Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!


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Unfortunately, you are not wrong!! She was up until ten last night playing with her bungholes of joy. She said Bolt asked Nala out on a date, so today when she gets up we'll have to enact that. I'm thinking she won't let me just feed them Lulu's dog food, either :hilarious: :hilarious:

She said "and be prepared, because I think we're going to need to plan their wedding!! This is so exciting!!!"

I'm pretty sure she just wants cake :hilarious::hilarious:

God I love that girl!


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You may be right! But when True Loves Kiss fails her, she turns to Force Healing. There's no getting around these things when she decides it is going to happen. This is the way.
A has spoken! It shall be so! So what preparations are you expected to make for this wedding? A cake, I assume. Are you also supposed to make the dress? A bouquet? Or should we stop there before we give her too many ideas?


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I'm honestly hoping she forgets about it :hilarious: :hilarious: But forgetting things isn't exactly her strong suit. I'm not making a dress for a stuffed animal though, so I imagine we'll have cake, a table setting, a back drop for vows, and maybe we can do a photo booth or something. And dancing. Can't have a wedding without dancing!

But f'real, I'm hoping she just forgets about it :hilarious::hilarious:

But would you fix her darn dresses already! LOL


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A was officiating this wedding because she said she's their best friend....

Bolts vows: I promise I'll take care of you when you're sick and tell you you're pretty every day. Even when you look like a mess

Nalas vows: I promise to love you every day forever, and never steal your candy. I would like to marry you, now, so let's kiss!!

True loves kiss:

Hopefully she knows I'm not great at cakes 😂😂 this is the best i could do 😂😂


And of course when the cake comes out you need more friends there 😂😂

The REAL reason Bolt and Nala got married 😂😂:

And they lived happily ever after 😂😂
That was literally the best thing ever!! Thanks for sharing!

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