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DCL Food Picture of the Day


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Appetizers in Lumiere's on the Magic. (These are a couple years old now).


Calimari (I ate most of them before I remembered to take the picture):



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Oh! I forgot to add the comment - sorry! It was the chef's lasagna. Very good, I thought! This was our first Palo experience, and we really enjoyed it! Someone on here mentioned a grape and blue cheese flatbread (I think that's what it was, but I forgot to take a picture of it) and that was REALLY good! It was not on the men u but when I asked about it, they made it for me. :happy:


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Appetizers in Animator's Palate on the Magic:

Black truffle pasta stuffed with cheese and mushrooms:

Cheese and carrot souffle (a mix of 4 cheeses and shredded carrots)

prosciutto plate

I LOVE the Black Truffle Pasta! So much so that I asked for it as an entree and my wish was granted. 😊 I was in heaven!!!


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My daughter and I are the two tiny specks up there on Deck 9! St. Maarten, January 2018. It seems so long ago.:( But no worries, as we have our next cruise planned for December 2019.;):happy:

Our surprise anniversary dessert at Enchanted Garden. A little awkward around our table guests because I had already ordered two of the other desserts (it was our server's suggestion!) and my wife another before this came out...so we had 4 total! Luckily, our table friends were awesome. :) I think this was the Chocolate Garden Torte with Coffee Creme and Caramel

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