Trip Report **Complete** It's a meet-up-palooza!


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We are back and I gotta get this trip report show on the road before my memory fails! Hopefully my notes and pictures will carry me!

When: Sept 14th - 16th and Sept 16th - 24th, 2019
Where: All-Stars Movies & POP Century Resort
Who: me (Susan) and my husband Scott


If you want to start from the very beginning, a very good place to start, you can access my pre-trip at:


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Saturday Sept 14th

Disney day! I had added these first two days on and when we fly, I usually pick an early morning flight, but because I had to change from our original flight reservations, only afternoon was left for basically the same price... even though it was nice to sleep in this day, as a previous airline worker, I know what happens to later in the day flights... delays! So I that's why I usually choose AM. However, this day we were in luck... everything was running on time and there was room on the plane. So no one sat in between us..


We switched planes in Baltimore this time, but there were no flowers in the bathrooms this year!

We struck up a conversation with another couple at the airport, and they ended up sitting right behind us on the plane. They were fluffy like us, and the plane was not full.. in fact it had 40 seats open... yet this tall skinny dude wanted to sit between us... when I pointed out that there were plenty of other seats, he said, "so you don't want me to sit there?" then he tried the same thing with the couple behind us, and they said they same. I had to chuckle when he said, "oh you don't want me to sit here either?" I'm not sure why he felt he couldn't go be comfortable in an aisle or window in the back of the plane... but he finally found himself somewhere to sit. Just not in between us!

We got to MCO safe and sound, and donned our magic bands before heading to get our luggage. We had decided to pick the luggage up ourselves since we didn't get in until 6pm, and I didn't want to wait up all night before it arrived. It turns out that Kitty luggage is unique and easy to spot on the carousel. We got quite a few compliments on it.



On our way, we stopped to visit the temporary aliens


ME looked empty when we got there:

But looks are deceiving. Although it wasn't too bad... we only had to wait for one busload before ours.

And away we go! Blurry picture and all.


and I'll leave you with our arrival at All-Star Movies.... the 4th stop of the bus trip


Next up: All renovations are not created exactly equal
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