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News Club 33 coming to Walt Disney World this Fall

Coaster Lover

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In the Parks
Have to wonder if there are any unused "sponser lounges" around EPCOT that will be used for this... I like the idea, but given the timing (considering how long Disneyland has had theirs accompanied by all the other upcharge that WDW has introduced recently), I'm sure many people will see this as WDW just looking for more ways to make a quick buck... hopefully, they pull it off well...


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I know just the space for the MK. Or at least where they could reimagine a space.

This is a no-brainer as Orlando and Florida have a lot of deep-pocketed people which wasn't the case 40 years ago.


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Sorry, but i never understood the point of this "club" and its redic fees. Boujee for no reason and rather obnoxious o_O

It was place where walt and other executives could meet with other business and movie executives in Disneyland and talk business and have an adult beverage in PRIVATE.

As for the pricetag if you have to ask you cannot afford it.

Out of all the o town bloggers only Brigante can afford membership...

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