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Trip Report **COMPLETED** A (Love) Bug's Life

Doc Disney

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Hi everyone!
Happy Mother's Day!!!
We just got back from Disney yesterday and it is cold and raining here so seems like a good time to start our TR!

My Mom (Mary), my Dad (Jeff) and myself (Megan)
This photo is from our trip last year

Grand Floridian - aside from a very brief stay at the Poly during a race weekend my Dad has never stayed at a Deluxe. So, with a nice AP discount we let him pick any place he wanted and he decided on the Grand :)

May 3 - 11, 2019

No big reason - we usually go around this time every year to help with the depression of the never ending winter here at home (and its still cold BTW...)

The title?
We have seen love bugs before but we have NEVER seen this many. I know they don't bite or anything but they were everywhere and at times the amount of them was just disgusting. We could not even sit on our balcony and if we were by the pool the only place they did not bother us was in the water. Ew :grumpy::hungover: This is the very reason I do not live in Florida...bugs.

Day 1 May 3, 2019
Our flight was pretty early so I got up at like 2:20 am 😴
My parents picked me up just before 3 and we were on our way! I ALWAYS email Southwest to ask what time their counters open and this time I forgot. So, we got there at 3:20 and it was not open...whoops 🤪
Everyone was lined up in the full service line but we waited by the self tag kiosks and we ended up being the first ones done with our luggage. Since it was so early the TSA pre-check line was not open yet so we had to go through regular security which is only annoying when you have have a computer and an iPad to drag out :hilarious:
Be prepared for my Dad not cooperating for photos :p
Around 4 am the food places open so we grabbed a bagel
I spy our plane
The time flew by at the airport and very quickly we were boarding the plane! Our flight was on time for once!
Gang is all here..

Next up: more travel

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
Magic Bands on right away of course..
We were seated in row 2!!
Our flight was smooth and quick and we landed at 7:45 am :) Fun story...spilled pop all over my Dad on the way down...ooops...at least it wasn't a stranger.
Fonorail time!
Then the usual pictures (I swear my Dad was around :hilarious: just no pictures)
We got right on DME but waited about 20 minutes before going anywhere. Oh there is my Dad...:hilarious:

Next up: arriving !
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