Trip Report Did someone spit on me... or is it raining? May/June 2018

Hello and Welcome!!!

Yes friends, unfortunately (but fortunately) I am back from my 3rd and final trip of 2018... I had to make sure my annual pass went to good use ;)

This trip was amazing and I'm so glad I was able to go back... but it left me wanting MORE!!!! More time, more Disney, more park days... TAKE ME BACK, ALREADY!!!

Since I've been home I've been working 5 days a week at my job, 30 hours a week... not enjoying my summer so far. But hey, a girl has to save for her next Disney adventure!

Daniel (who is not featured in this TR) also has landed himself a big boy job for the summer - which will turn over into an internship in the fall! They've even offered to hold his position for when he graduates next spring! :joyfull::joyfull::joyfull: I'm so happy for him and in fact he is working his last shift at his old job right now!

Enough of the boring, real life details... I know you all want to hear about this trip! So on with the show!!

To recap ---

WHO: Myself (Becca, 20) and my mom, Lynn (older than me ;) )
WHEN: May 30th - June 3rd, 2018
WHERE: Port Orleans French Quarter
WHY: A mother-daughter adventure!

Before I start the recent photos... I just found this one from like 2010 (?) so I was like 11-12... and LOL

Hollister... flip phone... disney bus ... and Pins LOL what more could you ask for?!!?
It was too good not to share!!! :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:

And here I am now! (except this is old too, from May 2017)

So here ya go - one last photo before I start the real thing!

That's more like it! :)

Ready when you are, C.B....

... Action!


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So two weeks until I'm in Disney again!!!! :joyfull:

I have changes (again) to the May trip, because why wouldn't I??
Daniel and I are no longer together - which is totally okay, I'm fine! Things change and life happens... all good! My friends from nursing school and I decided that instead of me sitting home when I was supposed to be in Disney, we should just all go.. So we are :)

We're leaving May 29th and coming home June 5th. We're staying at Pop Century this time which I have not stayed at since 2004 so it'll definitely be interesting!

So now the cast includes...

Myself, Shannon, Erin, Kelly, my Mom and my "Aunt" J.
Girls trip wooooooo!!!

View attachment 354222
Kelly and I in Peru!

View attachment 354223
Erin & I also in Peru!

I am super excited and can't wait to be with my friends in Disney!! I turn 21 in less than a month now so that is getting me extremely excited for this trip! We will all be 21 by the time we go 🥳

sorry about the breakup but happy to see you're still going!

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