"Budget Cuts" - Now Showing at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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I actually enjoy HS like it is now. With an annual pass or parkhopper it's very easy to get into HS and run thru the rides before hopping on a boat and being at World Showcase by 11. As far as ticket prices, the 4 park magic ticket dropped the price to $79/day for each park to get people over to HS.
Same here. I can't wait for them to finish SW:GE and Toy Story land but we actually still love going after dinner, riding everything and then watching the fireworks and heading home after having what is always a really good time at DHS. It's still a really fun park. And actually you can still fill an entire day there and have fun doing it, but it will be a much more leisurely day than something like MK that is for sure lol.


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I don't think most guests will really notice One Mans Dream closing at 8pm, by that point I expect most guests are getting ready for Fantasmic.

The Entertainment cuts and character cuts are a bigger deal, but reports are that crowds are quite low at the moment so wait times may still be OK.
Correct, that whole part of the park is dead at the hour.


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Am I the only one that still likes the shows at Hollywood Studios? I would never dream of going there to "run through the rides" and then leave. Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Fantasmic, Indiana Jones, Disney Junior (not for everyone, I know), Frozen, MuppetVision, Far Far Away, Galactic Spectacular, and The Music of PIXAR Live add up to many hours worth of entertainment without doing a single ride.
It's not that I don't enjoy all the entertainment just worded that wrong. No one in my family would ride ToT or RNRC with me both those rides are skipped, no kids so Disney Jr is skipped. That cuts a big chunk of time from the day. Besides are 3 favorite attractions have always been Muppetvision, TSMM, and Star Tours so we still get to do what we want to do the most. Epcot is my family's favorite park so we spend a lot more time there, especially since we go every year for F&W.


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To be fair, Disney can anticipate that this will be most likely their least-visited park for the next two years. So putting less of their resources in that park would make sense. However, aside from those with annual passes/park hoppers, it would make no sense for anyone to purchase a 1-day ticket to just visit DHS.


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Because hours aren't listed past Sept 30th we should speculate closures? I think the fiscal year might be the reason, but not for a closure, but to determine what they should do in the next fiscal year.

Also - didn't @danlb_2000 say there's actually new permits for One Mans Dream?
Yes, there were a group of permits the other day that would indicate part of it is being refurbished.


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A 1-Day ticket to Hollywood Studios has less value today than it did 3 years ago.
I don’t think anyone is buying a one day ticket for HS. Everyone is blowing this out of proportion. The majority of visitors are getting 4-7 parkhopper tickets or are AP. Use a half day to go to HS and if that’s all you want to do, spend the rest of your days at other parks.

Most AP’s don’t care, either. I head over there a lot. Usually for 3-4 hours, do what I want to do, and then head back home. Be patient, there is a lot coming.


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With the closing of The Great Movie Ride on August 13th, there are some other major cuts occurring at Disney's Hollywood Studios:
  • As of July 23rd, there have been changes to the operating hours of two attractions. Walt Disney: One Man's Dream and the Meet & Greet with Star-Lord & Groot have reduced their operating hours to 10:00AM-8:00PM. On the other side of the park, Star Wars: Path of the Jedi has reduced its operating hours to 10:00AM-6:00PM. According to some Cast Members, the two attractions do not have any operating hours listed after September 30th. Some of you might remember that September 27th was the last day of operation for the Studio Backlot Tour back in 2014. September 30th is the last day of the fiscal year. With the demolition of Soundstage 4 next door, it seems possible that One Man's Dream will be closing permanently to prepare for the new Toy Story Land opening next summer.
  • Over at Star Wars Launch Bay, there will be cuts in the Entertainment department. Most importantly, one of the free-roaming characters will no longer be meeting guests after July 30th. Along with that cut, there will be less Entertainment Cast Members working at the attraction. Expect longer wait times for Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 as a result from these changes.
To be clear, some of these cuts might be occurring temporarily due to low attendance during the Fall season. It is possible that these attractions and Entertainment offerings might return to normal for the holiday season. In the meantime, anyone coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios throughout August and September may be disappointed with the changes throughout the park. A 1-Day ticket to Hollywood Studios has less value today than it did 3 years ago.
This is why Disney should postpone the closure of GMR. This is pretty pathetic.


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This is why Disney should postpone the closure of GMR. That's pretty pathetic.
Not really. Attendance appears to be down and it looks like they're trying to cut every operational expense that they can. When Movie Ride closes on the 13th, that's going to save them a fairly large chunk of operating costs for the park. If they keep it open, they'll find other things to cut elsewhere instead.


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Better idea to cut operating costs - Close DHS until it can re-open as a proper Disney theme park with enough to see & do in a day to justify park admission.


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There's still enough offerings with shows/rides to make it a decent experience but I'd never pay 1-day admission. I'd only visit as part of a multi-day hopper ticket.
But the narrative is the park sucks now. There's nothing to do! It's awful! (My sarcasm font is on). Only things gone are Backlot Tour and Lights! Motors! Action!. I keep saying this ad nauseum but the park isn't that much different. But once GMR closes I can agree with some of the griping. But I still enjoy the park. I prefer going in the evening. It's a lot more quiet. Unfortunately a lot of shows stop by 5/6. I can stay plenty busy and that's not even doing every show or attraction.
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