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Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Mark P.

Well-Known Member
Thanks to one eagle-eyed observer on Facebook, rD's updated the race webpage to specify that the half starts in the MK parking lot this year, which is a change from WWOS. What are the chances they're just repurposing the Dark Side course this year? 20840686_10100182945294689_1593481280210176953_n.jpg


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Torn... I loved being able to be dropped off at TTC instead of the Epcot to WWoS shuttle ride, but the walk to the start was a bit long.

Plus the women's bathroom at TTC was flooded and they weren't letting us in to use it. The port-a-potty lines by the corrals were an absolute cluster. If they could just spread the starting area out a bit more, it would help tremendously.

With construction on Osceola Parkway and DHS, I'm not surprised they're going with Dark Side's route. It's all good, I'm just hoping for less humidity and cooler temps!
Will their be photopass along the route? 2 years ago was my first and only run and they had an outside company taking the pics. Im sure its answered somewhere in this thread. I dont have the patience to look. Lol. Thanks in advance.
So am I the only one running this year? :(
I'm late in responding, but I'll be there..running the challenge!

Took a look at the course maps, and a little bummed about the 10K route not going around WS this time around...but passing through Pandora for the Half makes up for it! :D Oh...and hitting the sewage treatment plant sooner rather than later is an improvement from last year too!


Well-Known Member
Major improvement from last year, which was the WORST WDW course to date.

Back to the Studios, and finally getting to do a World Showcase lap. Course looks great.

I regret that I will be sitting this weekend out.

Mark P.

Well-Known Member
Apologies in advance if this violates a rule, but is there any chance anyone running Wine & Dine this year is a DLP passholder flying in from California? My wife is in love with the new "it's a small world" themed tumbler at the DL Starbucks!