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News Buzzy’s been stolen?

If it's an active and ongoing investigation, I'm pretty sure it won't be posted in any crime stats until a) the case goes inactive or b) an arrest or arrests are made. The database is pretty easy to update.
The database being referred to is based on initial complaints of property crimes and “provides 90 days of data as of the previous day,” stage of investigation or arrest status has nothing to do with it.


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The ones of the two skippies with their skins off and Sir laying on the floor.
Skinned stitch is still around, surprisingly. (But then again that didn't come from BDD)
There are a total of five photos from SGE that I know of, and the one you showed is one of them. I'm pretty sure they all were originally posted by Backdoor Disney.
FWIW, I was reading the viewer comments on the COP video that BDD posted earlier today. A viewer asked if he stole Buzzy’s clothes and he said no, the cops were just trying to get him to snitch on who did. Again take it FWIW.

In case it gets taken down, like Bob Iger’s twitter account!
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I really hope they nail him. Everything about him and his attitude is juveline.

I guess it’s having kids who are getting older (tweens now), but I can’t help thinking how appalled I’d be if I raised him. What a way to spend your time. Wonder who’s paying his legal bills.

WOW this dude.. wow.. wow..wow.
Takes balls, that's all I'll say.
Takes stupidity. Not balls.
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Thankfully, it seems he didn’t last long. Now he’s back to studying at FullSail for Audio stuff. Not sure if Disney fired him and this is his way of “payback” or what
Surprised anyone would employ him when he’s out to destroy (in his mind, anyway) his former employer, capitalizing on access he had by virtue of his job...
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