Trip Report Buffalo, Bugs, and Beer - A lostpro9het Surf 'n' Turf report.


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Friday May 17th- Saturday May 18th:

30 Days til NYC->Bermuda, need to wrap this up today!

After dinner and some animals we drove back to BLT and walked over to MK. It was hard to believe 12 hours ago we were on The Dream and now walking around MK. Crowds were heavy and were mostly content walking around and people watching. I only took a few pictures and that was of me dominating Buzz while enraging my wife at the same time.

We closed out the park tonight and walked back to BLT for a short night of sleep before we tackled the trip home.

Saturday was beautiful and we said goodbye to BLT and made our way to AK for our trip home tradition.

No early hours at AK today and the park was pretty light.


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Saturday May 18th, cont.

We caught a glimpse of mom and baby but she was on the move and we had to make our way around the trail to see her better.

Across the way, the males couldn't care less that we were there.

Mom finally settled on a food spot and we were able to get a decent view of her.

We exited the trail, grabbed the token selfie, and made for EE to make new friends.


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Saturday May 18th, cont.

After EE we made for a trip through time. Needless to say, we made it.

We'd been in the park about an hour now and got a lot done. We decided it was time to make for the exit and our trek home. We made a small pit stop to see a few cuties before exiting.

As we exited the mob was arriving.

We said our goodbyes to the bubble, hopped on 429, and headed for the peach state. The drive was bittersweet. This was the trip we opted to let our APs expires for the first time in forever in lieu of more time on Mickey's floating resorts. We weighed the land side of this trip to the sea side and despite some early reservations we felt we made the right choice in the end. I won't sully the bubble any more than I already have but wont deny that I'm liking what I'm reading in regards to attendance being down and resort bookings suffering. We do have one WDW trip planned so far in 2020 and a 2nd in the talks for the holidays. This is causing us to weight the options between a Gold AP and a Platinum AP for 2020/21. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, now. We have a series of DCL itineraries lined up for 2019/2020 that include Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Key West, Vancouver, and San Diego with another DL visit in between. I thought this TR might be it for a while for me but the DW is already laying the heavy hints to do one for our October cruise. Since it is our first time on The Magic and heading to a new port of call I might cave. Anyway, that's all for now. My apologies for dragging this thing out for four months, that's just ridiculous. Thanks for following along!

Um..... That doesn't look like L!
Hence the "make new friends". Its how I roll. Besides, if you think our EE picture looks off you should see our Buzz picture...


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Love reading about your trips whether it's WDW, DL, or DCL. I hope you'll keep making the trip reports.
Despite the smackdown you laid in the Bermuda PTR, thank you ma'am. With my bride taking point I'll support another go.
Really enjoyed your TR. we’ve got a voyage on the Dream next July and a week at the World following that. Our trip will be a smidge different as we have a large group, but I’ve really enjoyed your insights. Please cave and do another report after the next cruise!
Thanks! Yeah, since its a new ship and new ports I can see doing another. ts crazy we're less than 30 days out!
Looking forward to your future reports! :joyfull:
Thanks! looks like another is probably in the works.


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