Can you remember the first attraction you ever did in Disney World?


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At ages 4 and 5, my sister and I first rode Snow White's Adventure. I screamed the whole ride, as soon as that evil queen turned around into that hag, I can remember it. My sister smiled and loved it. I didn't want to go on anything else. That day did not go as my parents planned. As the story goes, they took me on Small World six times in a row! Then they told my sister and I about a 'runaway train' and I remember that sounding so fun!! So we did Big Thunder, fearless, and the rest is Disney history!

We still lament over the loss of Snow White, but agree that the mine train is a terrific upgrade.


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I can. It was in 1980 and it was The Mickey Mouse Review on Main St.! I have vague memories of watching some cartoons while standing in a room. Then we went into another theater and here I have glimpses and flashes of various animatronics. But the very first thing I remember is my parents saying, while we were on the boat coming from Fort Wilderness, "Mickey is waiting on you!" I thought he would be in a lawn chair on the dock waiting just for me! Then I got separated from my parents on Main St., grabbed the wrong adult's hand and panicked.


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Goodness, no. Having grown up in Florida, my family took my brother and me in 1971 and on subsequent trips in the 1970s. I definitely can't remember my first ride but I remember riding at some point 20,000 Leagues, Skyway, Mr. Toad's, Snow White, Mission to Mars, and If You Had Wings. I also remember seeing Mickey Mouse Revue. I remember camping in Ft. Wilderness when it had it's own train.


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I grew up in California, and the oldest memory that I have were my first steps into Disneyland (I was 2). My aunt was holding my hand and looked down at me and said "always remember this" and I always did. I remember that we went on America Sings, but I am not sure if it was the first ride or not.


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Not sure if you consider it a ride, but we sat in the Main St. Theater and watched a preview of EpcotCenter. March 1981. I remember seeing the model just outside the show. Been my favorite park ever since!


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It was Carousel of Progress on our honeymoon in 2003 :). We didn't even know what we were going into, and were quite impressed with it - it's always one of our favorites :).


Well-Known Member 1977 at six years old it was a pretty big deal. As technology has marched forward so has our thirst for being entertained but it was a different time and I can tell you it was cutting edge wayyyy back then.


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September 1979. My soon to be wife took me the hour from her hometown over to see Walt Disney World, which consisted of The Magic Kingdom, The Contemporary Hotel, the Polynesian, the Disney Golf Resort, Fort Wilderness and the Shopping Village (Disney Springs). We focused on the Magic Kingdom of courser, though we did have dinner and The Outer Rim in the Contemporary. (prime rib!)

I, too. tuned my car radio to the introductory material. I was stunned by the Topiaries near the TTC. I think we took the Ferry Boat across because the ine was huge for the Monorail. I was stunned by Main Street USA, though we stopped at nothing. We headed to the right and rode the Walt Disney World Wedway PeopleMover. More stunned. Then we went to the COP. The audio-anamatronics amazed me. I was completely hooked. Magic Carpet Around the World, If You Had Wings, Mission to Mars, the Tiki Birds, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. I can't evern remember everything. We dined, as I mentioned at the Outer Rim, then walked out near the pool and sat down near a bench. The Electrical Water Pageant exploded behind us.

By December, I had begun plotting an April trip that would include our wedding! Saw the Main Street Electrical Parade on that trip. There are NO other parades. Anywhere. :) :) ;)

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What I do remember, since I was so young, was being frightened on HM. After that, I wanted nothing to do with dark rides. I remember PoTC scaring me, too. I was scared for the cats hanging around the drunken pirate. :hilarious:


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The first ride I ever rode at Disney was Snow Whites Adventure in 87'. It was me, my sister, mom, and my grandparents. That ride scared the H E double hockey sticks out of me. I'm from south jersey, so Wildwood was a staple in my life, for those who don't know Wildood is a Jersey shore destination. Anyway, I remember getting off the ride, and telling my gramps, that was just like a cheap Wildwood spook house. It almost was, Wildwood had a bunch of low quality dark rides at the time. I asked if all the rides were like this, my gramps smiled and said, I guess we will have to find out... also scared the sh.. out of me. My grandfather loved Disney the same way I do, and he had been there plenty of times before he took us, so I don't know why he chose SWA, as the first ride, but it didn't deter me from trying my next ride. Pirates of the Carribean ... it was love at first ride.... thank you gramps, and grams. I miss them so much, but they are the ones who turned me into the Disney addict I am today, and for that I thank them so much. Last thing, Epcot was the only other park at the time, and SSE was favorite ride, and countiunes to be till this day!
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Its a Small World. 1991. Once we arrived we walked under the castle and my mom insisted that we had to try this ride because her hairdresser insisted on it. So we did. It is always the first ride we do when we arrive to the Magic Kingdom.

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