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It's easy to overlook because Avatar was a horrible movie and the only reason DisneyCo pounced on it was because JK Rowling shut down their plans for haphazardly tossing Harry Potter into the Magic Kingdom.
They needed a quick and popular cash cow to compete with the boy wizard, and James Cameron was like "Hey, I've got this franchise I'm starting! The first movie made TWO BILLION DOLLARS! We can work together!"

And then this happened:

Whoopsies. Counting chickens before they hatch.
Imagine being told in 1998 that one day there would be tall, skinny blue aliens in Animal Kingdom.

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Imagine being told in 1998 that one day there would be tall, skinny blue aliens in Animal Kingdom.
Or that Disney would almost own every movie studio including Star Wars , Marvel and Fox.


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Tron is unworthy of being a successor to space mountain. I Just cannot allow it to replace it's position as tomorrowland's roller coaster, even if space is staying for the observable future. its fine, but i dont want it to take over space mountains role in future parks. only shanghai.


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The adventures of Winnie the Pooh is better than mr toad. I’ve never been on it because I was born well after it closed ( I was born in the early 2000s), but I’ve seen povs, and I think Winnie is a lot more elaborate. From what I’ve seen mr toad just looks like a ride you’d find at a six flags or boardwalk park.


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Pandora is stupid and boring. One pretty good ride, one pretty but nothing ride, way too much $ spent on all of it. I get my fp, ride it, leave.
Not unpopular or controversial with this Disney fan. I would call this tragically accurate. So much todo about a boat ride like the Land and Small World (w/ only 1 animatronic) and a ride that is like those old arcade motorcycle games with just a bigger screen


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The ride itself isn't a failure even with the broken yeti, though. It would obviously be better with it, but people still love the ride and it has other stuff going for it (like one of the best queues at WDW).
Definitely a great ride and a great queue.

Was just trying to be funny regarding the AA yeti being a failure from the start. I know it was in full operation for a bit (roughly a year or so?) before it was relegated to basking in strobe light so can't say it was "from the start." However, I personally never did get to see it in full operation so I'm a little bitter about that...especially after watching Joe's hype video about its creation. :)
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