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Disneyland Hotel Renovation- Starts Aug 09


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Over at Miceage last month Al Lutz spilled the beans, as only he can do, on another cool thing coming to the Disneyland Hotel this winter...

One element from the Blue Sky Cellar that will expand to the other side of the Resort is the animated “fun map” of DCA. But the Resort’s second animated fun map will be a larger version that will take up residence as the big “Wow!” piece in the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel lobby. A massive animated map of Disneyland based off of the souvenir wall maps drawn by Disney Legend Sam McKim in the 1960’s will be installed at the hotel entry doors soon. -Al Lutz

I was so excited when I read that earlier this winter, as I distinctly remember having one of those big souvenir maps of Disneyland USA from the 20th century when I was a wee little tot. Disney hasn't said one word about this yet on their Blog or in the media, but the map Al Lutz announced is now being installed at the hotel entrance doors!

From the always fabulous Dateline Disneyland update this week, comes some pictures of the finishing touches being applied to the Disneyland Hotel's public spaces.

The big wall the animated Fun Map will be on is behind secret curtains...


And a peek behind the curtains reveals the map being installed!


Meanwhile, over near the check-in desk, sparkly mod chandeliers have gone up, plus Mad Tea Party teacup seats to sit in while Dad pays the bill over at the desk.




And finally, a dramatic shot of the hotel exterior and the new LED lighting that illuminates the re-Imagineered hotel in all its mid-century modern glory. I'm confident in saying that Walt would love what this 3-year project has done to freshen and revitalize this historically important hotel.

Bravo to Imagineering for designing the remodel, bravo to TDA for paying for it, and bravo to the Disneyland Hotel for simply being the Disneyland Hotel!




I've never seen such a Disney resort property revel in the history of park it serves. This is FANTASTIC. They have created a Yesterland type property. The retro lobby, the TeaCup chairs, the DL map from 1966, the geysers an ode to Natures Wonderland, the vintage ar, the retro pool, Trader Sam's!? It's all too much! This IS what we want! Something like this would NEVER happen at WDW. It would be verboten. Thank you so much DLR! :sohappy:


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This hotel is the best. They should treat the Polynesian or Contemporary in the same way, and make it a 70's retro without looking dated.


This hotel is the best. They should treat the Polynesian or Contemporary in the same way, and make it a 70's retro without looking dated.

The Contemp. had tried w/ the retro 70s look in the lobby and rooms, but failed everywhere else. None of the styles match and there is no vintage WDW homages. And let's not get started on The Grand Canyon Concourse....


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Don't know how long this has been turned on but you can see some of the animations on the DL map in the Fantasy Tower lobby.


Not quite like it's counterpart in DCA's Blue Sky Cellar, but a nice touch.

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