere: “She wanted adventure outside of her village, away from this handsome buckethead named Gaston.”

Cogsworth: “Hold up, she never mentioned that guy.”

Lumiere: “I heard her muttering about him in……..(sorrowfully) her cell.”

Potts: “Why so somber all of a sudden?”

Lumiere: “The master’s already given her the wrong first impression. He kidnapped her father for taking a rose from his garden. She came and took his place and now she’s in a cell.”

Potts: “Oh, we have to get her out! If she is the one, she can’t be treated like this! We need to make her feel welcomed here! More importantly, we need to get her with the master!”

Lumiere: “Let’s have these people come with us. What do you say guys, should we make her feel welcome?”

(Waits for audience reply)

Lumiere: “Okay, then. Let’s go!”

The servants then come in and instruct the guests to leave the theater. Guests would get off of their seats and walk to the exits. There, they enter the loading area. It is designed to look like a castle parlor. Guests will board a six-person teacup, four of which are at their stations. Once they board, guests will pull their lap bars down and tuck away their belongings in a pouch. From there, the ride will begin.​
This is a trackless ride similar to the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast at Tokyo Disneyland. No matter which tea cup guests are put in, there’s no telling where they will go.

The vehicles depart from their loading stations and go through a tunnel out of the parlor. They will enter a dungeon, where Lumiere is seen releasing Belle from her cell. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about and invites her to come with them.

The teacups then head into a dining room, where Belle is at a table. On the table is where Lumiere is singing “Be Our Guest” as lights shine on him and dishes move around. The teacups go around the table to see this, but then they all head forward into the next room. There, they encounter the Beast, who angrily commands them to leave. The cups go outside and into a snowy forest scene. There, they see the Beast rescuing Belle from the wolves, and then they take a passage back into the castle.

As they return to the castle, Potts is heard overhead, telling Belle not to be fooled by his hideous exterior. Back in the castle, Belle and the Beast are in the library. The cups go around the library to see the many kinds of books in there, including some familiar titles such as The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen. The cups then go out onto a balcony, where Belle and the Beast are in the snow. Meanwhile, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Plumette are watching the event, singing “Something There.”

The cups then go into a ballroom, where Belle and the Beast are dancing while Mrs. Potts and Chip are observing the event. Potts is singing “Beauty and the Beast” as this happens. The cups head through a hallway. Meanwhile, Cogsworth declares that the castle is under attack.

The cups go through a different version of the foyer, where the enchanted objects are battling with the mob. Drawers are slamming into a mob member, LeFou is being poked in the back by Cogsworth, and dishes are flying at another mob member. The cups then go outside to see the Beast and Gaston dueling on the roof. Meanwhile, Belle is watching this in concern below. The cups turn a corner and see Gaston’s shadow fall off the tower. In the meantime, the Beast is lying, wounded, while Belle is standing next to him, admitting that she loves him.

The cups pass through the west wing, where the last petal of the rose falls. It then looks through a window, where a pepper’s ghost effect shows the Beast transforming back into a prince. Down They pass more windows, which show the enchanted servants turning back into humans. The cups then proceed into the final scene, where it shows Belle dancing with the prince with the humans watching, Maurice included. A reprise of “Beauty and the Beast” is heard overhead as the guests pass by one last stained glass reminiscent of the one seen at the end of the film. From there, they go to the unloading station, which is in an armory. Once their belongings are gathered, guests leave the cups and follow a secret passage back to the front of the castle.

Tomorrow, we shall head into Wonderland and see what nonsensical things are there.​


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Things are about to get curiouser and curiouser as we go into Wonderland.....

33 - Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups

Any Height
On this topsy-turvy ride, spin around on a teacup with whimsical Wonderland music playing around you. If you’re patient enough, you might see a mouse come out of a teapot in the center.​

34 - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Any Height​
Travel through the nonsensical realm of Wonderland in this attraction. Here, guests will ride in a hat with a mind of its own as they go with Alice through a world that gets “curiouser and curiouser” on her way to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Guests travel into a cavern to begin this ride. There, they see nonsensical things such as tea cups, the Cheshire Cat, and cards. Guests later emerge into the English countryside, where they will board their hats. There are three hats to get on, which holds up to nine people. Guests store their belongings in a pouch and pull their lap bars down.​
The hats leave their stations and head through the countryside. On their right, they see Alice lying against a tree. On their left, they see the White Rabbit, who is nervously looking at his watch.

White Rabbit: “Oh no! I’m late for the Party!”

White Rabbit starts to sing “I’m Late” as the hats take a turn. Alice, now on her feet, is seen running after the White Rabbit, wanting to join him on his journey to the tea party.

Alice: “May I come along? I do enjoy a tea party.”

White Rabbit: “Of course. Just don’t slow me down.”

The hats take another turn and then enter the Rabbit Hole room. Vehicles are stopped in the room as they see Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole, curiously looking at the surrounding furniture as it falls. Once Alice lands on the ground, the sounds of a door opening are heard. Soon, the vehicles start going backwards and down a hallway. They go through the previously opened door and see Alice shrinking.

The vehicles turn around and go out a doorway, where they enter a swamp. There, they encounter the caterpillar, who offers his commentary on them. This is similar to Roz in the previously discussed Monsters, Inc. ride who interacts with guests. After a few seconds in the room, the guests go on to a forest. There, they see Alice in giant size in the White Rabbit’s house with the White Rabbit stressing how they won’t be able to get to the party now and wondering how she got so big.

The hats go through a garden of singing flowers. They also see Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who gladly welcome the guests to Wonderland. The hats go into the Tulgey Wood, where they see the Cheshire Cat. The cat speaks to them as they pass, disappearing and reappearing in many places.

Cat: “Are you lost? Need help finding your way? I can help. If you’re going to the tea party, head this way. Just look out for the maze.”

The hats head into the maze and get lost. After a few dead ends, they go into the view of the Queen of Hearts’ castle. White roses with red paint are seen, as well as a nervous-looking White Rabbit, who looks at guests as they pass.

White Rabbit: “Oh no, you shouldn’t be here. Someone’s painted the Queens’ roses red and she is not happy about it!”

Hats move past hedgehogs and flamingos, and then through the croquet set. Then, the hats come across some card soldiers, who force the direction of the hats into the castle. They enter the Queen of Hearts’ court, where the Queen is on the judge’s stand and shouts “Off with their head!” The hats then scurry backwards past an army of card soldiers, fleeing out of the castle. Alice is in there, giving them directions out of the castle. The hats follow these directions and go out of the castle and into the garden. The hats then stop and take a turn into the garden, where the whimsical music is playing.

The hats go past the tea party, where the White Rabbit and Alice have arrived.

White Rabbit: “Sorry we’re late, but we went through a lot to get here.”

The Mad Hatter and the March Hare are sitting at the long table, accepting them.

Mad Hatter: “Well, why wouldn’t you go through a lot to get here? Everyone knows that this land is full of madness.”

March Hare: “Enough talking. Come over and have some tea.”

The Hatter and the Hare then turn around and see the guests.

Mad Hatter: “Oh, there are my missing hats. I’ve been wondering where they’ve gone.”

March Hare: “Maybe you should direct them into the house so that they won’t get lost again.”

Mad Hatter: “Well said. Get in the house, my beauties!”

The hats move into the Mad Hatter’s house, where guests unload. Once their belongings are gathered, guests leave the hats and take a passage back to Fantasyland.

Tomorrow, we shall discuss the dining, shopping, and entertainment in Fantasyland.​


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It is now time to close the book on our tour of Fantasyland with shopping, dining, and entertainment in the area.


AG - Fairytale Castle Dining Hall

Deep inside the Enchanted Fairytale Castle, there is a banquet hall themed to the princesses. It involves five themed rooms based on Cinderella, Aurora, Mulan, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. Here, you can eat with princesses and dine like royalty. (Reservation required)​

Heirloom Tomato Salad………………………………………………………………………..4.15
Royal Cesar Salad……………………………………………………………………………...4.15
Soup of the Day………………………………………………………………………………..4.35
Garden-picked Vegetables……………………………………………………………………..4.25
Crown Cornbread……………………………………………………………………………....4.50
Magical Chicken Breast………………………………………………………………………..7.50
Storybook Steak………………………………………………………………………………..7.50
Beauty and the Beef…………………………………………………………………………....7.99
Mushu Szechuan Chicken and Rice…………………………………………………………....7.75
Imperial Sweet and Sour Chicken……………………………………………………………...7.75
Kids Meals:
Golden Chicken Nuggets……………………………………………………………………....5.25
Golden Chicken Tenders…………………………………………………………………….....5.25
Rapunzel Mac & Cheese………………………………………………………………………5.25
Snuggly Duckling Dog…………………………………………………………………….…..5.35
Tiny Breast……………………………………………………………………………………..5.50
Tiny Steak……………………………………………………………………………………...5.50
Tiny Chicken (any kind).............................................................................................................5.75
Jac and Gus Mousse…………………………………………………………………………....9.99
Sleeping Beauty Cake……………………………………………………………..………….10.15
Olaf Ice Cream……………………………………………………………………………...….9.99

AH - Merlin’s Cupboard

Located near Peter Pan’s Flight, this snack stand offers a magical range of treats to eat. Churro wands, hat ice cream, magic pudding. You want it, we’ve got it.​

AI - Village Haus

Next to Frozen Ever After is a charming restaurant where travelers can sit down and eat. With American cuisine like hamburgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs, they can sit down in an Alps-inspired setting and eat up for their next adventure. Depending on where they are, they also might see passing boats in the Kingdom of Arendelle.​

AJ - Gaston’s Tavern

Tucked away in Belle’s village is Gaston’s tavern, where the manliest of men hang out. Aside from being a place dedicated to the narcissistic man himself, it also features refreshing food such as turkey legs, beef, chicken sandwiches, and even specialties like LeFou’s Brew (a unique soda to the area.)​

AK - “Be Our Guest” Restaurant

Step inside the village bookstore and be transported through a magic mirror to the Beast’s castle. There, you will dine within the ballroom, library, or the west wing. Not just that, but here is where you can dine on American and French cuisines. (Reservation required)​
Salad (tomato or cesar)...............................................................................................................3.25
Potato Wedges………………………………………………………………………………….3.50
Twice-baked potatoes…………………………………………………………………………..3.50
Lobster Bisque…………………………………………………………………………………7.00
Pork Tenderloin………………………………………………………………………………...7.35
Big Chicken Breast…………………………………………………………………………….7.35
Big Roast Beef…………………………………………………………………………………7.35
Poulet Rouge Chicken………………………………………………………………………....7.25
BBQ Ribs……………………………………………………………………………………....7.25
Fish Fillet……………………………………………………………………………………....7.15
Sea Scallops…………………………………………………………………………………....7.00
Lemon Cake…………………………………………………………………………………..10.15
Chocolate Cake……………………………………………………………………………….10.15
Ice Cream in a cup…………………………………………………………………………....10.00
Chocolate Mousse…………………………………………………………………………….10.00
Kids Meals:
Mac & Cheese………………………………………………………………………………….5.50
Chicken Breast……………………………………………………………………………...….5.50
Roast Beef……………………………………………………………………………………...5.50
Chicken Tenders………………………...……………………………………………………...5.50

AL - Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Walk through the Queen’s garden and into her dining hall. There, you can have a buffet-style dining experience with all you can eat and a unique Wonderland-themed dessert menu. You might also see a bunch of Wonderland references all around. (Reservation required.)​


AM - Bippity Boppity Boutique

Within the castle is a secret room where fairy godmothers in training work on transforming girls into princesses. Not only can girls choose a dress, but a hairstyle and makeup as well. But boys can have fun too becoming knights. (appointment required)​

AN - Fantasy Faire

After tuning into Mickey’s PhilharMagic, visit this gift shop full of themed souvenirs, tucked away in the armory of the castle. Plus, here is where you can find a deluxe amount of ears, including some you can customize.​

AO - Pooh Corner

After visiting the Hundred Acre Woods, stop by this gift shop selling Winnie the Pooh-themed souvenirs and treats. Here is where you can find a great variety of treats, from Tigger Tales to Marshmallow Mickeys to Mickey Rice Krispies. If you look up above, you may also see bees making honey (not real bees, just pretend bees) which is being poured into hunny pots.​

AP - Mountainside Treasures

Near the Seven Dwarfs’ mine is a shop selling a variety of souvenirs. Here, you can get jewelry and stones, supposedly fashioned by the dwarfs themselves, and get Snow White-inspired merchandise.​

AQ - Wandering Oakens

After your Arendelle adventure, come into Wandering Oakens’ newest shop in Fantasyland. Here, you can purchase Frozen-themed gifts as well as gifts from the nearby “It’s a Small World” attraction. This is a collection to thaw even the coldest of hearts, and it’ll make you Let it Go all over again. You may also see a photo taken of you on the ride.​

AR - Maurice’s Village Traders

In Belle’s cottage, her father has gathered the village’s best and is selling it. For anyone who seeks Beauty and the Beast-themed merchandise, this is the place to go. Keepsakes and collectibles are found here, as well as houseware and makeup.​

AS - White Rabbit Store

The White Rabbit has made his house into a gift shop and is inviting visitors to Wonderland to come in and check it out. For Alice’s fans, this is where her stuff can be found. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might see the Cheshire Cat appear and disappear in the corner of the store.​


Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Belle, Anna, and Elsa meet in the Enchanted Fairytale Castle. Meanwhile, Pooh, Peter Pan, and their friends can be found around the King’s Tournament, the Seven Dwarfs and Olaf meet in the forest, Gaston is found near his tavern in the village, and Alice and the Hatter meet in Wonderland.
Join us tomorrow as we go to the west (east really) of Frontierland.​


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We shall now ride off into Frontierland, exploring the days of American settlement and......ugh, my improvised Country Bear Jamboree. I feel like I ruined the attraction by trying to improve it.



During the Golden Age of Piracy, there was a fearsome pirate captain named Billy Black, a rival to Captain Jack Sparrow who terrorized the Caribbean sea during the early 18th Century. Legend has it that he had a large collection of treasure, but the whereabouts of it are unknown. They say that after his death at the hands of British forces, some of his crew members took the treasure and moved up to French Louisiana, where he had a mansion in his lifetime. They moved west, and it is said that they hid the treasure in the American frontier.

More than a century later, gold was struck in the west. American frontiersmen came to get rich. Among these was a New Orleans man named Bartemius W. Bullon, who claimed to be descended from one of Black’s pirates who hid the treasure. He followed a map west and founded a town near there. The town was named Tumbleweed, located near the spot where the treasure was hidden.

However, Bullon’s interest was more centered on a nearby mountain, which the natives called “Big Thunder.” He sent men to dig for gold into the mountain, thus establishing the Big thunder Mining Company. However, this led to conflict with the natives. Big Thunder Mountain was a sacred site to them, and there were some intruders digging into it. A couple of tense negotiations erupted into violent warfare.

They say that the guardian spirits of Big Thunder were angered by this chaos. In response to this, they placed a curse on Tumbleweed, striking it in the form of a storm. Bullon and his family disappeared that night and their whereabouts have been unknown ever since.

There are two major points of this area that are explored, the “west” of Tumbleweed, where Native Americans, frontiersman, and critters have since come to peace, and the “south” of New Orleans, which has some famous ties to Billy Black and other pirates. All in all, there are many adventures to be had, from a wild train ride in Big Thunder Mountain, to a journey through the Golden Age of Piracy on Pirates of the Caribbean, to exploration of Tom Sawyer Island. It’ll sure give an old American experience!

(New Orleans can fit in this area because this is 19th Century New Orleans and old American history, but I added Tiana’s Palace because it felt wrong not to include Princess and the Frog in New Orleans, even though it is set in the 20th Century.)​

35 - Country Bear Jamboree

Any Height
By great demand, this classic show has been updated for this park. Now this show has some added characters, new music, and even a backstage mystery waiting to be solved. It’s not just the kids that will have fun in this show, but their parents too.​
When Tumbleweed was being settled in the early 1850s, a traveling musician came to the town. He was in search of performers to play along with him, but he couldn’t find any. The Golden Horseshoe Performers were uninterested in joining him, nor were anyone else.

Depressed by his failure to find any good performers, this musician went out into the woods to sing his sorrows away. While he was singing, he heard voices singing along with him. He followed the music and was surprised to find the source: a bunch of talking bears! Although he was originally frightened by the bears’ ability to talk, he was surprised by their ability to sing. From that moment on, he had his performers.

Over the next few months, he taught the bears all the folk tunes he knew as well as how to play some instruments. In the meantime, he built a theater called Grizzly Hall in the middle of the town of Tumbleweed. Here, the bears would be allowed to perform for guests and show their skills off. Guests from all over the west came to see this oddity of the singing bears, later dubbed as the Country Bears, in Grizzly Hall.

Unfortunately, at the peak of his success, the musician contracted typhoid fever. A month later, he passed away. With their leader gone, the Country Bears didn’t know what to do. Luckily, a bear who was very close to the musician, Ursus H. Bear, took over as their leader and made a goal to preserve the legacy. From that day forward, the bears have been performing for guests all over and making sure that their master was honored.

But today, something is different. Things around the theater have been going missing, and without them, the bears can’t perform. Nevertheless, Ursus is going on with the show and making compromises to help things out. This time, he’s added in some new things so that the parents don’t get bored again.​
When guests enter Grizzly Hall, they are put into a 19th Century theater foyer. There, they can see posters of some of the performers, as well as photos telling the history of Grizzly Hall and the Country Bears. Soon, Ursus’ voice will come from overhead and declare that they are ready to begin.

Guests enter a grand theater that looks a lot like the Magic Kingdom variant of the show. However, there are balconies up above, the five stages are slightly larger, and there is a cysteine chapel-style ceiling with bears. The guests sit down and wait for the show to start.

Then, the lights begin to dim. Ursus’ voice comes from over the intercom:

Ursus: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to Grizzly Hall! It is a pleasure to have you here today. Now, without further adieu, the Country Bears!”

Silence passes and the curtains don’t rise.

Ursus: “Uh, the Country Bears!”

Still, nothing happens.

Ursus: “Guys, it’s showtime!”

Just then, three heads on the wall, a moose, an elk, and a deer, look to the stage.

Moose: “What is going on? Why isn’t the show starting?”

Elk: “I don’t know. Maybe they’re still in preparation.”

Deer: “This has never happened before. Maybe they’re off on the wrong foot today.”

Elk: “Well, I guess we should just wait. It’s not like we’re going anywhere anytime soon.”

Moose: “Of course.”

Just then, the stages rise on the right balcony. On it are two possums, who play a Waldorf and Stalter-type role in the show.

Possum Pete: “What do you think is going on? Are they having trouble?”

Possum Paul: “This show never breaks down! How could it not be working?”

Possum Pete: “Well, this clearly isn’t the most popular attraction in the Magic Kingdom, so why would it be a popular attraction here?”

(Both laugh)

Possum Paul: “Look at the audience. I see so many bored parents. I can see people in the back getting up already. No wonder why the Disneyland version of this got replaced by Winnie the Pooh.”

Possum Pete: “Why of course. Being annoyed by a stuffed bear is better than being annoyed by an Audio-Animatronic bear.”

(Both laugh again)

Just then, the curtain closest to the right balcony opens up. Ursus H. Bear is there, looking up at them.

Ursus: “Ignore these guys. They’re always saying mean stuff like that. We apologize for that. We also apologize for the long wait. We had some difficulties but now we are ready to start the show. Now, without further adieu, the Country Bears!”

The big center stage raises its curtains and reveals the Country Bears, playing their song. In music, Ursus introduces everyone in the band as well as gives info on each one of them. This is a clone of the Magic Kingdom song, but aside from that, the rest of this music is modified or original to this version of the show. Ursus tells the guests to give a round of applause, and then the curtain closes on him and the stage. When the song ends, Pete and Paul give some heckling.

Possum Pete: “Are we done yet?”

Possum Paul: “Are you kidding? We just started.”

Possum Pete: “But it feels like I’ve been here forever.”

Possum Paul: “Now you know how the adults felt when seeing this show in the Magic Kingdom.”

(Both laugh.)

Ursus: “Now, here on the show we’ve got our guitar-playing friend, who’s got a song about the wilderness. I present to you, Benjy Bearra, singing ‘Home on the Range!’”

The stage furthest left opens its curtains and reveals a fat bear in overalls. He gives a nervous smile and says hello to the audience.

Benjy: “Hi, I’m Benjy Bearra. I usually play the guitar here but…….I lost my guitar. I don’t know where it went, but let’s hope we find it by the next show. However, I’ve got these bagpipes to temporarily replace them in this act. I don’t know how to play them, but I’ll try.”

Benjy then holds bagpipes up and blows into them. With the noise, he sings “Home on the Range.” However, this causes noise that annoys the heads. In the background, Ursus demands that he gets taken off the stage.

Ursus: “Get him off, quick! We don’t want to give our guests a headache.”

In the middle of his song, Benjy is lowered off the stage. The curtain then closes on him as he descends.

Possum Paul: “Well that was a disaster.”

Possum Pete: “Are you kidding me? That’s the best act they’ve had yet. My favorite part was when he messed it up.”

(Both laugh)

Ursus (offstage): “What happened to Benjy’s guitar?”

Offstage manager: “I don’t know. Things have been disappearing all over the theater.”

Ursus: “I know. We’ve been trying so hard to find compromises to our acts, but now those are disappearing.”

Offstage manager: “Do you think we should call the show off?”

Ursus: “No. We’ll be disappointing so many people. Plus, the possums will heckle us for life. The show must go on.”

Offstage manager: “Well okay. What do you suppose we do?”

Ursus: “Let’s introduce our non-bear friends.”

Offstage manager: “Alright then. Let’s do it.”

Ursus appears on the stage furthest on the right with a racoon on his head. He looks around and speaks.

Ursus: “Sorry about that. Benjy will be playing some other time. We shall now introduce some of our critter friends. I present to you, Amy and the Woodchucks!”

The stage closes and the big stage opens, revealing an armadillo and four woodchucks. One woodchuck has a guitar, one woodchuck has a banjo, one woodchuck has a harmonica, and one woodchuck has drums. The armadillo has a microphone. The armadillo, Amy, speaks to the audience.

Amy: “How’d y’all do? My name is Amy Armadillo. This guy on the banjo is Chuck, this guy on the guitar is Chuck, this guy on the harmonica is Chuck, and this guy on the drums is……….. Steve!”

Steve: “I’m the adopted brother.”

Amy: “Now, today we’re gonna play you a ditty. Y’all heard of the Ballad of Bartemius W. Bullon? No? Well, allow us to sing it to you.”

The band plays an original song to the audience, which goes through without interruption. The two possums offer their commentary afterwards.

Possum Paul: “That actually wasn’t terrible.”

Possum Pete: “Yeah. They should just get rid of the bears and have more of those guys.”

Possum Paul: “Kids are afraid of bears anyways.”

(Both laugh)

Ursus then appears on the stage furthest to the left, where Benjy once was. The racoon on his hat is gone.

Ursus: “Good song. However, while Amy and her band were playing, we found some tracks backstage. Someone has been stealing our stuff, and soon, we will find them. Now, we would like to introduce……”

Just then, behind the curtains of the left stage closest to the main stage, Benjy’s shadow goes up while he is still singing “Home on the Range.” The curtains open to reveal him playing, but Ursus requests him to stop. Benjy can’t hear this over the noise of his bagpipes, so he is lowered from the stage again.

Ursus: “So where was I? Oh yes. We would like to introduce a newcomer of ours. He’s been working on this song for a while now. I present to you, Donnie Crash!”

His stage curtains lowers as the stage on the right closest to the big stage opens, revealing a well-dressed bear with a guitar. His look and name are a parody of country singer Johnny Cash. The second he is revealed, Donnie starts playing “I Draw the Line” by Johnny Cash. However, the stage suddenly drops on him towards the end of the song, the noises of a critter climbing on him coming from the stage, and when it comes up, he is missing his guitar.

Donnie: “Hey! Where’d my guitar go?”

On the stage next to him, the curtain unveils Ursus.

Ursus: “Looks like our hidden thief has struck again; Luckily, I’ve found some clues. Clue Number One: the animal tracks were not made by a bear, but of a small critter. Clue Number Two: the only thing that this person is taking from us is our instruments. Clue Number Three: it’s only us bears who have lost our instruments. Put these three pieces of evidence together and this means that some small critter here is taking something from the bears.”​

Donnie: “You know who I think it is? It’s those heckling possums up there!”

Both of them look up there while the possums gasp.

Possum Paul: “You think that just because we don’t care for your little show, we want to sabotage it?”

Possum Pete: “Yeah, why would we want to do that?”

Donnie: “You keep making rude comments about our performances.”

Possum Pete: “That doesn’t prove anything.”

Possum Paul: “By the way, we were up here the whole time, so how could it have been us who stole your guitar?”

Ursus: “You know, he makes a point. Two small possums can’t carry a big guitar. Well, while we discuss this, let’s move on to our next act, the Singing Sisters.”

The two small stage curtains drop while the big stage curtain comes up. Three small female bears dressed in Southern attire start singing “Davy Crockett.” However, in the middle of their song, Benjy comes down from the ceiling on a lift and plays the accordion.

Female Bear 1: “Benjy! What is the matter with you!?”

Female Bear 2: “Yeah, we’re in the middle of an act!”

Female Bear 3: “And what’s with the accordion?”

Benjy: “My bagpipes were stolen. After being lowered for the second time, I went unconscious and then when I woke up, I was up there. I came down, but I was thinking of how embarrassing it would be to come down without making music.”

Female Bear 2: “Embarrassing? You’re coming in during the middle of our act. That’s embarrassing enough for all of us.”

Female Bear 1: “Benjy, please get back up there and be quiet!”

Benjy (somberly): “Okay.”

Benjy goes back up and stops playing. Once he does, the girls continue their song. However, at the end, some beavers come from the stage and interrupt the girls by playing a banjo rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana (with some modified lyrics to make the experience family-friendly.) After one verse, the stage drops and the possums offer their commentary.

Possum Pete: “Man, what a show this is becoming! So many things have gone wrong for them!”

Possum Paul: “But so many things have gone right for us!”

(Both laugh.)

Grandmother Possum: “Pete! Paul! What are you doing?”

An elderly possum comes onto the balcony. She is upset. When she arrives, the two possums stop laughing and look nervous.

Possum Paul: “Granma? What are you doing here?”

Grandmother Possum: “I came to see the show, and you guys are being very disrespectful!”

Possum Pete: “But Granma, you know how lousy these guys are. All they do is play country music, and while they make the kids happy, they make their parents want to die.”

Grandmother Possum: “You watch your tongue, Pete! I understand that you don’t like these guys, but it’s a bad thing to heckle them in their own theater. I thought I raised you better than that.”

Possum Paul: “This is just a cheap place to dry off after Splash/Ocean Mountain. I’m sure that’s why all these people are here, but they don’t want to fall asleep, so they choose this over that America show in Waterfront Square.”

Possum Pete: “Yeah, I’m sure they’d rather be waiting in the long standby lines for that Avengers ride.”

Grandmother Possum: “That is enough! Say one more bad thing about this show and I’m not taking you on Space Mountain!”

With this threat, the Possums shape up.

Possum Paul: “Okay, okay. We won’t heckle them anymore.”

Possum Pete: “Happy now?”

Grandmother Possum: “Yes, I am. Now let’s continue the show.”

Just then, Ursus comes out on the stage nearest to the left balcony.

Ursus: “Who invited the beavers? They weren’t part of the show.”

Just then, some naughty high-pitched laughter is heard from the balcony on the left. He looks up in surprise.

Ursus: “Who was that? Someone do me a favor and raise the curtains of the left balcony.”

The curtains are raised on the left balcony and reveal all of the missing instruments. With them are some raccoons.

Ursus: “(gasp) Raccoons! You guys have been stealing all of our stuff!”

The raccoons turn around and realize that they’ve been caught. Then, they run away.

Ursus: “Wait, no! Somebody stop them!”

On the stage next to Ursus is Amy Armadillo, who has a raccoon with her. The raccoon is squeaking to her and she is somehow understanding it.

Amy: “This little fella admits that they stole all the instruments and invited the beavers. However, he also says that they did it because you wouldn’t let them be a part of the show.”

Ursus: “I was worried that they’d mess everything up.”

Amy: “Oh, Ursus, you shouldn’t judge one animal by what their species are known to do. That’s just wrong.”

Ursus: “(sighs) You’re right. I’m sorry. I guess I was a little assumptive of you guys. You know how much this show means to me and…..I was worried that it would be ruined if we got the wrong people.”

Amy then listens to the raccoon squeak.

Amy: “This guy has a deal. You let them be a part of the big finale and they will give you all of your instruments back.”

Ursus: “Deal. Just promise me one thing. You won’t go around taking things again.”

The raccoon squeaks.

Amy: “He says that it’s a deal.”

Ursus: “Okay then! Let’s do this.”

The curtain falls on Amy and the left balcony. Meanwhile, Ursus turns to the crowd and speaks.

Ursus: “Well folks, looks like we’ve found our stuff. Alongside this, we’ve learned a valuable lesson: we shouldn’t poorly judge people by where they come from. A good lesson well said. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present to you our big finale, starring our entire cast as well as the geese, gators, and hens of America!”

All of the curtains come up. Ursus remains on the stage while the stage next to him features Benjy, now with his guitar. On the two right stages are Donnie Crash and Amy Armadillo. The raccoons are up on the left balcony while the possums remain on the right. Paul says how they should sing and Pete agrees, saying how these guys aren’t as bad as they thought. On the stage are the three female bears, the woodchucks, the big bears, the beavers, and a bunch of geese, hens, and gators from the old America Sings attraction, most of which were moved to Splash Mountain. As a reference to the previous ride they were in, they sing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” Also, these figures would be moved from the California and Florida versions of Splash Mountain when they get the boot. After the song, the curtains fall on every stage and the left balcony, but it stays up on the right alcony for a brief few seconds.

Grandmother Possum: “I’m happy that you changed your minds about this. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go see how our Lightning Lane service is doing.”

Once she leaves, Paul and Pete talk with each other.

Possum Paul: “These guys aren’t bad and all, but what do you think that the audience thought of the show?”

Possum Pete: “I think they either loved it or hated it. Either was a fresh new take on the show or a half hour of their lives that they can never get back.”

Possum Paul: “Say, do you have to use the bathroom before the next show?”

Possum Pete: “Even if I had to go, I couldn’t. We’re bolted into our seats.”

The two of them laugh as the curtain closes on their balcony. Ursus’ voice comes from over- head, thanking guests for coming. He tells them to have a good day as the doors open and the guests exit the building.

Join us tomorrow as we see more of Tumbleweed.....like the shootin' gallery and Tom Sawyer Island.​


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We shall now see what else Tumbleweed has to offer as more low-key attractions.

36 - Tom Sawyer Pirate Island

Any Height
Inspired by the writings of Mark Twain, this island is full of adventure. Guests will take a raft from Tumbleweed and come to this island in the heart of the Rivers of America. On that island, they can explore an old mill, Tom Sawyer’s treehouse, a settler’s fort, and a Native American camp. There is also pirate stuff here, including a bayou full of shipwrecks where kids can play. Brave explorers can even go into Dead Man’s Cave, where it is said that the treasure of Billy Black is buried. So much to see on the island that it'll be a nice way to kill some time if needed.​

37 - Shooting Gallery

Any Height
Wanting to test your gunfire? If so, come to this shooting gallery, where you blast away in the ghost town of Tumbleweed and hit objects that do things when hit. A coffin opens up, a sign spins, a tumbleweed moves, all with the fire of a gun. Plus, depending on your points, you can win a badge.

Tomorrow, we shall cover more of Tumbleweed's bigger attractions, which include the Tale of Pocahontas and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.​


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Before we talk about Tumbleweed's bigger attractions, let's see some concept art that I forgot to show earlier.


This shows the Rivers of America with Tom Sawyer Island in the center of it. On the left is Tumbleweed, the Old West area with Big Thunder Mountain in the background. On the right is Port Orleans, the old New Orleans area with the riverboat. In the furthest right is an old seaside mansion, which is where Pirates of the Caribbean is housed.
38 - The Tale of Pocahontas

Any Height​
Hiding in the background of Tumbleweed is a Native American village. They’ve invited guests to come into one of their sacred places, a cave where the stories of their ancestors come to life. Guests will walk through the village and then follow a path into the cave. In there, they can see projections of spirit animals on the wall as well as drumming in the background. Soon, guests will board a six-person canoe and begin your voyage into the cave.

Similar to the Na’vi River Journey, music is all that fills the cave. However, the cavern walls are alive with magical projections. Eventually, guests will pass some natives chanting in their language, as well as a shaman. He says how there once was a bold native woman who helped make peace between her people and a people from another land. Through projections, guests are then sent back to the early 17th Century, where the story begins. It tells of how a woman named Pocahontas was determined to do the best for her people. Guests then enter a room where she sings “Just Around the Riverbend.” The canoes then go into the next scene, where Ratcliffe and his men arrive in the Americas, singing “The Virginia Company.” The scene then shows how Pocahontas and John Smith met. The next scene is where Pocahontas meets with Grandmother Willow, who tells her to “Listen to your Heart.” The ride goes past Ratcliffe’s camp, where he is plotting something while singing “Mine, Mine, Mine.” Warriors attack the camp and John Smith sneaks away. Later, Pocahontas is telling John Smith about nature while singing “Colors of the Wind.” All is well, right? No. In the next scene, Ratcliffe plots to drive the natives out while his army marches, singing “Savages.” There is a confrontation in the village, where Pocahontas makes a stand against Ratcliffe. Last but not least, there is a scene where Pocahontas oversees John Smith’s ship leaving and heading back to England. From here, the boats go through another projection tunnel before returning to the cave, where the shaman from before welcomes them back. Guests then return to the loading area. From there, they get off and take a passage back to Frontierland.

(Do note that this attraction is still a work in progress. Perhaps Disney could further develop this attraction as I have my focus turned to other ones. I suggest that they use this movie to re-theme Splash Mountain instead, believing that it works better for the Critter Country (as the film is tied with nature) and Frontierland areas. The one problem is that this is still based on a Princess movie.)​

39 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Must be 40 in

(This ties into a proposed film adaptation for this attraction that I have, which you can read about here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14lNI08sOFJoJNjAVG0cCtw_ni86_dBCDIR8ZRfUMjBI/edit#)

When gold was discovered in America during 1849, a gold rush began. One particular gold rusher was a New Orleans man named Bartemius W. Bullon, descended from a crew member of the infamous pirate Billy Black. Bullon headed west in search of gold. He traveled far and wide, but he couldn’t find a good mining spot.

That was until late 1850. While passing through New Mexico territory, he found a mountain in the center of a valley. Known as “Big Thunder” by the natives who resided in the area, Bullon saw it as a great place to mine. In that very spot, he founded the town of Tumbleweed, which rapidly grew with support from the Big Thunder Mountain Mining Company. Also founded by Bullon, this company dug into the mountain, finding gold as they did. Tumbleweed prospered from wealth and became a great destination for many people.

However, tensions soon came between the people of Tumbleweed and the Native Americans. Big Thunder was a sacred spot for them, and they said that digging into it like the Big Thunder Mountain Mining Company was doing would anger their guardian spirits. Negotiations came between the chief and Bullon, but Bullon rejected any agreement between them. Tense negotiations quickly erupted into violent warfare. The natives fought with Tumbleweed to protect their land in a vicious battle.

It is said that the guardian spirits were angered by this chaos. Aiding their native worshippers, the spirits caused a giant rainstorm that flooded the town. Not just that, but it is believed that a curse was placed on Tumbleweed by the spirits. Bullon and his family disappeared that night and nobody has seen them ever since.

Shortly after the battle, a new mayor was elected and visited the mountain. To his surprise, the trains were going around driverless. Believing that the natives’ legends were true, the site was abandoned and Tumbleweed became another ghost town.

Time passed and eyewitnesses faded into folklore. Tumbleweed was revived as a town by Henry N. Hartman, a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. He made peace with the natives and there has been no more tension ever since. In the 1880s, Hartman revived the mining company with promises to the natives that they would not be digging deeper, but simply offering tours of the place. However, with this decision, some legends might be discovered to be true.​
Hiding in the shadows of Tumbleweed is a train station in a desert setting. As guests approach it, they can see the mountain itself in the background. As they go to the station, they also realize that there is equipment lying around in the desert sand, left in a hurry, it looks like. They walk closer to the station and see a hidden mickey made out of bullet holes, as well as more bullet holes in the walls. What happened here?

Guests then go into the station. Here, they can interact with objects like steam valves, water with gold hidden in it, and books too, as they wait in line. During this, they will pass the manager’s office, supply room, and boiler room as they wait. There are also a few references to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers around here, including a portrait taken recently with Harrison Hightower III (from Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror) and Lord Henry Mystic (from Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor), as well as Henry N. Hartman.

Soon, guests will exit the station and board the train in a pavilion. They will walk over a bridge and go into one of two lines. This means that two trains load at a time. Once they get on the train, they will store their belongings in pouches and pull their lap bars down. Then, a voice comes from overhead:

Voice: “Howdy, partner. Please board the train carefully, and once in, store your belongings in front of you. Pull your lap bar down and keep your hands, feet, arms, and legs inside the train at all times. Remember to watch your kids, because this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!”​
The trains leave the pavilion and then take a right turn into the mountain. The train goes down in darkness, going past stalagmites, swooping bats, and an abandoned bridge that has broken in two. Then, the train climbs a lift, going through an abandoned mine shaft. On their left is a cave going on forever while on their right is a pool of water. Up above, a waterfall comes down, split by a rock that allows guests to go through without getting wet.

Once out of the cave, the trains go down a hill, going under possums in a tree. It goes around to the right, then does a full circle and goes under the track. It passes by some cacti and then goes through an archway. The trains go down and up again before turning and going up another lift.

On this lift, guests can see many animals. There are deer, rattlesnakes, armadillos, and a woodchuck as they ascend. Once they reach the top, the train goes down and turns left. It passes through a crack in the ground and goes into another cave. This one is full of mine carts carrying gold. Soon, the train leaves the cave and goes around some geysers. It then goes past a coyote before going through a small tunnel. Then, it goes up and down before turning and going to a building. Near this building is a goat with dynamite in its mouth.

Guests go up the final lift here. Explosions come off as they ascend. Then, at the top, they drop down and go through the flooded remains of Tumbleweed. They go through a cave again, where mysterious sounds echo all around. Native American writings are on the wall, but the train is going so fast that guests won’t have too long to take a look at them. Guests then go out of the tunnel and turn, going by the skeleton of a dinosaur. After that, the train slows down as it heads back to the station.

Once the guests return to the pavilion, the train comes to a stop. The lap bars are released and guests gather their belongings. They leave the train and then go through an underground tunnel that takes them back to Frontierland.

Tomorrow, we shall go into Port Orleans and see the attractions it has to offer, including a riverboat tour and a journey to the pirate age.​


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Let's go down to New Orleans and see what can be found there.

40 - Rivers of America Riverboat

Any Height
In New Orleans, there is a riverboat landing that you can go to. There, you can board a 19th Century steamboat and have a fantastic journey across the Rivers of America, seeing parts of Frontierland and Waterfront Square from a new perspective. On four decks: the Sun Deck (1st floor), Texas deck (2nd floor), Twain deck (3rd floor), and Wheel deck (4th floor), you can see the Rivers of America, even spotting some hidden secrets on Tom Sawyer Island as well as scenes of nature and the wilderness. You might even see views of Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and the S.S. Dream from here.​

41 - Pirates of the Caribbean

Any Height
By popular demand, this classic attraction has been placed in this park with a new twist. Alongside some new effects, more advanced Audio-Animatronics, and some easter eggs from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, this features a different opening with its location in this park as well as the storyline of Billy Black.

So I originally put Pirates in Frontierland as a mistake, but I chose not to change it because I thought I could make it work with a New Orleans area, which was how it was originally introduced.
At the edge of New Orleans is an 18th Century seaside manor. Guests walk through the manor’s gardens before going inside. In there, they enter the foyer, complete with a fireplace, chandelier, and portraits of Billy Black and his crew. As explained on a plaque near Black’s portrait, this was Black’s residence until his assassination by British forces in 1721. Black is portrayed as a black-bearded pirate in a red coat.

From the foyer, guests go down the hallways and then take a passage down to the basement. An elevator is available for guests who can’t walk down the stairs. Down in the basement is a catacomb-like room. It is where guests board their boats. Guests are seated and await their adventure.​

The boats go off and through underground passageways. On their right, they meet an old man in a rocking chair, who speaks in a southern accent as they pass.

Old man: “If you here are lookin’ for treasure then I am afraid you won’t be finding it here. The treasure was moved from here a long time ago. However, if you go down the bayou, you might find some treasure.”

After the boat passes the old man, it ascends a lift. At the top is the charming nighttime town of New Orleans, glowing in the distance. Nearby is the Blackbeard’s Bounty restaurant, which serves as a Blue Bayou-type place. It is in Black’s mansion, offering views of the ride.

After passing by a steamboat, the ride looks a lot like the original Disneyland version. The boat passes houses sitting on the bayou. Nearby is a man on a rocking chair, playing “Oh Susanna” and “Camptown Races” on his banjo. The boats peacefully float down the bayou with fireflies in the air and frogs' croaking being heard.

Just then, the boats approach a skull-shaped rock. It goes into the rock and soon guests see the skull and crossbones overhead.

Skull: “So ye be seekin’ adventure with salty old pirates, eh? Well it be too late to alter course, matey. Prepare to be boarded at any second, and beware. Dead men tell no tales!”

Just then, boats make a drop into the caves. In there, a melancholy instrumental version of “A Pirate’s Life For Me” plays along with the echoing voice: “Dead Men Tell no Tales.” The boats pass by a pair of skeletons playing chess. Nearby is a skeleton in bed, surrounded by gold. The Dead Man’s Chest from the POTC films makes an appearance here, a heartbeat being heard from it.

Boats travel past two skeletons with knives in their chests, standing up against the cavern walls. Nearby, a crab is moving while a skeleton is lying in a boat. Some of Blackbeards’ voodoo dolls are displayed on a nearby table.

Boats pass a storm raging on their right. Guests look to see a shadowy sailor steering a ship, but with a flash of lightning, the sailor is revealed to be a skeleton. Nearby is a sunken ship, partially onboard with its skeletal crew lying down. One skeleton is drinking a bottle of rum with the liquid spilling through its bones.

Boats then go near a cave full of treasure, where a skeleton sits greedily above it all. Several easter eggs from the films are seen. The magic compass is hidden near axes, Davy Jones’ sword is hung on the wall, and the Trident of Poseidon lies against a barrel near the end of the room. Additionally, the medallion from the first film can be seen in the skeleton’s right hand.

Just then, guests come across a lit-up mist that is supposed to look like a waterfall. Between the “Dead Men Tell no Tales” echoes, Davy Jones’ face comes out of the mist and says “Very little tales they do tell” and “You are about to go back to the time when pirates ruled the seas.” This is based off of an old effect from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that was removed for some reason.

After their encounter with Davy Jones, the boats will make another small drop. This brings them out of the cave and into a nighttime battle between a pirate ship and a Spanish fortress. As they pass through this scene, “The Medallion Calls” from the first POTC film plays in the background. On board the ship is Captain Barbossa, who shouts out as the cannons fire.

Barbossa: “Strike yer colors, ye bloomin cockroachers... They need a bit of persuasion mateys... Fire at will! Pound 'em lads! Pound 'em!”

Instead of going into the village, the boats go past the island near the cliffs. Back there, they enter a shipwreck. Here, they encounter mermaids swimming around, singing their songs. A washed-up pirate sits there in awe of them, blushing at their music. Within the ship is a damaged treasure cell, where chests can be seen on the ground, cracked open. Gold litters the ground. A pirate near the chests tells guests what happened.

Pirate witness: “The treasure be gone. The British forces who captured this town have taken it all and stowed it somewhere. Worse, they’ve got Captain Jack Sparrow. I hear that Billy Black be here as well, so there be danger comin’.”

The boats ascend another lift that takes them out of the shipwreck and into the fortress. Up there, British soldiers stand around, watching as the boats come in. Outside a window, the gallows stand. A drum is heard in the background.

The boats turn left to make their escape, but go down a prison hall. Here, some pirates are seen trying to get a dog to give them the keys. Other pirates are singing “Hoist the Colors” from the third POTC film. One of them, however, is pointing across to an empty cell with a broken wall, saying how Jack Sparrow has escaped.

The boat then takes a turn into another damaged cell that has been hit by a cannonball and goes in. Then, they take a third drop down. After going through the bowels of the fortress, they emerge into the village. They pass a town square, where Billy Black is ruthlessly dunking the mayor. Pulling him out, he asks a question.

Black: “Enjoying your swim with Davy Jones? If you want to get out, then answer my question. Where be Captain Jack Sparrow?”

Up in the apartment above, his wife is seen looking down.

Mayor’s wife: “Don’t tell him, Carlos. Don’t be chicken.”

Black shoots up, making the mayor’s wife close the window. Guests then pass an auction on the left, where a red-headed female pirate is leading a treasure auction. The other pirates are interested in this. Meanwhile, Jack Sparrow is seen hiding under a pile of dresses. The boats then pass a pirate befriending some stray alley cats.

The boats go under a bridge and into the next scene. Here, pirates are seen chasing villagers around on the balconies, with some unlucky pirates being chased by angry villagers. Nearby, a bunch of pirate musicians are singing “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” with a donkey. The boats go past a ‘pooped pirate’ who is waving a map.

Pooped pirate: “Jack Sparrow will never see this map. I got it right here!”

Little does he know that Jack Sparrow is hiding in a barrel behind him, peeking out to take a look at the map. Nearby on the right, a pirate is lying down with some pigs, who oink to the song.

The boats go under a bridge to the next scene, where the village has been set on fire. Billy Black and his crew are everywhere, singing “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me.” Meanwhile, Billy Black is being suspicious.

Black: “We can’t let Jack Sparrow get to the treasure first! I want that treasure and I will not be lettin’ him beat me to it! Search the city if we must! I’m not leavin’ empty-handed!”​
In the next scene, guests are in an underground waterway of the village. There, Billy Black is seen dueling with Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack tells guests to get to the next room and find the treasure. In the meantime, “He’s a Pirate” plays in the background. Guests come across the treasure scene, where a lot of treasure is seen. Pirates are loading gold into chests when Black’s crew shows up and duels with them. Guests hold their breath as they watch to see who wins. With the sudden firing of a cannonball, the boats make one last drop.

In the next scene, the Black Pearl is seen sailing away from the village. The pirates onboard are celebrating, singing the song from earlier. A parrot is seen singing with them. In the meantime, Billy Black is tied up to the mast. In his captain’s quarters, Jack Sparrow is seen singing along, surrounded by treasure while sitting in his throne.

The boats then go through a cave, and as they do, they ascend a lift. The skull’s voice from earlier is heard again.

Skull: “I see ye made it back safely. Beware if ye come across these scurvy dogs again, for ye may be takin’ a trip to Davy Jones’ locker. And remember…….Dead Men Tell no Tales.”

At the top of the lift, the boat returns to the waterways under the manor. The guests wait for their boats to come to a complete stop. Then, they disembark. They soon get off of their boats and follow a passage back to New Orleans. It is right in front of the manor, making it look like the adventure never happened.

Tomorrow, we shall be looking at the dining, shopping, and entertainment of Frontierland.​


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We shall now see the dining, shopping, and entertainment of Frontierland.


AT - The Abraham Lincoln Buffet

In a log house, celebrate the life and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, a hero figure to Walt Disney while he was growing up. Here, guests can feast on an all-American cuisine at a buffet. They can dine in rooms themed to Abe Lincoln, giving them a rustic feel of how life was like in the old days. (Reservation required)​

AU - The Golden Horseshoe

Settle into this wild west saloon (without alcoholic beverages, just normal food) and take a seat at your table. Some wild west performers will come out and put on a show for you. This involves comedians, dancers, and country singers. As you eat here, you will feast on a variety of American food, served to you by our waiters. (Reservation required)​
Cowpoke’s Feast: Salad with meatloaf, vegetables, mashed potatoes, chicken tenders, and an apple cake……………………………………………………………………………………....7.99
Saloon Feast: Salad with roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, cranberry, chicken, and a peanut butter cake……………………………………………………………...7.99
Desert Feast: Salad with chicken tenders, pork, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, pork chops, vegetables, and chocolate cake…………………………………………………………7.99

AV - El Zanco Ranch

Hola amigos! Come to this Mexican terrace located in the back of Tumbleweed for a fresh Mexican cuisine. Built by Mexican immigrants to Tumbleweed, this restaurant boasts a fresh Mexican spirit with its burritos, tacos, and other things to leave your mouth watering. With atmospheric mariachi music filling the air, this is sure a place for a fiesta.​

AW - Native Circle

In the Native American village behind Tumbleweed, sit down and have a snack or lunch, maybe even dinner. With a mix of Native American and American foods, this is a nice place to stop and have a bite in the middle of the day. From here, you will see the mountain range, as well as Big Thunder Mountain. There are no savages here, just well-trained cooks ready to give you a quick and yummy food, while also celebrating Native American culture.​

AX - Cafe Orleans

Set in the jazzy backdrop of New Orleans, this famous restaurant is full of Cajun/Creole foods to try. You can eat them while you sit out on the patio and overlook the Rivers of America. There’s some gumbo, the Monte Cristo sandwich, and more. You can also look past the water and see the riverboat go by. (Reservation required)​

AY - Tiana’s Palace

In this wonderful restaurant in New Orleans, inspired by the one seen in The Princess and the Frog, you can immerse yourself in a mystical dining experience. In the meantime, you may hear jazz music or see Tiana or Naveen walking around, greeting their guests. (Reservation required.)​
La Bouff Soup………………………………………………………………………………….4.15
Froggy Fruits…………………………………………………………………………………...4.15
Louisiana Veggies……………………………………………………………………………...4.15
Tiana’s French Dip……………………………………………………………………………..7.25
Firefly Chicken Tenders………………………………………………………………………..7.25
“Dig a Little Deeper” Bread Bowls with Soup………………………………………………...7.15
Mardi Gras Meat (Beef)..............................................................................................................7.15
Swampy Sandwich (Barbecue Chicken Sandwich)....................................................................7.30
Swampy Ribs (Barbecue Ribs)...................................................................................................7.30
Neapolitan Cake……………………………………………………………………………....10.15
Red Velvet Cake……………………………………………………………………………....10.15
Shadow Mousse (Chocolate Mousse).......................................................................................10.25
Whoopie Pie…………………………………………………………………………………....9.99
Voodoo Ice Cream (Chocolate or vanilla)..................................................................................9.99
Bayou Salad (Fruit Salad)...........................................................................................................5.25
Gator Cesar Salad……………………………………………………………………………...5.25
Mama Odie’s Salad (Tomato Salad)...........................................................................................5.25
Kids Meals
Chicken Nuggets……………………………………………………………………………….4.30
Mini Chicken Tenders………………………………………………………………………….4.30
Mini Roast Beef Sandwich…………………………………………………………………….4.30

AZ - Blackbeard’s Bounty

Ahoy Mateys! If ye be seekin’ to clench ye hunger, then come o’er to this spot. In the banquet hall of Billy Black’s mansion, there is a refurbished dining location. Dining inside the mansion, you will see a museum on pirates set up by the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, showing pictures of famous pirates such as Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, Billy Black, and even some real-life pirates like Bartholomew Roberts, Blackbeard, and Henry Every. Outside of the mansion is where you can view the bayou, where boats float by. (Reservation required.)​
X Marks the Spot: Salad with chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy, and chocolate cake…………………………………………………………………………………………….7.99
Dead Man’s Chest: Salad with turkey, vegetables, mac & cheese, roast beef, and red velvet cake.
Pieces of Eight: Salad with shrimp, fish, chicken, vegetables, and lemon cake……………….7.99
A Pirate’s Bite for Me: Salad with turkey, fried chicken, soft chicken, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, mac & cheese, vegetables, and chocolate cake with ice cream……………………...7.99


BA - Westward Ho Trading Co.

Cowboys looking for supplies will find it here at Westward Ho. Here, you can buy apparel, souvenirs, pins, and other things themed to the Old West. The western atmosphere to it just adds to the store as a place.

BB - Trading Post

Located near Big Thunder Mountain, here is where you can find western things, as well as Native American and Mexican stuff. There’s enough variety here to have emphasis on all of the inhabitants of the west.​

BC - Ye Old Christmas Shop

Need to find something to deck the halls with? No worries. No matter when in the year it is, this holiday store offers Disney’s best collection of Christmas keepsakes. We’ve got ornaments, stockings, and even some Christmas supplies from our holiday celebrations. If you need something to put some jolly in your holidays, this is the place to go.​

BD - Mardi Gras Confections

Get ready to party in this celebrative store. Here is where you can find everything Mardi Gras to celebrate the annual New Orleans celebration. You can find masks, supplies, posters, and more, all in this shop in the corner of New Orleans.​

BE - Cristel de Orleans

It’s like the shop itself is a sparkling jewel. Inside this glassware shop, you can watch talented artisans make glassware before your eyes. Not only can you watch this, but you can buy some glassware from this shop as well.​

BF - Jazz Shop

In this music-loving shop, you can buy all things jazz. Although instruments are just for show, the other things, such as apparel and other souvenirs, are for sale. Not only that, but Princess Tiana’s fans can find her stuff inside this shop as well.​

BG - Pirates’ League

Settled near the Theater Orleans is a secret place where pirates lurk. Here, you can join their crew and have them turn you into a pirate, empress, or mermaid. This is one swashbuckling shop that will shiver your timbers as you witness your transformation. (Appointment required)​

BH - Pirate Booty

Nearby Billy Black’s mansion is a store for pirates. Here, you can find keepsakes for Pirates of the Caribbean with souvenirs based off of both the ride and the films. It even includes some prop replicas, pins, and swords (pretend swords, not real ones.)​


Captain Jack’s Stunt Show

Step inside the Theater Orleans, which has recently put on a show about pirates. Explore backstage before suddenly being warped by a magic mirror back to the 18th Century, where an actual show about pirates is playing in the El Fandango theater. Here is a show about Captain Jack Sparrow, with a famous English actor playing him. A storm blows outside, but that doesn’t interrupt the show. Suddenly, the real Captain Jack Sparrow shows up, wanting to see this imposter and show him what a real pirate can do. However, the presence of Jack lures British forces to the theater, and soon, a battle erupts. The storm hits the theater at full force, creating a whirl with actors, soldiers, and pirates. Jack finally faces his imposter in an epic finale that has to be seen to be believed. This show is a clone of the Shanghai version of the show.​

Woody, Jessie, and Pocahontas meet in Tumbleweed while Tiana, Naveen, and Jack Sparrow meet in New Orleans. There would also be a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans during the January-March season.
Man, should've included biegnets in Tiana's Palace. Oh well.

This concludes our tour of Frontierland. Tomorrow, we shall go into the last area of Magic World, Waterfront Square.​


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We shall now go to the final area of Magic World, Waterfront Square, based off of America during the Gilded Age.

In this concept art, we see the area. Since this is a smaller area compared to the rest of the park, there is not much to see here. There is a city on the right and an old manor house on the right, covered in ominous fog. This manor is the Haunted Mansion. In the center of the image on the water, we see the S. S. Dream, which is a fictional boat that ties in with the area's backstory.​



Following the end of the American Civil War in 1865, the country began to rapidly grow in finance. As it did, immigrants came from all over the world: from Italy, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, China, Japan and many other places. They were seeking freedom and opportunity. Some already-existing immigrants, such as Irish-Canadian families like the Disneys, would help these guys settle.

One of these immigrants was a sea captain named Algernon Axel, a British immigrant himself looking to see what kind of country this really was. In most places around the eastern sea border, he saw political corruption, mistreatment of immigrants and low class members, and the rise of tycoons. Disturbed by this, he was almost about to leave America and return to Britain.

That was until he discovered the small seaside town of Columbia, Rhode Island. Here, he found a place where people were being accepted no matter where they came from. Here, the people were banding together to stand up to the corrupt world and spread word of it. Here, they were trying to fund these big events, but they needed somewhere to get the money.

Luckily, Axel came in to do just this. He offered cruises of the area to raise money, as well as an emporium with a beluga whale (his favorite animal) as its mascot, and also tours of the spooky old mansion in the area (which he got the permission from its ghostly inhabitants before he began.) With these three activities, they would fund their activities to promote the welfare of the country. This is what America is all about, fighting for the well-being of the people.

The year is now 1893 (Roy Disney’s birth year). There is plenty of money to fund a show to educate people about the times that they are in and what they are doing to change them. Meanwhile, Axel has started a new project in his cruise business, one he is working on with inventors. It is unknown what he is doing, but people are excited to find out.
42 - Haunted Mansion

Any Height
This classic attraction has found its place in Waterfront Square, set inside a Gilded Age mansion. Its main inspiration is a Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion, such as the ones in New York City and Newport. The photo above is a demolished mansion that was built by Vanderbilt and stood proudly in New York City. The backstory behind this is that there are tours of this mansion, originally to raise money for events to spread awareness of the world of the Gilded Age, now just a tourist attraction.​
Lurking in the shadows of the city of Columbia is an old mansion. Guests will go in through iron gates and walk around the surprisingly well-kept gardens of the place (as Walt Disney had envisioned, the building would look normal on the outside while the ghosts would take care of the inside.) Guests will pass through many places, including a graveyard with some of the residents’ names, such as the Ghost Host (Edward Gracey), Madame Leota (Leota Toombs), the Hitchhiking Ghosts (Professor Phineas Plump, Ezra Beane, and Gus) and the bride (Constance Hatchaway). The guests then go through a mausoleum and descend a staircase, passing through an underground tunnel full of eerily flickering candles and a bunch of locked doors (that would be better to remain locked as notes would explain.) Guests then go up into a small room full of strict-looking marble statues that turn around and look at guests from time to time. They would then wait for a mansion servant to let them into the foyer.

When in the foyer, there are cobwebs hanging and licks flickering. A portrait of a ghostly being is seen on the wall. Once the room is full, the disembodied voice opens with a monologue to set the tone, all while a funeral variation of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” is heard in the background.

Ghost Host: "When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls, whenever candle lights flicker where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight ..."​
Sliding doors open and guests walk into one of two identical portrait chambers. Up above, octagonal walls lit up by gargoyles holding candles are seen, showing portraits on every other wall. There is a woman with a parasol, a bald man with documents, a serious-looking man in a bowler hat, and an old lady holding a rose.

When inside the room, guests are instructed by a mansion servant to huddle into the “dead center” of the room. After this is done, the doors close.

As a melancholy version of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” plays in the background, the disembodied voice from earlier begins to talk.

Ghost Host: “Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host. Your Ghost Host.”

Suddenly, the room begins to stretch vertically. As it does, the portraits stretch downwards and reveal some gruesome fates to the subjects of the painting. The woman with a parasol is revealed to be walking a tightrope between the jaws of an alligator. The man with the documents is revealed to be in his boxer shorts and standing on a barrel of TNT, which is being lit by a candelabra. The serious-looking man is revealed to be on the shoulders of a frightened-looking man who is sitting on the shoulders of a terrified-looking man waist-deep in quicksand. The old lady is revealed to be sitting on the grave of her deceased husband George, which features a bust with an ax in its head. Since it is tucked into the city, there is no elevator, but the room really goes upwards. As the room stretches, the Ghost Host narrates the scene.

Ghost Host: “Our tour begins here in this portrait gallery, where previous guests appear in their corruptible mortal state. Is this haunted room really stretching? Is it all your imagination? By the way, this room has no doors or windows. How are you going to find your way out?”

Up until there, reused footage of Paul Frees is featured. However, instead of the next line, “Well there’s always MY way,” there’s a different line by Corey Burton (who replaced Frees as the Ghost Host for the Haunted Mansion Holiday in Disneyland), which is “Don’t try to kill each other to get out. It didn’t go well for me and my friends.” This is supposed to lighten up the reveal of what comes afterwards. Following a thunderclap, the lights go out and the ceiling disappears, revealing a dark chamber. Flashes of lightning illuminate a skeleton hanging from a rope. Following this, the lightning stops and the room goes dark with the sounds of a scream. Arguably the most frightening part of the attraction, I tried to lighten it up with the alternate line. Rather than assuming that the Ghost Host had committed suicide to “escape,” I implied that he was murdered by some other people. (Don’t worry. His “friends” got what they deserved as you will see in the next part.) The lights come back on and a wall opens.

As guests enter a hallway, the Ghost Host’s voice comes from overhead.

Ghost Host: “I am dearly sorry. I did not mean to make you feel alarmed. Don’t worry. The people who hung me got their comeuppance. If you look at the pictures here, you will see.”

Guests look at some photographs hanging on the wall. There, a light moving back and forth reveals the grim fates of the villains who killed our host:
  • A bald man with a long beard is seen on a ship, but when the light comes by, the seas grow stormy and a tentacle is coming out of the ocean.​
  • A one-eyed man is seen playing cards while under a chandelier. When the light comes by, a monkey is seen unscrewing the chandelier from above.​
  • An elderly man is seen riding a horse. When the light comes by, it reveals that there is a bandit hiding in the bushes, holding a shotgun.​
  • A woman is seen sitting in a garden on a stump. When the light comes by, the scene turns into a snowy wasteland with a polar bear in the background.​

Guests then enter the loading area, where an endless line of “Doom Buggies” line the hallway. This uses the same omnimover system as its previous mansions. Unlike those versions, this goes counterclockwise. Guests get on a conveyor belt and board the vehicles. The Ghost Host gives a safety spiel as well as lowers the lap bars.​
The Doom Buggies move past a hallway. As they go through, they see stairs leading to nowhere, hallways full of doors, and doors that are open but don’t go anywhere. This is based off of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. The Ghost Host narrates this piece.

Ghost Host: “Let us start over here. The architect of this mansion clearly didn’t know what he was doing. Doors that go nowhere, hallways that go nowhere, stairs that go nowhere…..”

The Doom Buggies then turn to reveal a chair with an abstract face and a suit of armor. Between them is a seemingly endless hallway. Within it, a candelabra floats eerily.

Ghost Host: “......and hallways that go on forever.”

The Doom Buggies then go through the Magic Kingdom’s library scene. Here, a book is turning pages by itself. Ghost stories are on a bookshelf along with busts of a strict-looking man and woman, who watch the guests as they pass by.

The Doom Buggies go by a bunch of portraits, which transform into ghosts and monsters following a flash of lightning. A woman on a daybed turns into a tiger, a ship at sea becomes a ghost ship, a knight on a horse becomes a skeleton, a young woman in a Greek temple becomes Medusa, and another young woman turns into an old lady.

The Doom Buggies then go up a chamber of many staircases, based off of M. C. Escher’s “Relativity.” At the top of the staircase, the Doom Buggies pass an organ playing itself. It then passes a conservatory of dead plants where a coffin is, and inside, a decayed being is opening the door, shouting “Let me out!” The Ghost Host points this out as a guest who was caught in his own coffin. Nearby the coffin is a red-eyed raven.

From there, the Doom Buggies go into a new scene which shows a room full of potions and elixirs. In the center of the room is an elderly woman (supposedly a witch) who is brewing something in a cauldron. The Ghost Host narrates this piece.

Ghost Host: “And here we have one of our few ‘living’ residents who isn’t entirely human. I am unsure what she does with these elixirs, but she sure makes a lot of them.”

The Doom Buggies then start to go backwards. They pass through a hallway with demon-face wallpaper. In these hallways are many doors, behind which are knocking, screaming, evil laughter, calls for help, and breathing. The knockers on the doors are seemingly being moved by invisible hands. On the walls are daguerreotypes of smiling corpses as well as a portrait of the man who became the Ghost Host, holding a hatchet but not on a noose. A macabre grandfather clock strikes 13 instead of 12 as the shadow of a claw passes over it.

The Doom Buggies enter a room of floating objects. In the center of it is Madame Leota, the otherworldly medium in a crystal ball, who awakens the spirits with her incantations:

Madame Leota: “Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat... Call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table, it's time to respond... Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween... Awaken the spirits with your tambourine! Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond... Let there be music from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell... Give us a hint by ringing a bell.”

As she incants, the crystal ball floats and the instruments around her respond. Meanwhile, the raven from earlier is seen on her chair behind her. As the guests go by, they see a book opened to 1312 and 1313, which show Leota’s incantations as well as a cloaked version of Ezra the hitchhiking ghost.

The Doom Buggies leave the Seance Circle and enter an old crypt, Leota’s incantations echoing all around. The Ghost Host points out what is going on.

Ghost Host: “The spirits have been summoned and are making their presence known to you! Mwa ha ha!”

The Doom Buggies pass through the crypt and see a bunch of Egyptian sarcophaguses. The last few of these are opened and spill their gold. Meanwhile, some mummies are out and greeting guests as they pass. One of them is sitting on a table with a muffled voice while the ghost of a wise renaissance man is holding an ear trumpet to the mummy, trying to figure out what the mummy is saying. The Doom Buggies pass an open coffin, where a skeletal hand is waving from inside. A sarcophagus on the wall has beetles flying out to the sides. On the other side, some statues are looking down with red eyes.

The Doom Buggies look down from a balcony at a deathday party going down below. There, a ghost is blowing out candles while his friends are watching. On an opposing balcony are two portraits of revolutionary war-era soldiers, whose ghosts appear and duel. With the pepper’s ghost effect, ghosts are seen doing the waltz on the ballroom floor while a ghost playing the organ is making banshee heads come out of the pipes.

The Doom Buggies then go up some stairs and pass through an attic. As a piano plays a dark version of the bridal chorus, a heartbeat fills the room. The Doom Buggies pass a bunch of portraits of many different grooms but all the same bride. From time to time, the heads of the grooms disappear. In every portrait, the bride has one more string of pearls than the one before. Towards the exit of the scene is a ghostly bride in blue light, singing the bridal chorus:

Bride: “Here comes the bride... As long as we both shall live... For better or for... worse? I do. I did, in sickness and in... Wealth. You may now kiss the bride... We'll live happily ever after... Till death do us part…”

She raises her hands between vows, and as she does, a hatchet appears and disappears in her hands. As guests exit the attic, they go onto the balcony and pass the Hatbox Ghost, whose head disappears and reappears in the box and then appears once more under his hat.

The Doom Buggies then travel backwards through a forest, encountering the raven a third time. Turning around, they emerge into a graveyard where “Grim Grinning Ghosts” is playing. Ghouls pop out from behind tombstones, a band plays music with cats and owls singing along, and a frightened caretaker and his whimpering dog (the attraction’s only “human” characters) watch in terror. Guests pass a king and queen on a teeter-totter and then go by five singing busts, singing along to the song. The Doom Buggies pass a pair of elderly ghosts playing chess, using a sunken hearse as their chess board, while banshees ride a bicycle behind them. Nearby, a soldier riding a ghostly horse greets guests, taking off his hat, and with it, his head. This is similar to the mayor in Disneyland Paris’ Phantom Manor. Guests then pass a bunch of singing ghosts, which include an operatic pair, a headless knight holding his head under his arm, a masked executioner, and a prisoner. Behind them is a bony arm attempting to finish its crypt.

The Doom Buggies enter a mausoleum as the Ghost Host’s voice comes from overhead:

Ghost Host: “Ah, there you are... and just in time. There's a little matter I forgot to mention: beware of HitchHiking Ghosts! They have selected you to fill our quota, and will haunt you until you return…”​
Guests pass a trio of ghosts looking for a ride. A hunchback traveler (Professor Plum), a skeletal gentleman (Ezra), and a short prisoner (Gus). The Doom Buggies pass three large ornate mirrors and one of the ghosts will appear on the Doom Buggy. As the Doom buggies leave the crypt, the busts are heard in the background singing a somber tune:

Busts: “If you would like to join our jamboree, There's a simple rule that's compulsory. Mortals pay a token fee: Rest in peace, the haunting's free. So hurry back, we would like your company.”

Ascending a hill back into the mansion, a small ghost (AKA Little Leota) is at the top of an archway. She speaks to guests as they pass underneath:

Little Leota: “Hurry back! Hurry back! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now. We've been 'dying' to have you.”

From there, the Doom Buggies return to the loading station. As the lap bars are raised, the Ghost Host speaks one last time:

Ghost Host: “Now I will raise the safety bar, and a ghost will follow you home! Mwa ha ha!”​

Guests disembark from their Doom Buggies and take a passage back to the “living” world. They exit the mansion near the place they entered, making a full circle and making it look like the whole thing never happened, which just adds to the horror.

Come back tomorrow as we see the Making of Modern America, a new show for this park.​


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We now come to a more ambitious attraction and the heart of Waterfront Square.....

43 - The Making of Modern America

Any Height​
Located in a grand theater within the city, this show combines Audio-Animatronics, screens, and more to create an incredible experience. Here, guests walk into a grand Victorian theater, where the people of Columbia have put together a show to inform people about the times that they are in. While waiting in the foyer of the theater, guests see Gilded Age artifacts such as newspaper articles, political cartoons, and other things. Guests are then loaded into a theater, where they sit down and wait for the show to begin.​
The lights dim and a voice comes from overhead. “Welcome to The Making of Modern America, a story about how the modern world was built through the Gilded Age, and the efforts made to get us out of the era. Now, we introduce our hosts of strong American figures. Let us welcome the first of them: Mark Twain!”

The curtains rise, revealing figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Julius Chambers, Nellie Bly, Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, and two mystery guests that are behind a curtain with only their shoes being seen. The eight people on stage are sitting in chairs. Mark Twain, who sits in a chair in the middle, right by Theodore Roosevelt, stands up.

Mark Twain: “Good day, fellow Americans. You know me as Mark Twain, author of such classic American novels such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. However, there is something you may not know about me. I invented the term of the Gilded Age. In one of my lesser-known novels, the Gilded Age, I described the notorious place that America was becoming. Robber Barons like John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt were creating big monopolies by buying up all of the companies of their business. Rockefeller was taking the oil while Vanderbilt took the railroads. Some companies formed trusts and bonds to keep them in check. They were overpowering the already corrupt government of the day. The economy was growing, sure, but the government was losing control. I wish I could say that was the worst of the troubles, but it wasn’t.”

A screen then comes down and plays a video, showing the other problems of the day. This involves child labor, mistreatment of lower classes, discrimination against the new immigrants (as well as the diversity of new immigrants coming to America, not a problem but still something that should be brought up), poverty, unsafe working conditions, and women being underlooked in society. The screen goes up and Mark speaks.

Mark Twain: “Such a mess, am I right? This isn’t what America is about. I grew up in the south, which in my day, was a land of white supremacists who kept traditions of slavery. Sure, slavery was taken care of, but racism still lingers. However, racism seemed like a minor annoyance compared to the xenophobia that infiltrated America.”

Jacob Riis then stands up and coughs.

Jacob Riis: “Mr. Twain. I do hate to interrupt you here, but I myself have something to say about xenophobia. Do you mind if I say a few words?”

Mark Twain: “Yes.”

Mark Twain sits down as Jacob Riis gets the attention.

Jacob Riis: “Good day, fellow Americans. My name is Jacob Riis. I am an American, but I faced some hardships, as a bunch of other immigrants did, because of where I came from. You see, I was born in Denmark and immigrated to America when I was 21. A lot of people came to America during the time I did, seeking a new life and new opportunities. There were Danes like me, but also Swedes, Fins, Norweigians, Britons, Irishmen, Italians, Germans, Jews, Russians, Chinese and Japanese people, all looking for a better world. We expected it to be golden. However, we would be disappointed once we got there. We were placed in the lower class. Even though some people were able to afford an apartment in a tenement, we didn’t. We lived in these nasty, filthy, muck-ridden places called slums. You could barely call it a living space. It was horrible. I moved out as quick as I could, but I only came back to spread awareness of this awful place which I had escaped from. I took a bunch of photos. I presented it to the upper classes to show, as I called it in my book, How the Other Half Lives.”

The screen comes down again to show a slideshow of photos taken by Riis, showing people living in the slums. After the video ends, the screen goes back up.

Jacob Riis: “I wasn’t the only one trying to help the lower classes. Other people like me were out there, standing up for people. We were cleaning the streets and putting together mugshots. This would totally help the country later on. You see, that is what an American is supposed to do, what is right. It may be hard, but I believe that everyone has the potential to do the right thing. You might be debating on whether or not I am an American, but I believe that I am because I am doing good for its people and trying to make the country a better place.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Very wise words, Mr. Riis. Remember when we called you over to the White House because we were proud of your accomplishments?”

Jacob Riis: “I do. You called me the best American you ever knew.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “I did. Plus, when I became president, I praised you further by saying how you fought back the hidden evils within New York City and showed us the horrors that were hiding under our noses. Oh, speaking of me being president, is it okay if I talk a little about that?”

Jacob Riis: “Ask Mr. Twain.”

Mark Twain: “You can, Mr. President. Go ahead.”

Theodore Roosevelt stands up from his chair as Jacob Riis sits down. After clearing his throat, Roosevelt speaks,

Theodore Roosevelt: “I didn’t expect to be president, but fate brought me to it. My predecessor, William McKinley, was already a powerhouse. During his presidency, his influence in Hawaii led to its annexation by the United States and his choice to declare war on Spain in 1898 led to us gaining control over Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. I….”

Mark Twain: “Some would say he was a great man, but I say he was a ruthless taker.”

Roosevelt turns to Twain with suspicion.

Theodore Roosevelt: “Excuse me?”

Mark Twain: “You know it, Teddy. McKinley stole Hawaii from the natives. Did they want to be taken over by America? No. Did they want their queen overthrown? No. Did the former Spanish colonies freed in McKinley’s little war want to be free? Yes, but he failed to see that and took over. People came to America to get away from Imperialism in growing empires, and here America was growing into one. No better than what they fled from.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “All right. I understand that McKinley’s foreign affairs were controversial, but you should have known how much I believed in the idea of freedom. No, I didn’t know that while we were fighting Spain, we would just take the colonies and enslave them, but I didn’t think that through. I was just trying to give the freedom to the people.”

Mark Twain: “Let’s face it. America was so drunk with freedom that it was a mess.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “I am quite aware of that. In fact, that is why I was a little nervous when becoming president following McKinley’s assassination. I had this big, troubled country that I had to take care of. I wanted to fix it, but I needed to find out how.”

Mark Twain: “And how did you fix it?”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Rather than turning our affairs to Imperialism, I focused more on solving the problems of our nation and others too. I funded the Panama Canal so that trading from the west to the east would be easier. I broke monopolies and trusts. I helped make peace between Russia and Japan. I even protected the Americas from Imperialists with a ship armada. However, I would say that my greatest achievement was the founding and preservation of national parks.”

The screen comes down and plays a video on the national parks that Theodore Roosevelt founded. Not just that, but it shows another video that presents great things that Roosevelt did in his lifetime. When the second video ends, the screen goes up.

Theodore Roosevelt: “Don’t you see? I had big shoes to fill, but I didn’t go for the take-it-all philosophy that my predecessor had. Sure, I kept his superpower in check, but I didn’t wage any wars to gain more land. I ended the war we had with Cuba, giving them the freedom they wanted. So we won the Philippines after the war, but I decided to stop there.”

Mark Twain: “You should’ve given the Philippines the freedom that they wanted. Why didn’t you do that?”

Theodore Roosevelt: “You should’ve been president at the time. You’d understand that McKinley had caused something that went beyond his control.”

Julius Chambers then rises from his seat and raises his hands while speaking to get attention.

Julius Chambers: “Hey, hey! Don’t fight. We won’t be solving any problems if we argue.”

Mark Twain sighs and looks down.

Mark Twain: “You’re right. We may all have different opinions, but we’re all here for the same reason, to make America a better place.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Say, Julius. Why don’t you and Nellie Bly go next?”

Julius Chambers: “Okay.”

Nellie Bly: “It would be an honor, Mr. President.”

Theodore Roosevelt sits down as Bly stands up.

Nellie Bly: “Hello there. My name is Nellie Bly.”

Julius Chambers: “And I am Julius Chambers. We are considered to be the original muckrakers.”

Nellie Bly: “You may be wondering, what is a muckraker?”

Julius Chambers: “You see, we went deep into the secrets of the corrupt world we lived in and exposed them.”

Nellie Bly: “For example, we visited insane asylums and were horrified by how their patients were being treated. We exposed these horrors and the government made changes to the law to make sure that these people got the treatment they deserved.”

Upton Sinclair then stands up.

Upton Sinclair: “Um, I am a muckraker too. My name is Upton Sinclair.”

Julius Chambers: “Ooh, what did you do?”

Upton Sinclair: “I exposed the unclean packaging habits of the meat processing companies. In my book, The Jungle, I talked about how bad these methods were. This made people change the meat industry to make it cleaner.”

Nellie Bly: “It is a pleasure to know that people like us are willing to do what we must for the greater good. Just imagine all of the other muckrakers who changed the country.”

The screen comes down and shows a video of muckrakers, their books, and the results of them being published. After that, the screen goes up.

Mark Twain: “Ah, isn’t it great how progress is bringing us out of the dark age of the Gilded Age.”

Susan B. Anthony: “Indeed. In fact, Lucy and I were one of those people who helped the nation progress.”

Lucy Stone: “It’s true. Our role in that progress was spreading equal rights to women.”

Susan B. Anthony: “Before the Women’s Suffrage Act was passed in 1919, women didn’t have all of the equal rights that men had. We couldn’t vote, do as we pleased, and were even considered to be property rather than our own individuals.”

Lucy Stone: “Such an awful thing it was. Talk about sexism.”

Susan B. Anthony: “We both set up our own women’s suffrage movements. For some time, we were rivals. Then, we came together as one group, and look how far we’ve gotten.”

Lucy Stone: “Our protests weren’t just influential, but inspired other protests to come as well.”

The screen comes down and shows a video of the women’s suffrage movement, as well as other labor unions and movements that gave equal rights to others. Afterwards, the screen goes up.

Lucy Stone: “The equal rights didn’t end there. We would inspire such things as the Civil Rights Movement, which would come forty years later.”

Susan B. Anthony: “Well, if you’re a woman and are grateful for your equal rights, then thank us.”

Mark Twain: “This has been such a meeting, hasn’t it?”

Jacob Riis: “It sure has.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “I don’t think I've ever been in a room with so many great Americans ever in my life.”

Upton Sinclair: “But we’re forgetting something. We have special guests with us. A pair of young men from Missouri.”

Susan B. Anthony: “And who are they?”

Upton Sinclair: “I believe that they will change the world as we know it, just as we have. They’re behind the curtains. Come on out guys!”

The curtain rises and the people behind it are revealed to be a young Walt Disney and his brother Roy. This surprise is here because of how patriotic the brothers were.

Young Roy: “Greetings. My name is Roy Disney, and this here is my brother Walt.”

Young Walt: “Hello.”

Young Roy: “We were just listening from backstage and man, the things you’ve brought up. I agree with President Roosevelt here. I don’t think I’ve been in a room with this many great Americans.”

Young Walt: “Just a question. I admire you all and it embarrasses me to ask this, but why are Roy and I here?”

Mark Twain: “You two are great Americans, aren’t you?”

Jacob Riis: “Or at least you’re going to be.”

Young Walt: “Well, I am thinking of becoming a cartoonist.”

Young Roy: “Just you wait, brother. I see greater things coming from that.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Say, Walt. What do you think defines a true American?”

Young Walt: “Well, I……...I’m not sure how to answer that. My father is Irish-Canadian and my mother is of mixed German and British heritage.”

Jacob Riis: “Were you listening to my part of the narrative? Where you come from doesn’t determine who you are.”

Young Roy: “He’s right, brother. We may not be purely American, but that doesn’t mean that we ourselves don’t belong here in America. America is a land for anyone who seeks opportunity and freedom, no matter where they come from.”

Young Walt: “I feel like an American. I’ve always known America as my home. I support the country, and I admire each and every one of you.”

Susan B. Anthony: “You sound as much as an American as all of us. This is a great country. It has some problems, yes, but I believe that we can overcome them.”

Upton Sinclair: “Just imagine what the future holds for the American dream. A whole diverse country united. It does sound a little far-fetched, but I believe it’s possible.”

Mark Twain: “Why, everything is far-fetched these days.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Yes. America is a land of dreams, and the idea of a united people is a great dream. America is a melting pot of many cultures, making it big, beautiful, culturally rich nation. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity one comes from, nor their religion, but they all can be American if they want.”

Young Walt: “Very inspiring words, Mr. President. This has been quite the show.”

Young Roy: “You know, I’ve always seen these modern times as an age of becoming. People are working to escape from the difficult times that they are in. This is the Making of Modern America, where we all come together to make the country a better place.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “And it’ll only just continue. Just you wait.”

The screen comes down and shows one last video, showing some influential Americans who helped make the country better. This includes Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Neil Armstrong. Following this is the concluding words: “Some would see the transition between the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era as an age of hardships, but in reality, it was also the Making of Modern America.”

The curtain descends and guests exit the theater. Cast members thank them for coming as they return to the streets of Waterfront Square.

This may be a little boring, but I felt like it was necessary to have an American history attraction, which both of the American parks have. Disneyland has Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the Magic Kingdom has the Hall of Presidents, so I decided to have a show based off of American History as well.

Join us tomorrow as we board the S.S. dream and see a shoehorn I have as well as an exhibition.​


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We now go on the S.S. Dream to see a ride (which I admit was a shoehorn for the area) and an exhibition.

44 - Nemo’s Underwater Expedition

Any Height
Towards the end of a harbor is a big ship, the S. S. Dream. Here, Captain Algernon Axel is conducting a secret project and is inviting guests to take part in it. This attraction is made to attract younger guests to the area, but it’s something that both kids and adults can enjoy.​
In the harbor is the Dream, based off of the Disney Cruise Ship of the same name. This, however, is smaller, but forced perspective and carefully placed colors make it look larger than it really is. Furthest right is where guests go into the ship while furthest left is where guests go into the ride, which goes around the hull of the ship. Guests go into the left and then walk down a ramp into the inner workings of the ship. As they continue down the ramp, they go down to the front of the ship. There, they meet Algernon Axel, who tells guests about his latest project.

Axel: “Good day to you all. I am Captain Algernon Axel, and I am the captain of this ship. Now, we’ve been working on an elaborate new project, funded by money gathered from some of the town’s activities. We have a submarine with lasers that make things happen all around, and you’ve been selected to try it out. Now, we are sending you to a very special place, a mystical trench nearby. It's going to be exciting to see what you discover down there.”

A crew member of Axel’s ship will then direct guests past Axel and down another ramp. This goes into a laboratory full of 19th Century equipment. There, they board a small, four-person submarine that in looks is based off of old designs inspired by old European sketches for an advanced submarine (similar to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Tokyo Disneysea, but not as advanced-looking). The vehicle design itself is similar to Toy Story Midway Mania, where guests sit in the front or the back and have lasers on both sides. It’s track system is more like Peter Pan’s Flight where they are held above the show scenes. Guests are loaded into the front or the back, facing the side they are placed in. The lap bars come down and the ride begins to move.​

The submarines move to the left and go down a small hill. Screen effects create the illusion that the submarines are going underwater. Later, there is an illusion of the submarine descending into the water and going into the previously mentioned mystical trench (this is here because Finding Nemo is in the 21st Century and Waterfront Square is in the 19th Century, so there has to be something to bridge those time periods together.) As the submarines descend into the trench (they’re really going forward, but it feels like they’re descending), they turn sideways, making it so that guests can see the walls.

Suddenly, the trench fills with light. Unknowing where they are going, the vehicle spins a full 180 degrees. Front is now back and back is now front. When the lights disappear, the submarines go out of the trench and into a coral reef. As they do, familiar music and sights appear. Just then, a light flashes below near the lasers, telling guests that their lasers will now work. With the lasers (which use some similar technology to Monsters Inc, Ride-and-go-seek), guests interact with objects around on the screens. To practice this, a fish tells them to hit the coral reef. When they do, fish come out.

The submarines then pass an anemone, where their lasers bring out Marlin and Nemo. The vehicles travel forward, going through more of the coral reef and coming across Dory, the Tank Gang from the first film, and even the frightened-looking fish who attend Bruce’s party in the film. Pretty soon, the vehicles pass Mr. Ray and his class, who are going to see the Eastern Australian Current. Marlin and Dory wish to tag along, although Dory keeps forgetting why and Marlin has to explain it to her all over again.

The submarines follow Mr. Ray through the ocean, interacting with some coral and sponges and making bubbles come out. There is also a treasure chest that summons the crazy yellow bubbles fish from the film. The submarines are then caught up into the E.A.C., where their lasers make turtles do spins and other tricks (but nobody gets hurt, with lasers included.) The submarines pass Crush, who is looking for his son Squirt. Meanwhile, Mr. Ray and his class realize that Nemo is also missing. Worried about his son, Marlin goes out to look for him, Dory following closeby.

The Submarines pass a peaceful underwater seafloor, where the moonfish make out shapes with the lasers. They then go through a group of jellyfish, where Dory is seen bouncing on them. From there, the submarines descend into darkness. They pass through Bruce’s sunken ship, where Nemo and Squirt are seen swimming around. As the submarines turn, Bruce, Anchor, and Chum are seen swimming around, saying how there is something “interesting” at the bottom of the trench. Despite Nemo wanting to turn back, Squirt says that they should go down and see it.

The vehicles turn again and exit the ship. From there, they pass a bunch of WWII water mines. Dory and Marlin are passing carefully, but the lasers make the mines release and go upwards. Meanwhile, Nemo and Squirt are interested in an anglerfish wearing goggles, something it got trapped in during the events of the film.

The submarines continue to go down, heading into the depths of the trench. There, some crabs are encountered, some of which are revealed through lasers. One crab warns of an underwater volcano dead ahead, and when Marlin hears this, he is over concerned and goes to find his son before it is too late. The submarines then proceed to go near a bunch of underwater volcanoes, which a worried Nemo and an excited Squirt look over. Meanwhile, Dory is looking into a volcano, thinking that it’s a hot tub (a reference to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction at Disneyland.) In the next scene, the volcanoes start to erupt as Marlin comes in to rescue his son and Dory rescues squirt. They hover over a volcano and request the guests to laser it. Once the laser hits the volcano, it blasts the fish back up to the top of the trench.

Once this happens, the submarines go upwards and return to the E.A.C., where Crush and Mr. Ray are happy for the return of Nemo and Squirt. The two children apologize for wandering off and say how it was “quite the adventure.” In the next scene, they return to the Great Barrier Reef and sing “In the Big Blue World” from Finding Nemo: The Musical. After that, the submarines go back into the mystical trench, which lights up and sends them back to the 19th Century. The submarines return to the ship and go back out of the water. Once they do, it turns 90 degrees and goes into the loading area. There, guests disembark.​
The guests follow a path into a gift shop, Nautical Necessities. From there, they are allowed to explore the ship, which includes a dining hall, a Disney Cruise Line exhibit, and some views of the Rivers of America and Waterfront Square.​

45 - Disney Cruise Line: A Tribute

Any Height​
In two floors, learn more about the iconic cruise ships of the Disney cruise line and what makes each of them unique. This involves concept art, blueprints, and artifacts linked to the ships.

Tomorrow, we shall finish up our tour of Waterfront Square by seeing the dining, shopping, and entertainment in the area.​


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Now let's look at the shopping, dining, and entertainment of Waterfront Square.


BI - Liam’s Irish Pub

Have a golly good time in this Irish restaurant at the foot of Waterfront Square. Paying homage to Walt Disney’s Irish ancestry, this place is complete with all of the essentials to Irish culture. This also includes some photographs of the Irish-Canadian Disney family. (Reservation Required)​

BJ - Golden Palace Chinese Gourmet

In this Chinese restaurant, honor the Chinese community of the Gilded Age and their struggles to be accepted. Along with delicious Chinese cuisine, you will see many references to China all around, including the Chinese zodiac and zen gardens.​

BK - Harbor Market

Near the bay is a set of carts where you can buy snacks, a meal, or a drink. Located near the Making of Modern America, this is a good place to go if you want to grab a quick bite.​

BL - Martucio’s Pizzeria

Come into this New York-style pizzeria themed to Italy. Here, you can dine on a fresh pizza and past selection, including special dessert pizzas. (Reservation required.)​
Pizzas (5.00):
Pasta (3.00):
(Sauce is free, includes Alfredo, Tomato, and Cheese)
Pasta Combos (5.00):
Chicken Alfredo
Salads (5.00):
Creton Salad
Tomato Salad
Cheese Salad
Dessert Pizzas (9.00):
Cookies and Creme

BM - Immigrant Eats

Take some food from this fast food restaurant near the S.S. Dream. Here, you can eat foods, foreign and familiar. The best part is, this food is quick and easy with not much to pay for. You can eat it as you dine outside overlooking the ship.​

BN - Sailing Ship Dream Dining Hall

Within Algernon Axel’s famous ship is a banquet hall where you can feed on a delicious cuisine of many things. Along with seafood, you can also eat food from all over. In the meantime, sit in an elegant Victorian-era dining hall with orchestral music playing. (Reservation Required.)​
Seaman’s Savory: Soup with shrimp, Fish Filet, Mussels, Vegetables, and red velvet cake…..9.99
Landlubber’s Food: Soup with Ham, Roast Beef, Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Vegetables, and chocolate cake………………………………………………………………………………….9.99
Farmer’s Request: Soup with salad, vegetables, fruit, and healthy cake……………………....9.99


BO - Fluffy’s Ocean Emporium

For those wanting a souvenir from the sea, here is where to go. This department store at the border to Frontierland sells a bunch of ocean-themed goods, run by Algernon Axel himself. With a beluga whale named Fluffy as its mascot, this has ocean accessories for all ages.​

BP - Madame Leota’s Spirit Shop

Located near the Haunted Mansion is a spooky antique shop run by spirited medium Madame Leota. In here, you may see her appear in her crystal ball at the desk, or you can look around. You will find a bunch of Haunted Mansion-themed souvenirs here. Plus, there is a second part of the shop where you can get ready for Halloween with Halloween merchandise. From Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas stuff (despite the fact that the Haunted Mansion Holiday doesn’t come to Magic World) to things themed to the annual celebrations, you will find it in that part of the store.​

BQ - Gilded Age Goods

In this small shop, find things themed to the land with an extension of Finding Nemo, Disney Cruise Line, Haunted Mansion, and Disney stuff here. You can also trace your heritage with an immigration map of America and a photo parlor.​

BR - Rockefeller Sellers

Don’t let the name fool you. This is not stuff sold by Robber Barons. This is a store about heritage and Gilded Age souvenirs to further immerse you in the area. This sells books, antiques, and other things related to this time period.​

BS - Nautical Necessities

After your adventure with Nemo, find a shop themed to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and the Disney Cruise Line. You can also learn more about the cruise service with a bunch of cards and books on the cruises.​

Duffy the Disney Bear meets near the harbor, as does Captain Mickey and Minnie.
Join us tomorrow as we look at the entertainment of Magic World.​


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Let us now look at park-wide entertainment.

Park-wide Entertainment


Mickey’s Magical Parade
Come one come all to this incredible parade. Starting out in Main Street, this goes through Fantasyland and Frontierland, spanning a long parade route. This celebrates the magic of Disney in a parade that features both old and new stories being brought to life.
Duration: 15 minutes
Floats: 12
  • Fantasia: Mickey as the sorcerer’s apprentice leads the parade while standing on a rocky spire with living brooms alongside new magical versions of Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Daisy nearby.
  • Moana: On an ocean-themed float, Moana is seen on her boat. Some Polynesian drummers follow behind.
  • Frozen: Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf ride in a sleigh pulled by Sven while Elsa’s ice castle is on a float with Elsa on the balcony.
  • Toy Story: Woody and Buzz are on a block tower while Jessie rides a wooden horse. Meanwhile, Slinky Dog is behind, coiling around.
  • Peter Pan: On a pirate ship, some pirates are seen dueling. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is dueling Peter Pan on the top deck.
  • The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, and the Parr kids battle with an omnidroid while Edna Mode follows behind in her car.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates are washing the deck of a pirate ship, where Jack Sparrow can be seen steering.
  • Aladdin: In a cave-like float, the Genie is seen performing. Meanwhile, Aladdin and Jasmine are seen riding a magic carpet.
  • Princesses: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Tiana and Naveen, Ariel and Prince Eric, Belle and the Beast, and Aurora and Prince Philip are seen dancing on gazebos.
  • Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley are seen riding a door-filled float, where the doors move back and forth.
  • The Jungle Book: On a jungle float, Baloo and Mowgli are standing in the jungle. Meanwhile in ancient Indian ruins, King Louie and his monkeys are dancing.
  • Finale: In a library-like book is Mickey and friends. Meanwhile, sorcerer Mickey is dueling the fire-breathing dragon (which is a clone of the Magic Kingdom dragon that appears in the Fantasy parade.)

Magic Happens Stage Show
On the Partners stage, you can see a stage show celebrating the power of imagination. With several characters appearing, this is a show to inspire many. This stage show plays five times a day at the edge of Main Street at the Partners statue.

  • Opening
    • When You Wish Upon a Star
      • Mickey Mouse and his friends show up and sing about the power of imagination.
  • Beauty and the Beast
    • Be Our Guest
      • Belle and Lumiere demonstrate how imagination can help people out, showing this through a magical dinner.
  • Mary Poppins
    • Can You Imagine That?
      • Mary Poppins shows how imagination can make anything possible, even the impossible.
  • Aladdin
    • A Whole New World
      • Aladdin and Jasmine show how imagination is great to share with others.
  • Tangled
    • I Have a Dream
      • Rapunzel, Flynn, and the thugs discuss how imagination can help you follow your dream.
  • Frozen
    • Let it Go
      • Elsa demonstrates how imagination works best when set free.
  • Finale
    • Something There
    • Spoonful of Sugar
    • Arabian Nights
    • At Last I See the Light
    • For the First Time in Forever
    • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
      • More guests show up as the friends celebrate imagination through romance, helping, adventure, and dreams.

Light up the Night Parade
At nightfall, a fantastic lit-up parade comes around. Taking the same route as the daytime parade, this nighttime parade is proudly lit up and amazing.
Duration: 12 minutes
Floats: 10
  • Mickey and Friends: Mickey and friends come around in an enchanted castle as Mickey conducts an amazing orchestra.
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel swims in the air as Sebastian conducts a symphony.
  • The Princess and the Frog: On a steamboat, Tiana and Naveen greet guests as Louis plays the trumpet.
  • Frozen: Elsa rides the Nokk through the enchanted forest, where Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf are.
  • Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear flies and Woody rides Bullseye in this big play set.
  • Cinderella: The Fairy Godmother lights up Cinderella’s dress as she passes on the carriage.
  • Peter Pan: Peter Pan flies over Neverland with Wendy as TInker Bell greets guests from her place.
  • Tangled: Rapunzel and Flynn sail across water surrounded by lanterns.
  • Cars: Mac comes by, followed by Lightning McQueen and Mater.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White is near the Dwarfs’ cottage while the Dwarfs themselves are mining inside a mine behind her.
  • Dumbo: Dumbo flies down main street as Mickey rides on him.

Once Upon a Wish Firework Spectacular
At nighttime, the Enchanted Fairytale Castle comes alive with projection, fireworks, and actors to create a one-of-a-kind experience. These projections cover not just the castle, but the buildings on Main Street as well.
Duration: 15 minutes
  • Opening: Mickey Mouse appears on the stage with a magic wand and the sorcerer’s hat. With it, the castle lights up with magical images.
  • Tinker Bell comes and makes some magic.
  • Frozen
    • Into the Unknown
    • Show Yourself
  • The Little Mermaid
    • Under the Sea
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • The Medallion Calls
    • He’s a Pirate
  • Moana
    • How Far I’ll Go
    • We Know the Way
  • The Lion King
    • Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
  • Aladdin
    • Arabian Nights
    • A Whole New World
  • Beauty and the Beast
    • Be Our Guest
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • Finale: Mickey conjures up the iconic images of several films, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Finding Nemo, Cars, and Lilo and Stitch.

Tomorrow, we shall finish our tour of Magic World by seeing the seasonal events that the park has to offer.


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It is now time to finish up Magic World by seeing the seasonal events of the park.

Seasonal Events

Festival of Princesses and Pirates (Select Years March to early May)
Come to a celebration of swashbucklers and fairytales. Here, you can choose one of two paths. Cutlass or crown, cannonball or ball gown, anything.
  • Parts of Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Frontierland will be decorated for the event.​
  • Join the princesses on a fairytale quest or the pirates on a swashbuckling treasure hunt.​
  • Pirates and Princesses Parade: Celebrate the princesses and pirates of Disney in an exclusive parade that goes through, featuring appearances by the Disney Princesses, Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more.​
  • Princess and Pirate Wishes Show: Catch a thrilling firework show that features all of your favorite moments from princess and pirate movies.​
Super Hero Summer (Late May to early September)
Avengers Assemble! Here in Magic World, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come together looking for recruits. In this celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe you can catch epic experiences and more.

  • Tomorrowland is decked out with Superhero-inspired decor.
  • Avengers Recruitment: Hawkeye and Black Widow come searching for recruits. Do you have what it takes? Find out in this stage show.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Music Show: Dance along to an intergalactic band with musicians from all over the universe.
  • Avengers Assemble Stage Show: Near the Avengers Station, all of your favorite superheroes come together in a stage show.
  • The Universe United: A Firework Display: see with projections, actors, and fireworks as Tony Stark takes you on a journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but when Loki and an army of supervillains show up, it’s up to the Avengers to save the day.


Halloween at Magic World (Mid-September to November 2)
A mysterious spell has been cast on Magic World, turning it into a Halloween haven. The Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Host has invited guests to attend this Halloween celebration, and the Disney Villains, Mickey and Friends, and the citizens of Halloween Town are helping bring this spirited celebration to life.
  • Main Street is transformed into a pumpkin festival, filling it with devilish delights.​
  • El Dia de Los Muertos: Tumbleweed celebrates the Day of the Dead with decorations surrounding El Zanco Ranch, inspired by Disney*Pixar’s Coco.​
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party: At nightfall, the park is open to a frightfully fun halloween party. Jack Skellington and Sally meet on Main Street, the Cadaver Dans sing in Frontierland, and you can trick-or-treat in costume around the park.​
    • Hallowscreams Dance Party: In Tomorrowland, Mike Wazowski hosts a dance party.​
    • Mickey’s Happy Hauntings Parade: At nighttime, a spooky parade comes around, featuring a bunch of familiar faces, dead and alive.​
    • Halloween Haunts Stage Show: Jack Skellington hosts a stage show starring the Sanderson Sisters, Disney Villains, and the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion.​
    • Once Upon a Boo Firework Spectacular: Madame Leota hosts a spirited spectacular with Grim, Grinning Ghosts and Vile Villains stopping by.​

Christmas Time at Magic World (Early November to Early January)
It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at Magic World. Join us as we celebrate the holidays in this magical Christmas celebration, featuring many of your favorite Disney characters.
  • Jingle Cruise: The Jungle Navigation Company has been awaiting their Christmas decorations, but now they’re scattered all over the jungle. Set sail on this new voyage where the wild celebrates the Holidays. You may also catch a glimpse of African holiday traditions as well as Frank and Lily celebrating their own Christmas.​
  • “It’s a Small World” Holiday: Celebrate holidays around the world on a merry cruise that tours the seven continents.​
  • Main Street is decked out for the holidays with wreaths and trees.​
  • Mickey’s Christmas Party: Come and celebrate a very-merry after-hours holiday celebration. Carolers are all over Main Street and Olaf has a celebration of holidays in Fantasyland. You can also meet three Santa variants: Santa Goofy, Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws, and the real Santa Claus.​
    • Welcome St. Nicholas Stage Show: Watch as Mickey and Friends prepare for Santa’s arrival on the Partners Stage.​
    • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade: Live a Christmas fantasy in this holiday parade featuring several Disney Characters, Santa Claus, gingerbread men, dancing snowflakes, toy soldiers, and more.​
    • Once Upon a Christmas Wish Firework Spectacular: See this projection and firework show narrated by Jiminy Cricket, telling how Mickey and Friends saved Christmas through the power of believing.​

And that concludes our tour of Magic World.​


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Disneytopia is not dead, people! After a long break, I am ready to go over the second park in the resort, Neo World.

Neo World

This is a place where the wonders of the world and the universe are celebrated. Here, you can discover the worlds of scientific, technological, and natural wonders, all with a Disney twist. Half of this park is inspired by Epcot, showing an optimistic view of tomorrow with a mix between educational and entertaining, and the other half is inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, showing nature, animals, and conservation as a theme. This includes four main areas: Future City North, Future City South, Wild Island, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the last of which serves as an extension of the Force Pavilion in Future City South (why Star Wars is in this particular park will be gone over later.)​

Size: Approx. 565 Acres
This is just fifteen acres smaller than Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Do note that this is also the biggest park in the Disneytopia Resort.

Park Map

I would like to have this map digitally remade using the details from this document.

Welcome to Neo World, the second park in the Disneytopia Resort. This is a new resort based off of the wonders of the universe, making it educational as well as entertaining. We shall now explore the four impressive lands of the park.

Coming in from the main plaza, we enter Future City, a two-part area in a tree shape, dedicated to learning about our world. We first enter Future City North, where the wonders of the natural world and the digital world are celebrated. Further down the line is Future City South. Home of the Towers of the Earth, this area is a showcase of technology and humanity.

Taking up the southwestern portion of the park is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, an immersive land where guests travel to the distant planet of Batuu and take part in a conflict between the Light Side and the Dark Side.

Finally, in the western portion of the park is Wild Island, which celebrates the wonders and beauty of nature. It is also an area themed to animal conservation and how we, as people, can protect the wild.

Tomorrow, we shall be introduced to the plaza of Future City North, which we will see before exploring the pavilions of the land.​


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Let us see the plaza in Future City North, as well as get a sneak peek on what the area has to offer.



When you get off of the Monorail or a bus, you come across a futuristic-looking entrance. This is your entrance to a hopeful world of tomorrow, where fact and fantasy create a visionary world.

However, when you walk into the Future City, you will notice that you’re not surrounded by any pavilions yet. This is because you have just entered the plaza, where you can find help, services, as well as educational attractions that teach us how to make the world a better place. This is also where you can see a bronze statue of Walt Disney circa 1964, where he is dreaming of his “Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.” You will also find dancing fountains and legacy stones where you can write your name to say how you were here in the land of the future.

But there’s more to see beyond that. This area has four pavilions, each with their own attractions that both educate and entertain. There is the Land, where you learn how to protect the world we live in and fly around the world, the Sea, where we explore the wonders of the ocean and learn how to protect it while encountering Nemo and Friends, Space, where we learn about the final frontier as well as go on real-life astronaut missions, and then there is Digital, where we learn of the rapidly advancing world of computers, the internet, and technology, as well as go on an adrenaline-pumping ride through the Grid.

All in all, this is a world of curiosity. This is where thrilling meets informative and the future is seen in ways we’ve never imagined. You may be inspired to learn more, to protect your universe, and even to help these people on their quest for knowledge.

Don’t forget though that even more lies down south, but we will talk about that later.​

1 - Legacy Stones

Any Height​
Write your name on one of several stones to leave behind a legacy. This name could be found generations later by someone else, who will see all of these people who visited this wondrous world of tomorrow.​

2 - Innoventions

Any Height​
In this big showcase building, learn how to make the world a better place. Guests take part in hands-on exhibits that teach about power and water usage, deforestation, littering, and other environmental problems. Then, they come and see some modern marvels in home, work, and more things in the Hall of Wonders. Here, they can learn more about the world we live in with solutions, advancements, and progress.

Join us tomorrow as we see the first pavilion in the park: Land.​


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Let us now take a look at the Land Pavilion.

3 - Land Pavilion: Soarin’


Must be 40 in​
Inside the land pavilion, guests will go down an airport hall. There, they can answer trivia on the world and its landmarks. Then, they will see posters advertising the wonders of the world as well as natural wonders, adding to the theme of the pavilion. Unlike the agriculture-based Land Pavilion at Epcot, this pavilion is based on the world itself, both human and natural.

Once guests get into the loading bay, they will get a video spiel from Patrick Warburton, who welcomes them, gives them safety instructions, and tells them to enjoy their flight. After that, guests enter the hangar and place their objects on the ground. Then, they strap themselves in and get ready to go.

The ride is almost a clone of Soarin’ Around the World at DCA and Epcot, except guests get extended time to see all of the locations. Places visited include (not in this order though) the Matterhorn, Monument Valley, Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Mount Kilimanjaro, Sydney, Paris, Fiji, as well as added locations such as Moscow, the Mekong River, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, and a finale in Magic World.

After the show, guests gather their belongings and leave the hangar, going back into the Land Pavilion. They exit into the World Store, which sells merchandise themed to the pavilion.​

4 - Land Pavilion: Protecting the Land

Any Height​
(Every Pavilion has an entertaining attraction and an educational attraction. Soarin’ is the entertaining attraction of the Land Pavilion while this is the educational attraction.)

In an exhibit station, children and adults alike can get their hands on great experiences. They can learn about the weather, nature, and the environment as well as the cultures and history of the world. This is part science museum, part interactive museum, and part history museum that is sure to educate those who are eager to know more about the world.

Join us tomorrow as we see the next pavilion, the Sea.​

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