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Disney Charm. Where have you gone?


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"Disney Charm. Where have you gone?"​

It is all now printed on the dollar bill.
DisneySea is definitely unusual and also somewhat unique. I like it alot.
Once big company CEOs got hold of Disney, that finished it off in a gradual over-3 to 4-decades slide. Roy Disney knew it.
Newer CEO's are short term, short-sale on the entire remaining Disney Corporation. There is a prevalent attitude in business today, including Disney, where "I'm the CEO! I know it all!" People who can and know how to do the right thing are struggling in the background to persuade these "Know-it-Alls" that others' good ideas become the CEO's just to make it work. Eventually, these full-time persuaders become exhausted from the continual fights and leave in anguish knowing there was much more they should have done and yet knowing there was little they could have done.
For their Theme Park business model, Disney needs to get back to basics and Disney's "affordable family fun"!!!

Just as a point for WDW, DeSantis is now opening the entire state with NO restrictions. Will more people come. Probably not.
Spock are you sure?? This is no time for logic, what does your emotions tell you? Spock!


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The Haunted Mansion. It’s all been downhill ever since.
Country Bear Jamboree? Indiana Jones Adventure? Radiator Springs Racers?
I feel like the last REALLY good attraction they did was RSR, (and TLM shortly before) indeed. Many rides are okay (Smuggler’s Run, RotR) or have wasted potential (Incredicoaster). But dining-wise they’re still landing it, as with the actual theming. It’s just that what you actually do in these beautiful voids hasn’t been that likable. From MB’s only practical effects happening when waiting in line to the mess of wasted potential that is the Incredicoaster, from the complete eyesore of Pixar Pier to the inexplicable removal of MV3D, there have been a lot of flubs.
When was the last time Disney built something at DLR that felt.... Disney? That had the character and charm of the beloved attractions that were synonymous with Disneyland?

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