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Disney Charm. Where have you gone?


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I think some the Imagineers should retire, there are some attractions where the LPS system actually works (Hunny Hunt and Mystic Manor being a perfect example), but others not so much.

Hunny Hunt looks great. I’m not sold on Mystic Manor but I’ll reserve judgment until after I ride it one day. Looks a lot better than BATB though.


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I would argue that BATB is the weakest of all modern WDI attractions. What a piece of crap. It's a boring dancing ride.

I haven’t created a mental list but you could be right. Definitely the worst trackless ride this side of Luigis. Like I said I’ll take the Frozen boat ride everyone complains about over this in a sec.


When was the last time Disney built something at DLR that felt.... Disney? That had the character and charm of the beloved attractions that were synonymous with Disneyland?

Galaxies Edge? No. Pixar Pier? Obviously not. Little Mermaid? Nope. They literally de-Disneyfied TOT and turned it into a Universal ride. Avengers Campus will undoubtedly be less charming than Bugs Land even if it will be more fun for a broader demographic/ age group. Both can be true.

Fantasyland Faire? I guess it does have that old school Fantasyland charm and feels intimate. Although it’s a downgrade from what it replaced. I do like the path to Rancho Del Zocalo though.

So what does that leave? Grizzly Peak Airfield? Ok cool, they planted trees and the station wagon is cool. So basically out of millions of dollars spent this decade they managed to create almost nothing that feels like... Disneyland. We got Tropical Hideaway and maybe Fantasyland Faire depending on who you ask and what mood I’m in.

So obviously the huge hole in my argument is the Anamoly that is RSR/ Cars Land. Gone on record many times saying it’s probably my third favorite land at DCA but it and it’s signature attraction are obviously quality even if I don’t spend a whole lot of time there. You can make the argument however that RSR doesnt quite have that that special X factor that most of the beloved Disneyland attractions have but I guess that’s Ok as it’s not in Disneyland and still has a special place at the resort.

It appears that Disney only has two or three types of attractions they can give us now. Irreverent , Princess / cookie cutter book report rides... and Star Wars. There is no room for the mysterious, weird or scary.
In my opinion, the addition of the “Murder Beaver” on the new Rivers of America was the last addition that felt classic. Very in line with Marc Davis gag drawings.

George Lucas on a Bench

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Reminds me of the opening of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.




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Yeah I should have said with the theming and just creating a cohesive whimsical Land. I do prefer Jurassic Park and ET to anything in Potter land. USH I’m talking about. I’m sure I’d love Hagrids coaster.

When all the effects were working or maintained, I'd agree with taking Jurassic over Potter, too. Sadly, they hardly ever were.

Opening unfinished lands/attractions is starting to become a worrisome norm in the industry (Galaxies Edge, Jurassic World, Avengers Campus) but I'm still going to reserve final judgement on the "new" Jurassic World for when it's actually completed. Supposedly, the new finale Indo AA is supposed to be pretty impressive with the old one moved to Predator Cove and some Guest feedback implemented in that area to make it better. Hopefully the "final result" is something special and not as charmless as some of the more recent screen based additions like Fallon.

Though, honestly, I don't feel as offended by them as being a part of the Studio Tour here in Hollywood. I obviously prefer practical effects like the Earthquake scene but short little detours through Kong and Supercharged feel harmless enough to me when considering how many other things are included on that singular attraction. But I definitely agree that attempting to turn something like Supercharged into a "full" attraction in Orlando doesn't seem to work. It simply wasn't designed to be one, it was designed to be a short and fun little detour.

I haven't seen anything related to the Bourne spectacular show that just opened but I've heard good things (even if the IP is aging). Haven't spoiled anything for myself because I'd like to keep some surprise but I must confess that I have a hard time believing it's going to surpass something as special as Terminator.


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Huh. You know, I've spent more time sitting around Club Buzz as a kid than I care to admit but this is the very first time I've noticed the House of the Future sitting atop the stage. Ya learn something new every day.


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If Luigi’s is crap what does that make the teacups?

I think attractions like Luigi’s add life to the parks, something that I miss about the Florida parks.
Luigi's is a charming extra. It's not a ride you would have necessarily known about before your visit, but then you have time while wandering around and find that it is cute and delightful. You need rides/attractions like that to fill out your day.

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