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Disney Charm. Where have you gone?

Mac Tonight

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As much as I'm excited for MMRR to come to Disneyland, I feel like on the whole, I am really not a fan of trackless rides. Pooh's Hunny Hunt and some elements of Mystic Manor do standout, but overall, give me a tracked ride any day.


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I'd rather go on GOTG: Mission: Space than recent Universal attractions such as Jimmy Neutron: Escape From NY, Fast and Furious: Superclosed and Transformers. Those are all garbage.

I agree with 66.6% of your opinion.

Edit: Though, to be fair, I'd probably rather ride the recently opened Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure at IOA over any of the other four.
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When I read your comment before watching it, I thought you must be being overly critical. That was very odd and disappointing. This ride will be held up as the prime example of how trackless can be a negative. Take out all of those cars and ride through it in a single car and that is a big empty room after another with a just a couple of AA's in a couple of those scenes for what seemed to be an eternity. I don't see how the trackless adds value here really vs an Omnimover telling a more full story with more detailed environments. Again, I know it's hard to tell from a video as I don't get the motion and rocking, but that was far more barren than I could have imagined. Where ROTR feels like a real set, this feels like a character warehouse in some parts.
I'm generally not overly critical of Disney attractions...and really, I was pretty tame in my first watch assessment of this attraction. But I do agree with what you've said above. It really does feel quite barren in parts. The waltz scene, the AA's look great BTW, is incredibly boring. Little Mermaid, for all it's negative reviews, does a far better job of using an omnimover to tell the story.


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That new Beauty and the Beast ride feels like a sing-a-long had a baby with an attraction. For better or worse. Obviously I can't judge the motion (which is hopefully some fun) without being in it. There was definitely a show stop/delay in loading/unloading which lead to an extended amount of time sitting in that snow scene while.. nothing happened.

With something like Mansion or Mermaid, at least during a delay getting someone off/on there are enough moving parts and sounds to hold ones attention or keep you distracted. If what I saw here towards the end of that scene is really what happens every time there's any sort of delay, it feels like an oversight. Even Midway Mania gives you some extra targets to shoot at when things slow down.

The first scene looked fine for me. There was enough changing in the room and the motion of the cups looked novel enough to keep me interested. Ice skating scene felt the weakest too me; a little long and the characters awkwardly spread apart (they're supposed to be falling in love, yeah?). Attack on the castle/Beast reborn look fine and get the job done, definitely leagues better than the lack of climax from Mermaid. Final scene was nice but I felt could have really benefited from even more" dancing guest" figures to really drive home the idea of us being in the middle of a big celebration and it would be kind of fun to see the vehicles dance personally with some AA's assigned to them. Would also help us ignore the length of time spent in the room, too.


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Okay, I guess I'll bring the pixie dust and say I ooohed and ahhhhed throughout the BatB ridethrough that I watched earlier. I thought it looked delightful! Though I'm not sure my motion sickness could handle the trackless twirling and would have selfishly preferred an omnimover.

I was thrilled and delighted by the AA's though! I literally gasped out loud at the dancing! 😍


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I do miss those “only at Disneyland” oddball attraction scenes that lend themselves to a certain iconography. Mr. Toad in Hell is a perfect example of this. Something unique that stands on its own merit apart from the IP or source material. I feel like this is something that’s been lacking from newer attractions in general.

Modern day Imagineering seems to not utilize the attraction medium to its fullest extent that they can. There’s a certain experimentation at play when I think of this particular design idea.


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Sorry, anybody who built the terrible and charmless Kali River Rapids is forever banned from an opinion on this subject.

Not to mention that gross distended earlobe on a 60something year old man who should know better.

Whenever I go to Tokyo Disneyland, I always kind of cringe at how they made their version of Tower of Terror as a fawning and creepy tribute to Joe Rohde. It's just not healthy. Like his earlobe.

Charm is relative. Like this was charming.





You know, I respect and admire Jack Lindquist as much as the next Disneyland fan, but by the early 1990's he was getting a bit... weird. In hindsight, cheap and stupid Paul Pressler was obviously not the right choice to replace him, but I can understand why Michael Eisner circa 1993 realized a change was needed for Anaheim.

Even more 80's charm.


When you mention "charm", are you referring to the tacky Autopia overlay, or the young Sailor in the right hand corner?
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I'm generally not overly critical of Disney attractions...and really, I was pretty tame in my first watch assessment of this attraction. But I do agree with what you've said above. It really does feel quite barren in parts. The waltz scene, the AA's look great BTW, is incredibly boring. Little Mermaid, for all it's negative reviews, does a far better job of using an omnimover to tell the story.
If Little Mermaid is a book report, Beauty and the Beast is a lazy book report.


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Original Poster
You know, I had pushed that attraction so far out of my mind I forgot it was even a thing. Touche' ..and thanks a lot for a shining a light in the dark corner of my mind.

For the record, I was of course referring to other attractions like the Potter ones. Both companies are capable of creating great things (-and do) but there's no doubt a handful of stinkers in there. Guardians is especially saddening for me to think about considering they essentially took a winner and turned it into a stinker (in my book).

As much as it pains me, I just do my best to ignore it and focus on the other parts of the parks that I enjoy and feel justify my admission fee. If a park ever reaches a point where enough bad has invaded the good, I'll simply stop going. But it would take an awful lot of mistakes like Fallon in order to justify me NOT wanting to ride Forbidden Journey (so long as it's there).

I didn’t mean “Universal” was a bad thing per say. I don’t want Universal to be Disney. They re different. I just prefer Disney attractions. They feel timeless. Or at least they used to be. Universal has always been about the movies. Less about timeless, charming and romanticizing the past. So for Disney to remove a haunted hotel dark ride based in old Hollywood to GOTG it feels more like a Universal ride. Modern and/ or irreverent.... and screeenzzz. We lost atmospheric practical effects and projections for 4K screens.

Of course Universal stepped their game up with the Potter rides/ lands but I view them as outliers. They still mostly cranking out irreverent screen based rides. With that said, it is starting to feel that Universal is creating more Disney like rides than Disney. All the potter stuff and Hagrids coaster feel more Disney than Galaxies Edge and it’s attractions.


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Well at least there's other newer attractions at Tokyo that could be decent. (such as the Tangled ride and the new Peter Pan attraction) that's currently under construction.


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I think Trackless rides should be retired. That or the imagineers need to retire. Lol
I think some the Imagineers should retire, there are some attractions where the LPS system actually works (Hunny Hunt and Mystic Manor being a perfect example), but others not so much.

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