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Block Party Bash Preview with Pictures!


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So let me go ahead and apologize for the cruddy quality and small size of the pics... DHS isn't exactly equipped for lighting for a nighttime parade. But hope you enjoy what I've got!

EDIT: It's not a nighttime parade! It was just running at night for a preview for CMs!

Okay and it's not really a parade as much as a scheduled stop thing... does that make sense? When it's moving... it FLIES by. The stops are about 11 minutes long. So its not your typical parade stops like in Parade of Dreams. Last night they did two stops. Can't say I know how they're going to be running it daily... I just know how they did it for us last night.



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Pictures look fine, well enough to see whats going on with the parade an all.

So have they truly worked stops into this parade? As I'ld love to see stops in the parade route again, I realised how much I missed em after the awesome stops in the Disneyland Paris and Studios parade a few years back.

In any case a change in general is nice, I miss the days when the parade actually changed with the years instead of just whenever


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Excellent photos my friend, thanks very much for sharing them with us, I can't wait to check this out and see if its chanced much since its move from California.:)


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I'm sure it was run after park closing this time for CMs.
It will be the daily parade at DHS.

I am sure this is correct. My son said that they frequently rehearsed and previewed entertainment after hours when he was a CM. He saw the Christmas Parade multiple times when he was closing, long before they began performing for guests. Block Party Bash is a daytime parade. Fantasmic is the Studios' nighttime entertainment offering for the most part.

Captain Chaos

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The parade is a daytime parade.. Remember, it is replacing the Stars and Motor Cars parade, which was held during the day... But, there are 2 stops at 11 minutes each??? So, what is you are positioned in an area not by a stop... How will that work out?
We saw this parade/show when we were in Cali a few years ago. It is very high energy and interactive. They get the kids involved and they love it! This will definately have to be a daytime "bash". I think this will be a great addition to DHS.
I saw the parade in 2005 at California Adventure and thought it was fun. The high energy and activity make even the most blase' folk stop and at least watch and smile. It's a nice addition to the studios. Good marketing synergy too with the opening of Toy Story Mania!

There are many parade units that are spread out enough and the cast members run up and down along the floats in such a way that I would think the show stops wont be as big of an issue with the Florida audiences that aren't as used to parade stops as the CA folks are. I just hope that the parade stops are somehow more clearly noted in the park maps and/or signage for the parade. This will help to avoid guests getting upset if they aren't standing in the right areas and miss seeing the show stops (anyone remember the uproar with Light Magic at Disneyland years ago?)

MKCP 1985

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Disney/Pixar on the balls. . . :lookaroun

verrrrry interesting.

Oh, and the whole thing looks like a bunch of fun. Can't wait to see it the next time I'm down.

Thanks, RAIN! :wave: