Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]


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Not sure if this is relevant but I received a survey from Disney yesterday asking what kind of restaurants I would like to see in Epcot. The top pick was a Brazilian Steakhouse.
The name for that is Rodízio or espeto-corrido



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Every time I go to Melting Pot, we always seem to spend like 2 hours there. Fondue is just a slower paced meal and, as much as I enjoy it, just doesn't seem like something they would put in the park where everything seems to be aimed at high table turnover rates.

Good points.

Seems like a good challenge to find a solution. I will be back to this. It might involve an omnimover and virtual reality headsets. Working on it.


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Maybe they could move it into the American Pavilion and give it a 1970's theme including **** carpets and avocado green and dark orange furnishings. Maybe some macrame planters.

I love that new progressive commercial So many layers of creepiness. Just in time for Halloween too.


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If there is any movement, it won't be til January. That area is currently used for Candelight prep, with costumes, props, and bathrooms on that platform with one large tent just south of this photo used for practice for student choirs.
I figured the same because of Candlelight but it was a pretty easy opportunity to poke a bit of fun.
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