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Trip Report **COMPLETED** A (Love) Bug's Life

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
Hall of President's selfie
As soon as we got out of the show they were setting up for the Muppets so we stopped to watch. We alwaysssss get the Declaration of Independence but we still enjoyed the show.
Then we headed to our final FP - BTMR!
After our ride we headed towards dinner but popped into Country Bear Jamboree along the way.
We JUST missed a show unfortunately so we sat inside for a few minutes then decided to leave so we did not cut it too close.

Next up: more MK
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Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
We were eating old people dinner (aka 3:30 pm dinner - aka practically lunch- in my house we call it "old people dinner" when we eat dinner early even though we do it quite frequently 🤣 ) so we saw some of the Festival of Fantasy parade along the way. I distinctly remember this being the first time where the love bugs where really out in full force. :hungover:
Then we checked in for dinner at ....
Liberty Tree Tavern! This was my Dad's first visit so I was excited!

Next up: more dinner

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
Salad and rolls to start
We were seated in the George and Martha room
Pot roast and mashed potatoes
Mac and cheese
Turkey and stuffing
Pork and green beans
Then dessert time: Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, Warm Banana Cake and Apple Fritters
Yum! Everything was delicious as usual - especially the mac and cheese which is usually hit or miss for us! My Dad really liked it and said he would go back!

Next up: finishing off the day
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Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
We headed back to GF so we could unpack and relax a bit.
We did head down to the pool for a bit but the love bugs were AWFUL. I was hoping Disney found a magical way to get rid of them by the pool but no luck.
At least they did not bother us in the water
So that is where I read my book :joyfull:
After our pool time we headed to the lounge and got a few snacks because we .... didn't just eat dinner?
Meatballs, some sort of rueben something
Cheese, bread, one cucumber :hilarious:
We did head to the main lobby to listen to some music. The band plays downstairs right now due to the construction for the new bar.
Then we wandered back to the room and to turn down :)
We got an itinerary with our Fast Passes for the next day which I thought was cool. @Tuvalu said it was standard for club level but I ever got it before :)
Anyway we were exhausted so we went to bed early :)

Next up: Day 2


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Following along! Always love your trip reports! I love that the FP+ itinerary is printed for you at club level! If you scrapbook, it's a great memento.


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Day 1 continued
View attachment 372168
View attachment 372170

It was finally time for our first FP so we headed to the HM!
View attachment 372180
View attachment 372181
View attachment 372183
View attachment 372182
My photo did not show up..
View attachment 372184
After HM we sat down for a few minutes. I ended up changing our dinner plans to 3:30 at this point because we were fading a bit fast since we got up so early :)
I like this little skull :)
View attachment 372186
View attachment 372187

Next up: more MK
That little skull is actually one of the interactive clues in the Pirates Treasure hunt!

Dave Ber

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Day 1 continued
Then it was time for POTC
View attachment 372235
I got yelled at for taking this que photo because I accidentally used a flash :facepalm:
View attachment 372239
View attachment 372240
View attachment 372241
View attachment 372242
View attachment 372243
View attachment 372245
View attachment 372246
We decided to go to Hall of Presidents next since my Dad did not see the new version yet and an inside attraction seemed nice :)
View attachment 372247
View attachment 372248

Next up: more MK
Did you get the announcement or did someone in your boat say something?


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We got that itinerary too at the beach club. I wasn't sure how it was helpful since we use the app so much, but I guess we could have taken it with us to the parks in case the app wasn't working. The extra info like the weather was pretty cool though!


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Day 1 continued
View attachment 372137
All 3 of us thought it was really good - a bit sweet but the raspberry part was especially great! I think I may be over my hatred for Dole Whips!
However, it melted suppppperrr fast ----
View attachment 372138
:hilarious::hilarious: Up here in Buffalo you have plenty of time to eat ice cream before it melts 😁
We then took photos with an actual Hei Hei and pretended like it was ice cream 🤪
View attachment 372139
View attachment 372140
View attachment 372141
We are weird...
We still had some time before our first FP so we headed back over towards Tomorrowland
Tried to get into Club 33...
View attachment 372142
Then we took some purple wall photos...
View attachment 372143
View attachment 372144
My Dad was fooling around but I feel like this picture ended up turning out super cute :happy:
View attachment 372145

Next up: Tomorrowland
They were swirling the Hei Hei cone the week before when we were there cause the top flavor kept plopping off.

We tried the 33 Club at the Studios. ;)

And the earliest I ever hit WDW via SW airlines was 8:30! and I thought that was awesome.


Ivory Tower Squabble EST 2011. WINDMILL SURVIVOR
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I'm really enjoying the photos of your Mom and Dad, something from your reports I don't see as often.

I love your Mickey Sleeveless shirt. May I ask where you found that one? Too Cute!
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