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Trip Report *COMPLETED* No Ring (delayed), No Rivers Light, & Donald Duck’s the President


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Wow, that's quite the update. Congratulations! These pictures are beautiful and fun, you both look so happy!!
This last picture of you in the gazebo, the flowers, the dress, the background, etc. Simply stunning. Cheers!
Thank you! Life’s been crazy with planning a wedding and a honeymoon, and then living it all! LOL! Went to Hawaii and saw a DVC van heading to Aulani, almost hitchhiked myself there! Unfortunately wasn’t on a oahu long enough to make a visit, and I want my Hawaii Ears! Currently stalking eBay but need to get my behind back in work mode to pay all my bills LOL. Thanks for all the compliments! :)

Congratulations Nicole! You and Joe look so joyful! Your photos are absolutely stunning! What a beautiful wedding! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!
Thank you so much! I honestly was the happiest girl in the whole world that day, who would have thunk such a feat could happen in a Stroudsburg PA and not Orlando FL? LOL

Huge Congrats!!!!
Thank you!!!

Congratulations!🎉🍾. The wedding looked so pretty and you both look so happy. I hope you have many happy years together!
Thank you! It honestly was perfect and I dont think I would change one thing! My girls walked down to Colors of the Wind and everyone knew instantly my Disney touches would continue! Muhahah!

Congratulations!! Best wishes to the both of you--I knew you got married recently, as another member mentioned the date a while back. LOVE your gown--so pretty!!!! Thanks for sharing a few pictures with us. :happy:
Thank you so much! I want to wear my dress again! Waaaa! Lol! Maybe I can hire a photopass photographer to take some pics of me at my castle! ;) everyone in Disney would think I’m nuts but I honestly felt like a true disney princess in it!

Thank you so very much!

Congratulations!! You guys look like you a Disney prince and princess! :happy:
Ariel and Eric right? My cousin said in her speech Joe has Prince Eric hair hahaha!!

Congratulations!! You & Joe look absolutely stunning--as does the venue. Simply beautiful!! I love the Mickey too!!
Thank you it was honestly such a perfect day! I could not have asked for better weather! :)

BEEEYOUTIFUL dress, Nicole!! You both look so happy!
I was so happy! I may even have to admit I was happier than riding Splash Mountain! And that’s saying something! Lol! Thanks so much :)

Congratulations Nicole

All the best to you and your family

Thanks max! I feel so lost on the forums but need to get back! I miss my Disney family! ;)

Congratulations! You liked beautiful and the gown was gorgeous and really suited you. I love the way you managed to get some Disney in there too. :):)
I snuck in a lot of Disney! It would not be my wedding if not! Lol! And my dress is sadly now just hanging in my closet... so tempted to wear it around the house but joe would think I’m nuts LOL

How wonderful, beautiful, and amazing!!! Huge congratulations to you both! I was looking for a hidden Mickey in your bouquet, or somewhere in the lace of your dress (by happenstance, of course 😉), and then I saw the nameplate for your table. Very discreet and still so sweet - a nice Disney touch! 😊.
I had a couple Disney touches throughout the day, would you expect anything less? Muhaha! Thanks so much for the sweet wishes!!!

Wow!! Congratulations!! You look stunning!!! Love the Mickey touch ❤
Thank you I am blushing! :)

I literally CANNOT believe how beautiful you look & how amazing your wedding looked. I'm a sap for some good ol' fashioned L-O-V-E. Wishing you the happiest lifetime of love and I hope it's filled with all the trips to Disney that Joe will tolerate :inlove:
Thank you! It was a long time coming but all my dreams came true! And now I have to be. Disney princess and live happily ever after with Disney vacation club and multiple trips to the world. Muahaha! Poor joe!

Congrats and Best Wishes to you and Joe! I've been following on instagram and looks like you had a great Honeymoon!
Thank you so much! And hawaii was insanely beautiful, I’m glad we went! Although joe knows next time we just get to Aulani! We wanted to Uber there one day but just didn’t have enough time planned on Oahu! Guess this just means I’ll be back! ;)


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Congratulations on your wedding, Nicole!!! You and Joe looked great! Also, welcome home from your honeymoon!! Just to make you miss Disney just a little more, we brought the Florida weather to PA, just for you!!! :p
Seriously came back for Hawaii and almost passed out bringing my suitcase up the stairs! What is this weather! Get me out of here! Lol I feel like I’m in Orlando in July, but without all the theme parks :(

Thanks so much :)

Congratulations!!! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding!!! I love your dress!
Thank you! It was a perfect day and I’m so over the moon happy still!

Congratuations! Looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding.
Thank you so much!! :)

Congratulations to you both! Such a beautiful venue and gorgeous dress! Joe isn't so bad either. ;) Best of wishes to you guys!
Thank you! I got to have my wedding in the woods dreams come true. Now just gotta renew our vows one day at the Grand Floridian and I can officially die happy LOL

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing wedding pictures!! Congrats to you both. As a photographer I'm jealous of those beautiful views....:inlove:
I wish you were my photographer!!! Come to PA! Lol! It was such a pretty day it feels like it was a dream!

Congratulations! Y'all both look so happy! That dress is AMAZING!
Thank you! I am so happy! Joes not too thrilled about his new jewelry LOL but I think he’s ecstatic about being my Prince Charming!

Congratulations! You were an absolutely stunning princess bride that put Ariel to shame. 😋 So happy your wedding and honeymoon were perfect! ❤
Thank you so much! And you are sooooo soon! I cannot wait to see you as a bride! You truly get to feel like a princess for a day, not that we aren’t princesses in real life by any means! :p


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I know I’ve said it before but what a beautiful wedding and stunning location and bride. Wishing you many years of happiness together
Thank you so much! Wish I could have had a big Disney family reception in magic kingdom because y’all are so sweet to me! Thank you for all your kindness, and I guess you can have the beast all to yourself now ;)

Thank you sooo much! :)

Congratulations on you beautiful wedding! Cheers to a long happy marriage.

I saw this online and thought a fellow Ariel lover would want it also.

Thank you! And the Disney parks app robs my bank account monthly! :p thankfully I spent so much on my honeymoon I must be accumulating reward dollars so I can add that item to my cart :)

Okay, I am a MILLION years late, and just read this ENTIRE report today! THE HIGH's... the Low's (No ROL, No ring.. initially!), what ride!!! I went from not engaged, to the sweetest engagement ever, to THE WEDDING DAY! You looked like a TRUE princess! Congrats!!!!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You got the whole thing at once! LOL lot of lows and then extreme highs in between it all!

You looked SO beautiful!!!
Thank you! I felt like a princess! :p

Wow your wedding pictures are wonderful, good luck to both of you on your new life together!
Thank you very much! Can’t believe I’m a married woman now!

Congratulations!! You guys look so happy. Many blessings, for a long and happy life together.
Thank you :) I still feel on cloud 9 and it’s almost a month later so that’s gotta be a good sign! ;)
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