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Cruella De Vil Live-Action Movie


Well-Known Member
I am looking forward to this. They have not disappointed me in these movies, each one having something worth seeing. They are enjoyable to see, especially for us that enjoyed these movies when they first came out. Obviously this is my opinion, but I much rather see movies like this then when they decide to "reboot" movies like Karate Kid or Back to the Future (why do you even need to "reboot" a movie like Back to the future...that movie lends itself easily to just the next chapter or a parallel story... ok I will get off my soapbox now)
How is this reboot different than the reboots you dislike?


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No, next live action will be Sword in the stone....oh wait...Excalibur.... ;)

Princess Leia

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Its not a reboot. they aren't starting the story over. It's telling the story in a different format (animation compared to live action).
Sorry I’m a little confused- this appears to be live action (Unless you’re comparing it to the original film, and not the 90s live action film)

Minnesota disney fan

Well-Known Member
I'm sure it will be great!

However, I just wish Disney would use their imagineers to, you know, imagine a little and make an original movie that is not a redone cartoon version! I can't remember when they did that last? I would guess it was with the Monsters Inc series? Not sure.

It seems like they are just going through their vault at successful animation films and doing live action.
Whatever happened to doing a new and original movie??? That's all :(

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