Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon


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My wish for a theme....a focus on food, drink, running, cultures, and Epcot. Travel. You know, the original inception of this race weekend. Would also love the course to FINISH with a lap around World Showcase.

I also like elements like:
5k: Appetizer
10k: Entree
Half: Main Course
Challenge: Two-Course Challenge
Afterparty: dessert


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Correct! You liking the podcast?! I’m the friend “surfsupdon” Carissa and John speak of and relate to Christmas songs at W&D and OG runD days! My claim to fame!
Yes I enjoy their podcast. I like hearing about some of the behind the scenes stuff. I've had drinks with Carissa in Epcot and always stop and talk to John at race weekends.


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The Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend themes have been announced.


Full details at the link below.

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