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Trip Report **COMPLETED** - Should we go, or should we postpone? We made it to WDW!

Hello everyone!!

It has been awhile since I have posted a thread. In fact, the last one I posted was one year ago and it was a pre-trip report for our first Disney cruise that would later be cancelled. We began planning for this trip, not knowing what the future would hold. I have to say, that the months leading up to this trip, I began wondering if it was meant to be. A few months ago, my husband and I both came down with the dreaded virus. It took us a full two weeks to really get over it. I was worried about our son, but he never showed any signs, but of course had to quarantine with us. Then a couple weeks later, they had a break out of the stomach virus at his school. He recovered, then after 3 days back in school, he caught it again! I went back and forth with cancelling because I didn't want him to miss anymore school, but he worked really hard to catch up and his teachers have been very supportive. With that being said, we were all healthy again, so off to WDW we went!! I'm happy to share our trip with you all and hope that you all enjoy. We had a fantastic time!

Dates: Friday, April 23rd - Saturday, May 1st
Where: Disney's Yacht Club Resort
Who: Me (Heather), my DH (Josh) and my DS (Cam)



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I was really taking it all in so didn't really take pictures. But wow, this was an experience.




There is so much going on that I can't wait to ride again just to see things I may have missed. My only complaint is that we were seated in the 2nd row behind plexiglass. I would love to ride it in the front row. That was mainly because the two girls in front of us had their phones way up in the air the ENTIRE ride recording it, so that was distracting. I tried to not look in their direction too much. Hopefully next time we will get lucky and get the front, but other than that, it was awesome!

After that, we had accomplished everything we wanted for the day so we went back to the room to freshen up for dinner. We got another yellow skyliner.

We had about an hour to rest and freshen up before we headed out to dinner. We were eating at La Hacienda.


We started out with some salsa and guacamole. :hungry:
IMG_3800 (1).jpg


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I had the Tacos de Camarones which was Fried Shrimp, Chipotle-Lime Aïoli, Cabbage, and Salsa Verde on Flour Tortillas. We have a local mexican restaurant that we go to and I always get this dish. These did not disappoint. They were amazing.

Didn't get a picture of Josh's but he got Alambre de Res which was Flank steak, bacon, poblano and bell peppers with Monterey Jack cheese, lime, and salsa verde with flour tortillas. They also brought out beans and rice for the table.

This was a delicious meal. I would recommend trying it out. Both times we've eaten here it has been very good. After dinner, we walked across to have a look at the Epcot Experience. That was kind of neat.

I wanted to see the new fountain and lights, so we went up the front of the park.



We took one last ride on Spaceship Earth.

And Cam wanted to ride Test Track one last time as well. We opened the trip with a ride on Test Track, so why not close it with a ride on it too.

Lots of cheerleaders were at Epcot this night.


Cam said it's even better riding at night.

Then we took our last stroll around a nearly empty World Showcase, mainly because I wanted a snack to take back to the room.

I enjoyed this delicious goodness to end the night.


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Saturday, May 1st

Our last morning was spent by packing up. Boo! We took our bags down to Bell Services then headed to Disney Springs. We went into some shops we wanted to look at. I had to pick out my ornaments for the trip and get my Mom a new Tink mug. We had lunch at Chicken Guy.

One last picture with his new favorite buddy!


Ok, those fried pickles were legit! They have delicious ranch too. I hate ranch other than a good restaurant ranch. I loved that it has a lot of dill in it. My other two sauces were ok. I stole some of Cam's honey mustard which I really liked too.



Time to go back.

We had to wait a little bit in the lobby before it was time for our bus to come.






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Our very last right on the Magical Express ever. We had an amazing driver too which made it even sadder that we were leaving Disney.

My airplane snack.

Speaking of airplane snacks. I watched a woman take off her mask and proceed to snack the entire flight home. She took about 30 minutes to eat a single banana. Talk about working the system. They never told her anything.

Flight was fine but I once again experienced motion sickness. I don't know what it is. I've never gotten it on a plane ride before, but I almost had the use the barf bag. Thank goodness I held it together. It wasn't even a bumpy ride. The mask didn't help in this case. I think next trip I will be taking some medicine. Once we landed, Cam said TAKE ME BACK!

So the Friday we left, Cam's teachers sent all of his school work for the week. They even sent home a reading and writing test for him to complete and he had tests he needed to be ready for when he came back. We didn't even look at it on the trip. 😬 But we made a deal that he wouldn't give me any trouble on Sunday when it came time to knock it all out. We started at 8 am in the morning and didn't finish until 5pm that afternoon. We were delirious by the end of the day. I was so proud of him though. He worked so hard!

By the end of the day, this is what his work was looking like. I had to laugh. I hope his teacher got a giggle out of it, but the paper never states that he must use a DIFFERENT subject for each one. Too funny!

But his teacher emailed me to tell me he had officially caught up in 2 days! So proud. He also receives his first communion this Saturday so we had final prep for that.


I'm so proud of this kid!!! He's worked his butt off since we've been back. One more week and then it's sweet summer time. And he will be going to Ninja Warrior Summer Camp! How fun is that?

Anyway, I know that isn't Disney news, but just wanted to share a little tidbit!

Lastly, I'll end by showing you my Disney ornaments from this trip.



Thank you everyone for following. We had the most amazing time. It was by far the best trip I've had thus far. I think Cam's age was perfect because he was able to ride everything and we didn't have to do any parent swapping. It made the trip even more fun. We have already been talking about what we want to do next time. We won't be back next year. Per my marriage agreement with Josh, we do Disney only every other year so that we can see other things. :hilarious: But I can see his love for Disney is growing more and more.

Again, thank you all so much!!! I'll see you around!


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This was a blast to go on this trip with you! I love that you all got so much done during each day, but still took the time to enjoy it all together. Cam's Lightning McQueen shirt is sooo adorable and his 1st Communion suit is very dapper! Thanks for taking us along!


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This was a blast to go on this trip with you! I love that you all got so much done during each day, but still took the time to enjoy it all together. Cam's Lightning McQueen shirt is sooo adorable and his 1st Communion suit is very dapper! Thanks for taking us along!

One of things we said we wanted to do this trip was slow down here and there and have more downtime. I think we accomplished that and we didn't feel like we had to do everything. It was great. Thanks for reading!

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