Disney movies that deserve attractions


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If thy were smart they would theme the people mover into a meet the robinsons! It would be perfect and an easy upgrade and make the ride popula again! Heck any kind of theme robot would be good! That ride can be a huge people eater and help reduce the crowds!

But on a side note I also think a black cauldron dark ride could be cool! Done in the vein of the old Snow White ride.

One more idea I had, I think the fanstasyland expansion could have used a meet n greet also tailored to boys. If Disney was smart they would have used that dragon promotion to promote a Pete the dragon meet n greet ! How cool would it be to meet Elliot! Have an immersive que that is interactive! Remember Elliott hides from people h doesn't know. As ou go along the que various things can happen as you are following Pete and Elliot back to their cave hide out. Things falling over an such beig knocked down by an invisible Elliot! Once u reab the cave Elliott is brave enough to finally meet u an get your picture taken!


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Personally, I think a Treasure Planet ride would be amazing! Although the majority of people probably wouldn't know what Treasure Planet is :/

Jo DeVil

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Love that kid but it will forever be the WEDWay People Mover just like DHS is really MGM. Give that kid a hug from me though!!!
He enjoyed his hug! I know we are talking about movies but well I am a big fan of the Villains, when Fantasmic opened in the late 90's so did Villains on Vogue, which was great but on our 4 latest trips 2007 to now, I have complained in writing about the lack of Villains merchandise in this shop. I want to see the Villains get the recognition they deserve! A good movie is nothing with out a good Villain. So I say a Villain is not just for Halloween, they deserve to be there if not in the form of a ride at least they should get a meet and greet and some descendent merchandise. TTFN Jo


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Wait a minute....

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no I know what you meant! I just think if they do that
1. My hm will have to be down while getting set up- dislike
2. they will never be inspired to give nmbc it's own ride.

very 2 good points! I didn't think of that and I definitely don't want either of those things to happen I can agree that a dark ride or a rollercoaster would be awesome! I feel like a dark ride where it got sparkly / chilly during the Christmas town section would look....so magical. :D siiiiigh need to quit dreaming at work.


The Rescuers!! Loved those movies, my kids loved those movies. The Rescuers Down Under was a visually stunning movie for it's time. Do they even have any of the characters anywhere??


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Alice in Wonderland- I could just see some kind of psychedelic mixed-up randomness involving the Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat :) and Mad Hatter, dark theming, dark ride

Hunchback!- Not sure what I'd do but I think this is grossly underrated

Tangled- something involving the floating lights


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OH I have a list,
Sleeping Beauty attraction/dark ride (I want to see a giant maleficent dragon scare the living daylights out of me.)
Aladdin e ticket in adventureland, I want to ride a magic carpet through agrabah and not in a circle.
Mary poppins attraction, I want it to start as if you were doing a normal merry go round and suddenly you break away are in this amazing dark ride through all the movies greatest moments on a horse.
A Tangled ride where the vehicles are all gondola like boats with rapunzels paintings decorating each one of them to be unique, but how great would I see the light be in a wonderful show room with a bunch of lanterns and the music overhead.
A princess and the Frog Dark ride where the vehicles are lily pads make it an LPS attraction and have it spin around to the sounds of Jazz
A hercules Dark ride done ala mummy style make it part dark ride part coaster where we are running away from hades and the titans, where the que would be filled with statues that would be the muses and come to life when the guests least expect em, heck have a couple of performers to really bring about amazing guest interaction.
And one of my favorites a Hunch back ride where the vehicles have the ability to swing like bells in the attic scene


Many of these have already come up, but here's my wish list:

Bambi (would take true creativity to adapt, but the film's aesthetic could carry an attraction)

Darby O'Gill and the Little People (in an Ireland World Showcase pavilion)

One Hundred and One Dalmatians (no-brainer chase ride, can't believe they never did it)

The Jungle Book (even bigger no-brainer: put it in Asia, even if it means take out/redo Rapids)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (all-time underrated; makes a great ride vehicle, as someone said)

Cool Runnings (put a Jamaica pavilion at EPCOT, especially once they Legalize It in Florida)

James and the Giant Peach (perfect simulator: stop-motion + 3D great together in Coraline)

The Straight Story (hey, I just want to see a David Lynch theme park ride!)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (ditto Wes Anderson...Seas with Bill Murray and Friends?)

WALL-E (maybe a little too on-the-nose? especially if you put it on the DCL ships, haha)

The Princess and the Frog (not that New Orleans Square has space for a third ride)

Inside Out (I know there was an Imagination rumor, but they really should have filled Wonders of Life with this instead of all that Play Pavilion junk, since it's basically a feature-length Cranium Command)


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Atlanti. Why because I want 20,000 Leagues to come back, and unless there is an IP tie in there is no way of that happening. Seeing how Nemo is pretty well taken with Epcot and AK that only leaves Atlantis. Which in reality was not at all that bad of a film.
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