Curse you camera!!!


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ARGH!! I just wanted to vent for a moment. ARGH!!

I just got back yesterday from a fantastic Walt Disney World weekend. An outstanding trip all around. One of the best moments for me was when I finally met Darkwing Duck. I love Darkwing Duck. I've been looking for him around the parks ever since I was kid. He has always eluded me somehow. I walk in the Magic Kingdom on Sunday morning and, BAM!, he's right there. I haven't been that excited in, well, I don't know how long. I finally meet him. Hug him. Take a picture. I was beaming a smile ear to ear all day long because of it. I couldn't wait to see the picture!!

I drop off the film this morning, go back to pick it up, and not a single picture comes out. Something messed up in my girlfriends camera! ARGH!! She felt so bad she cried. It's not her fault at all! Guess I'm saving up for a digital camera now.

I figured I'd rant a minute. Thanks for listening.

Anybody got any good Darkwing Duck meeting tips for next trip (May)?? :animwink:

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Don't feel too bad - you'll always have your memories . . .

Digital cameras get corrupted memory cards - you can't count on them either. :lookaroun

The good news is you have an excuse to go back!


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Darkwaing Duck is highly radioactive. He often fogs film as the result of one of his recent adventures:

Darkwing Duck was sitting at his computer looking over a case file in the Tower above Audubon Bay Bridge when the thing went off. All of a sudden there was a blinding white flash of light and a huge sound of thunder. The Tower shook like an earthquake hit it.
Darkwing ran to one of the windows and looked out. To his horror he saw the shockwave of a nuclear explosion spreading out from the base of the now totally destroyed St. Canard Tower and the tell-tale mushroom cloud climbing high into the sky.

A few seconds later nothing but rubble and steel framework was left of St. Canard.

Darkwing stood in the window of the now burned to pitch-black Tower over-looking the ruins of the once-great city. And one thing stood out to him above everything else.

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