News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!


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And CMs (I don't want to sound like a right wing crackpot) are showing their uniqueness in ways I find distracting and distressing (and off-stage and in real life I'd be completely supporting them ... but, no, I don't want to see dudes with black nail polish and nose rings on MSUSA). The Disney Look was once considered a great thing and a model for other corporations.

I felt bad for Chapek when people got on his case for saying that adults want to watch grown up shows after the kids went to bed. Every other streamer is expected to have content for kids and adults. Chapek had this huge money pit of a streaming service that needed more subscribers and he was stuck with kids to "all ages" franchise stuff or he risked the brand. Iger is more smooth but he has the same fundamental problem.
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For some audiences that may mean no hints of anything controversial to a genuinely socially conservative mind (no homosexuality, no interracial relationships) but in general it means no sex, no violence.
I think you are partly right. I think it is not so much about none of something, more about not constantly having it thrown in your and your kids faces. I have no problem with what other people do, and would protect their right to do it. I do not want anyone banging on my door all day to preach religion at me either. Does not mean I am not religious.


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At least in Florida he seems very popular with the cast members.
The cast members know nothing. I had some detailed conversations during the pandemic to feel them out

First, they seem to not grasp the P&R head is beholden 100% to the ceo…in this case that was chapek. It’s their largest revenue source. They’re not “half in”

Second, they see a guy posting selfies on Instagram and Facebook with the serfs and think that matters at all…which it never will.

The deal is/was they hated chapek and needed a saviour so they picked tight pants. It there’s no divergence. Never was


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Who ya got next in the pool?

I think it’s a biggie (around here at least)
I don’t know about him. He came up during Iger’s time too. P&R are profitable and not the problem right now (at least on the balance sheets). Everyone given the heave ho (so far) were decidedly fully Bob C. people.

I think Bouza’s more likely. She is a 100% Bob C person.

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