Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon


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We were ready to do the 5k because hello, SWEDISH CHEF!!! and then I realized when I was in the queue that we would have to travel on Halloween (or already be there). Not sure why that didn't occur to me before, but it gave me pause! We have a 5 year old...there are only so many years to trick or treat around the neighborhood :cry:

When I got in to register for the 10k on my phone, I was getting an error on my husband's registration. It wouldn't let me select a shirt size, but also wouldn't let me register without doing that. Friend of mine had the same issue so she registered her and her son separately. I just took it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be this year :hilarious:

Congrats to everyone who got in! Love the themes this year, it'll be fun.

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