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Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)


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I think this may finally make me jump in on Hulu since there are probably a couple of things on there I want to see - especially with the Fox/HBOMax deal loosening up so more Fox content will go to Hulu.

I have less than zero interest in ESPN so the bundle never appealed.


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"Elsewhere in the filing, Disney affirmed its oft-stated goal of boosting spending on programming, saying it would record overall spending of “as much as” $33 billion in fiscal 2022."

"The uptick next year “is driven by higher spend to support our DTC expansion and generally assumes no significant disruptions to production due to Covid-19,” the report said. Of the $33 billion, which spans all Disney networks and studios, with a target of 140 scripted and unscripted series, $10.3 billion is earmarked for sports programming, per the filing."



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Just saw the Wimpy Kid reboot and the original side by side
the good:
  • The friendship dynamic between Greg and Rowley is way better
  • Rodrick giving out the story of the cheese touch makes more sense than Chirag doing it
  • The scenes with Manny are cute and he still has a bit of a mischievous rivalry with Greg
  • The animation looks wonderful in motion. Cool artstyle
  • Changing the reason for Greg's lie from messing with Kindergartners to being afraid that Rowley's dad wouldn't accept the apology was a super interesting change that I hope is expanded in one of the sequels
  • Closer to the book in certain aspects, both a blessing and a curse in a way
the bad:
  • Susan's (the mom character) audio quality is all over the place
  • The bullies motivations for chasing Greg and getting revenge make less sense. They are also characterized way worse.
  • Some scenes are sorely missing, such as wrestling and the play. Adding just one or two more book scenes could have really helped
  • Felt like the movie was rushed at certain points
the surprising:
A lot of easter eggs, scenes, and lines from the FOX original.

It's pretty good, but I prefer the original overall. I liked it, but it didn't really make me super excited for future entries or anything. Cute filler to watch if you're a Wimpy Kid fan and nothing more.


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Has anyone else noticed that the 2014-19 series of Mickey Mouse shorts is no longer available on Disney+ Kids profiles? The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2019 - Present) is still there, but not the original run. I'm trying to think of why they might have made that decision, but I can't think of any objectionable content.


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"Disney Branded Television is in early development on Noggin, a Disney+ series based on John Corey Whaley’s book of the same name, which was pitched by writer Scott Weinger.

Released in 2014 by Simon & Schuster imprint Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Noggin was a National Book Award Finalist and made Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Best YA Novels of All Time.

The series billed as part Fault in Our Stars and part coming-of-age science-fiction will follow Travis Coates, a leukemia survivor and successful participant of a head-onto-somebody-else’s-donor-body transplant. At 16, just before Travis died, he decided to have his head cryogenically frozen in the hope that future medical technology would allow his head to receive a donor body, such that he could live a full and healthy life. What he and his family didn’t account for was that it wouldn’t take very long. Now, Travis has a good head—on someone else’s shoulders."



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W bunch of new releases and viewership goes up. Who woulda thunk it?

IIRC October was a pretty bleak month for offerings on the service. They need to have greater and more consistent new programming.
They would have it weren't for the pandemic.

Major studios are still pushing timelines for a whole bunch of projects for later months and into next year.


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January on Disney+

The Book of Boba Fett

Saturday, January 1
- X-Men: First Class​

Wednesday, January 5
- Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir (S4, 7 episodes)​

Friday, January 7
- Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days​
- Like Mike​
- Like Mike 2​
- The Sandlot​

Wednesday, January 12

- Eternals

Friday, January 14

- Betty White Goes Wild!​
- Catch That Kid​

Wednesday, January 19
- Vets On The Beach (S1)​
- Vets On The Beach (S2)​

The World According to Jeff Goldblum - Batch 2 Premiere - Season 2 - Episodes 6-10

Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye - Premiere

Wednesday, January 26

- Random Rings (S1)​
- Random Rings (S2)​

Friday, January 28​

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild - Premiere

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