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Cruella De Vil Live-Action Movie


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New poster and official trailer




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i don’t mind emma stone & thompson, but the trailer isn’t doing it for me. for me it’s wait until it’s free on disney+


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I'm in. Earlier trailers and soundbites made me worried they were turning her into a sort of girl boss (which would be incredibly problematic not least of which because she skins dogs), but the latest trailer gives me hope they're really just making her an evil character you can relish watching as she does evil things. Don't know if I'll do premier access yet but I already am more hopeful than any of the other straightforward adaptations they've done so far.


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This will probably be the 1st movie I will see in theaters... I am fully vaccinated and my wife will be next week...this looks great from the trailers...looks like they are keeping her evil as opposed to the horrible revision of Maleficiant. Granted trailers have proven me wrong before... but from what I have seen this is what a Cruella movie should look like


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"To continue the #HalfwaytoHalloween celebration, we’re excited to see a new look at the most notoriously fashionable character, Cruella de Vil. Disney’s newest film “Cruella” explores the fascinating tale of how a gifted, nonconforming young girl named Estella evolved into the stylish villain Cruella we fear yet love today.

Enjoy this Disney Parks Blog online exclusive new look into the villainous Cruella!"

There are also 5 new posters in the post below -


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