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News Coco scene coming to Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Disney World


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Forgive me because I know next to nothing about computer animation but I could see them "refreshing" the film assuming they still have the files that were used to create the original. Basically running the original film through a new rendering engine so models and animation wouldn't need to change, but they could update textures / lighting in each scene.

Assuming the images that were posted are actual screencaps from the film, it looks like Donald will retain his original 2003 look (albeit with an updated color palette. Blue bowtie as opposed to the original black). The new models, on the other hand, look like they're straight out of the actual Coco.


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That's pretty awesome, but the fact that we haven't seen ANY of Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Moana, or Frozen is puzzling.
All of those have presence at the parks whether it be M&G, Tangled bathrooms or entire attractions, even if some are still being worked on. Aside from some Coco songs playing in the Mexico pavilion, there's not a lot of Coco visibility in the park.

While I'd love an overlay on the boat ride, this is a welcomed addition. Hopefully it'll come with some new projectors as the current version of the show is closer to 7D than 3D most of the time.

Edit: And to everyone else sleeping on Coco, go do yourself a favor and watch it. It's one of my favorites.


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I've never seen the Pixar "I See Dead People" movie :cool:, and I'd rather have Tangled's "I See The Light" song (cool 3D floating lanterns!) but whatever - I just hope this motivates TDO to finally update the blurry 3D in that show. It's been crappy for years.

I'm also relieved that no scene is being replaced by this new one. Kind of out of character for TDO these days...

Needs Hong Kong and OLC to chip in to fund it.

Yankee Mouse

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Frozen's been overexposed at this point. I'd rather had something from Disney's older films (1960s and 1970s era such as The Aristocats or The Jungle Book) over yet another "Let It Go" musical number. I still remember the "Frozen Summer Fun" event held at DHS between 2014 and 2015 because of how massively popular the movie was. "Let It Go" was everywhere and you couldn't escape it! Kids were singing it, adult women were singing it, and countless covers of the song! I'm sick of that song due to this.
Yeah, I agree about Frozen but you just have to let it go and move on.


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Yesssssss! I have been wanting this for years! Love this idea and Coco is a great addition. I agree with the other posters that a randomized film seems like a great idea. And after this film debuted MK added the Little Mermaid area and B&tB area- maybe they could eventually replace those with different songs. I know animation takes time but these still sound like a cheaper way for Disney to capitalize on newer titles that don't have a lot of park representation:

"Where You Are" from Moana
"Going Down the Bayou" or "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog
"Some things Never Change" or "Lost in the Woods" from Frozen 2 (avoids Let it Go)
"Try Everything" from Zootopia

Just saying....


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I am very happy to hear this. I just hope they spend the money and take the time to update the rest of the film to match what I'm assuming the new scene's quality will be. I am doubtful, but hope they would do that. Coco is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and one of their best I would say. It's a little random, but I'm glad they are choosing Coco as opposed to another princess.

Poseidon Quest

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If the addition works to also update the rest of the film, then I'm all for it. However, I have a strong feeling that this is going to be jarring. The juxtaposition between the poorly aged 3D with the newer scene will most likely leave the audience feeling a bit... off.

I would have preferred something from the Disney animated films instead of Pixar, but I have to admit it's a quality addition as long as the rest of the show gets the proper update. We'll see whether this turns out to be a lazy move or not.

itsy bitsy spider

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I'm surprised they would add to the toon. It doesn't sound like something Disney would do. Usually they would just replace the whole darn movie.

Hopefully Coco takes over Donald's other attraction as well. Visually it could be fricking awesome.

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