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News Disney and Fox come to terms -- announcement soon; huge IP acquisition


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Sony and Disney have a arrangement to allow Spidey into the MCU the Fox deal does not affect this.


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You're confusing a distribution deal Disney and Sony have in another country which probably none of knew about until now with the separate deal to share MCU Spider-Man, which doesn't have to be dissolved.
Correct. While the article doesn't provide detail of the Joint Venture, it does imply the distribution arrangement was specific to Mexico.


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Disney is bribing Brazil with Disneyland Brasilia!

Link in Portuguese, but google is your friend!

I'm being sarcastic, this is just a rumor
Now you know their plan for reducing overcrowding at WDW


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Where did you hear that? You got a link? Because at this point I feel like approval from the IFT is inevitable.
I dont think I can post it because its not english but basically google translating the first line comes with this.

In the next few days, its up to the IFT to sanction one of the most important acquisitions in the audiovisual content industry in recent years


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They also seem to imply brazil might have approved it with conditions so maybe their ruling recently is why IFT is being so quick on its decision. This could imply that maybe Disney has agreed to run Fox sports as its own entity in Brazil.

The detailed analysis of the segments and preferences should result in the necessary measures to prevent a transaction like this from resulting in an excessive market power of Disney-Fox.

To date, international experience (USA, Europe, Brazil, for example) is aimed at conditioning the merger to compliance with legal measures that guarantee the continuity of the existing competition between the sports signals of Disney and Fox.

An unrestricted authorization in Mexico would allow the new company to price its signals unilaterally along with other market shares, to the detriment of competition, the plurality of content and the welfare of pay TV subscribers.


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They also seem to imply brazil might have approved it with conditions so maybe their ruling recently is why IFT is being so quick on its decision. This could imply that maybe Disney has agreed to run Fox sports as its own entity in Brazil.
Or agree to broadcast the sports items in question (Footbol) over the air, instead of on cable or pay per view, which is the concern at heart..... I don't know anything more than anyone else outside of Disney, but did read an article about the negotiations and speculation on the types of concessions they were looking for Disney to grant.... i.e. how can Disney guarantee access of sports programming to the masses without Fox acting as a competitor in the space.....


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It will be interesting to see what the offer Disney will make. I want this approved and I don't want Disney to give up and assests so maybe Iger can offer to pay for the Brazil Pavilion with a ride. That would help Brazil attract new tourists and help Epcot. It would be the win win everyone wants.


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oh damn its getting serious now. Hope we might get approval this week then.
Yeah, me too. Hopefully, if Brazil approves the deal tomorrow, it closing in late this month will become more likely than ever. Geez, they really are quick when it comes to making deals.


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The interesting thing with figuring out when the deal will close is that Fox and Disney operate on very different quarterly earnings schedules. So they are going to have to do some coordination to figure out the best date to close.


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StreetInsider, citing Bloomberg (paywall): Disney meeting on Fox merger said to end "inconclusive."

(Bloomberg) - A crucial meeting on Tuesday between Brazil's regulators and Walt Disney Co. executive director Robert Iger over a proposed US $ 71 billion deal with 21st Century Fox Inc. ended without any agreement, representing a potential obstacle for the entertainment giant.

Brazil's antitrust regulator, known as Cade, has not yet decided a date for a decision on the agreement, according to two people close to the discussions. The legal deadline for a decision is March 17 and, if the case is not discussed at the February 27 meeting of Cade, an extension should be requested, said the people, who requested anonymity because the discussions are not public .

Brazilian regulators are still divided over whether the agreement can be approved without the need for Disney to sell one of the two sports channels in the country, Fox Sports or ESPN, the people said. In December, Cade published a report that said the agreement could pose a danger to the competition. Some Cade board members still see behavioral remedies as a viable option to obtain approval.

Iger and his lawyers declined to comment after the meeting.

Original Note: Disney's Brazil Meeting Is Said to End Without Fox Deal Accord

Reporter in the original note: Mario Sergio Lima in Brasilia Newsroom
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