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News Coco scene coming to Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Disney World


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I am continually shocked that Disney+ isn’t free in the resorts. You can’t watch everything during your stay. It would be a brilliant way to hook people.
Even if it's some type of nagware version. Seems a missed opportunity for sure. Can't believe the mouse is not promoting it. Think of all the potential subscribers. Must have slipped Bob's mind.


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Four dates that would have been better imo to launch this segment:

- October 1st: 50th Anniversary duh
- By October 15th: Last day of Hispanic Heritage Month
- October 31st to November 2nd: Typical Day of the Dead timeline
- The same day as Disneyland and Paris 🙄

Fe Maiden

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Hope the upgrades help. I couldn't even watch it when we were there in August. I had to take the glasses off it was so bad.


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Still would be neat to see different versions of the show similar how Star Tours does the different destinations..

Yeah, I don't have a problem with film based attractions but now with digital they should really lean into that and add some variability to attractions. There's a bunch of rides and films that could be easily enhanced by providing different footage options.

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