News Club 33 coming to Walt Disney World this Fall

Walt d

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It's about time! Good thing I have tens of thousands of dollars ready to drop just to join!

Oh wait...
Look at that bridge thats why it costs so much , if it was us they would make us wade, through the water and charge us for the free jacuzzi .
Can't wait to see how they hide these in all four parks.
that Bridge looks like it’s aluminum two big bucks


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Wait? You have to have a Black Amex to go to Disney World? When did this start? I better get right on that. Lol.
Well just whip out your Amex Black and you too can experience the "magic". What you don't have one? How dare you even set foot in our parks....
I'm just going to paraphrase Groucho Marx when he said: " I do not want to be joining a club that would have me as a member!" ☺


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I'm just going to paraphrase Groucho Marx when he said: " I do not want to be joining a club that would have me as a member!" ☺
I see your Groucho quote and raise you one.

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Walt started one in Disneyland. Why not one in WDW? I don't think these are going to negatively impact the average park guest.

I have no issue with the club itself coming to WDW. The Magic Kingdom location? No issues from me, it's out of the way and utilizing space that doesn't take away from any real expansion. Same for Epcot and DHS. Both used spaces that I have no problem with them using.

I just took issue if they're building something on an expansion plot that most guests won't ever get a chance to experience. That's all. It's not about harming the guest experience, technically, or about not liking they're coming.


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That float is 32 years old and still lives!

Yep. How bizarre that float has been around the exact same amount of time I have? lol

Don't they have a couple of floats that have been around for a long, long time? Isn't the Clara Cluck float from Halloween the old Dumbo one from like decades ago at this point?


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Any idea where in Africa?


I heard it’s a totally new building being built in Africa.
Blue men meets lions.

So between Pandora and FoLK

So, possible locations are:
  1. along the boardwalk path somewhere between Pandora and the Lion King area bathrooms, free standing
  2. closer to Satuli Canteen to use their kitchen
  3. across the water behind Tiffins to use their kitchen
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