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Trip Report Did someone spit on me... or is it raining? May/June 2018


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So two weeks until I'm in Disney again!!!! :joyfull:

I have changes (again) to the May trip, because why wouldn't I??
Daniel and I are no longer together - which is totally okay, I'm fine! Things change and life happens... all good! My friends from nursing school and I decided that instead of me sitting home when I was supposed to be in Disney, we should just all go.. So we are :)

We're leaving May 29th and coming home June 5th. We're staying at Pop Century this time which I have not stayed at since 2004 so it'll definitely be interesting!

So now the cast includes...

Myself, Shannon, Erin, Kelly, my Mom and my "Aunt" J.
Girls trip wooooooo!!!

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Kelly and I in Peru!

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Erin & I also in Peru!

I am super excited and can't wait to be with my friends in Disney!! I turn 21 in less than a month now so that is getting me extremely excited for this trip! We will all be 21 by the time we go 🥳
sorry about the breakup but happy to see you're still going!
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