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Disney Springs construction begins


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What About Sound lion will be in Disney Springs? Do you have some confirmed by Disney!


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Photo update as of Sunday, Feb 15. Sound Lion opened this week, here are a couple of photos.



The "other half" of Disney Springs construction has gone vertical. Located in the old parking lot, this concrete block wall is going up. This wall is opposite T-Rex Cafe and Raglan Road.



Two window signs for Havaianas have appeared on this building opposite Chapel Hats. There is a palm tree visible inside the door, not seen here.


For those fans of the World of Disney store, you may want to avert your eyes. The Buena Visa Drive (parking lot) side of the store is being taken down, showing the interior temporary wall, in preparation for an expansion into the old parking lot. Three more rooms will be added along the back wall.




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It just seems odd to replicate, especially so close to each other, when there are plenty of other options for varied merchandise shops.
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