Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!


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As Sebastian says when the Under the Sea ride resumes after a temporary stop, "I bring good news!"

Little Mermaid rooms are in the process of receiving new mattresses. We saw truckloads of new ones (and piles of old ones) in the parking lot on Tuesday. I'm certain every room will have new ones by the 26th.

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The world looks like a giant snow globe now and the amber leaves have long since fallen from the trees, so I bet you're surprised to see a trip report from us 😂😂 While we normally go to Disney in September, we're doing things a little different this time, for a really big occasion!!

This is us:
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Okay, okay.... That *was* us 😂😂 She looks about five years older now and I look at least ten years older 😂😂

Ah.... Here we go:
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Wait. What am I looking at right now? Why are we hanging off the Earth like bats?
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Ah... That's better:
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If you have joined us for any of our other trip reports (linked in signature), you'll know my daughter A is a spunky, creative, adorable little spitfire. I don't know where time went, but my favorite little monster is turning FIVE!!! So we're surprising her with a trip to her mothership!!

Joining us this trip is my boyfriend N. He and A are partners in crime so I'm sure to be outnumbered ❤
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We may also be joined by N's Aunt and Uncle, and maybe two other friends, but at 19 days out, none of them are confirmed yet.

When: We will be de-icing and making a break for the sunshine February 26 for a quick, whirlwind, two-day birthday spectacular!!

I'm IN, and not last this time!!! Hooray! Love your trip reports with your beautiful daughter. She looks like a mini=me:)
That's me with my beautiful daughter in the picture, LOL.

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