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  • Hi Tim - I can't find your e-mail address. Shoot it to me in a PM and I'll send you the link to my PhotoPass pics. Thanks!
    Hey Tim - I tried to send you a PM today, but rcvd a msg saying you weren't receiving new messages. It sounds like your PM box is full (?). Holler at me when you get a minute.
    Hi Tim - I'm sorry to hear that you're a man down and working long hours. No wonder you crash every evening and don't want to look at a computer. Besides, your eyes need a break (why are doctors always the worst patients?).

    As for my family - we're on break from baseball until July 26-27 and then we play thru eoy (including the Kissimmee tourney again). After Sept, tournaments will reduce from 3x/mo to every other w/e. We're also moving our oldest son home from college on July 25, so I could be a puddle on the floor by Sun evening. Hold on - I'm supposed to go to the DCI (Drum Corps Int'l) show Sun night. Might need to stay home and rest instead.

    No more WDW until next year? Not even a long w/e during the holiday period? Come on - you know you don't want to miss :xmas: at WDW. I'll be there with a friend from NJ Dec 10-14 for Mousefest. She got the 40% off postcard in Feb so we're staying at the Poly! Y'all come!

    In the meantime - take care and get some rest this w/e. Happy hiring.
    Hey Julie, sorry about the "MIA". Things around my office have been insane lately. Basically, I haven't had my computer on for 3 weeks. One of our ophthalmologist has left the practice and we have had to take over his patients. Basically it means working 7:30am to 6:00pm everyday, full time. And when I get home, I just crash. I don't even want to look at a computer.

    As far as Hunter goes, he is done with baseball for the season. A lot of his team mates play football so there are not enough kids for a fall season.

    As far as an October trip, I doubt it. I think our summer trip will be it for this year. We will probably look to next October for our next trip. Lauren is still looking at the CP, possibly for next year, so that will be a good excuse to go visit her.

    Sorry again for my absence. I gotta run again. Hopefully it wont be another month before I talk to you again. :)

    Talk to ya later,
    Hi Tim - Sorry about your rain-out. We did pretty well this w/e (between rain) - finished 3rd out of 8 teams. Harrison played well defensively (catcher), but still isn't hitting the ball, which is frustrating all of us since we know what he's capable of doing. The trouble is, he's had some HUGE over-the-fence home runs, so now he's swinging for the fence every time and not even looking at the ball (head up - looking at center field).

    We're off until July 26, so we've purchased a series of hitting lessons to get him back to basics. We'll play 2-3 tournaments/month thru the first w/e of Dec and then go to the big USSSA winter national tournament in Kissimmee after Christmas. Any chance your team will go to the winter tourney?
    Hey Julie! How was you weekend? Ours was kind of a wierd one. Hunter's team played Friday night and lost 6-1. (We played a really good team out of Atlanta.) Sat morning we played at 10:30 and won 12-1. Our next game was at 7:15, we got in one inning and then the heavens opened up. The wind blew extremely hard and then it rained HARD for about 30 minutes. That was enough to end the day for the games. We went home and found out we were ranked 6th out of 14 teams and were scheduled to play Sun at 1:30. About 10 in the morning, we found out that it had rained all night and the fields were not playable, so the whole tournament was cancelled :( . This was suppose to be our last one for the year, but hopefully we will pick-up one more so we can go out on a better note!

    How did Harrison do this weekend?
    I just checked our baseball schedule for this w/e. We don't play until 1:30 on Sat (which is good since we have to drive 2 hours to Columbia) and then at 3:45 on Sat. Sunday is going to be ugly - we start at 9 am and then play at either 2 or 4:15. That's a long day.

    Good luck to Hunter and his team. Drive safely.
    Thanks for the update and the offer to meet up at DW - that would be super fun. I'll check everyone's schedules and see what openings we have. BTW - I'm not geting notifications when you send me a new message, but I get them from everyone else. Please check your settings and I'll do the same.

    Talk about cracking the whip - I worked 10 hours for my day job and now I'm working on my second job. Ah well, there's no rest for the wicked, er, ah, weary :(.
    Just got Hunter's schedule for this weekend. He plays Friday at 6:00 then Saturday at 10:00 and 7:15. We then go in tournament brackets for Sunday, but I guess you probably knew that. :) So it looks like we will have to skip DW.
    OH OH, I forgot to tell you some other news. After our last trip, Lauren has decided that she really wants to do the Disney College Program! She really has her heart set on it now, but mom and dad are a little nervous about her going off for several months. Lauren is kind of a "home body" and doesn't go off very much, so we are wondering how she will do being gone for so long. Constance is also afraid that she will like it so much that she will stay down there for good. Anyway, I'll keep you updated if she decided to apply for it.
    Yup, Hunter plays USSSA for a 11U team (he will be 12 in Aug). We had a lightning storm Sat night that delayed the games about 1 hour. Most of the parents have tents so we hid under them and rode the storm out. Metal poles + lightning sorm = :(

    We may hit DW if he doesn't play on Friday but we will have to see. Yes, Splash Country is an awesome water park, very clean! It is pretty much on par with TL minus the "big waves" in the pool. If you ever decide to head this way and go to DW, let me know and we'll try to meet you. I'll have to ask Constance if she re-newed our APs, but we will definately meet you there!

    Trip report to come. This is the only 5 minute break I get today. <sound of whip cracking in the background>. OUCH!
    Is Hunter playing USSSA baseball? What age division - 14U? Harrison is a catcher on a 16U USSSA team in Columbia, SC (it's a good thing I bought a Camry Hybrid!). A huge thunderstorm came up Sun and I had to hide out in the ladies room for about 30 min. The dugout flooded and Harrison's bag got swamped. It was a mess!

    Hey - Pigeon Forge sounds cool. Will you have time (or interest) to nip over to Dollywood? Isn't there a waterpark in the area? I've had the urge to check out DW this year, but I haven't been able to schedule a trip anywhere due to baseball every w/e.

    I'd love to hear about your WDW trip. Send me a PM when you come up for air, please.
    I am sooooo tired!?!? Individually, Hunter played great, he had a good hitting and fielding weekend. The team did great the first 4 games, but fell apart the last 2. They ended up 4th in the state. I think what got them was 6 games in less 30 hours. They were just exhausted. We play in Pigeon Forge this weekend!
    No problem - the wait just builds anticipation.

    That's great about Hunter and his team going to the state championship! I remember he played basketball, but right now it is baseball season. Which sport is he currently playing?

    Harrison has another USSSA baseball tournament in SC this w/e so I'll be burning up the road to Columbia - again. I don't mean to complain - I enjoy baseball and love watching Harrison play, but it'd be nice to have a w/e off. We have one more tourney in June and then get to take the month of July off.

    Congrats on your TSMM score. Now I know what I have to beat :drevil:.
    I'm so sorry for the delay. This is only the second time I have been able to turn on my computer at work. And Hunter has had practice all week long b/c they are going to the state championship this week end. No rest for the weary. I promise, trip report to come as soon as I can get a second to sit down!!! Hope all is going well for you! Is Harrison still playing ball?

    BTW, top score at TSMM: 218,400. That was my 5th try on Sat. before we left.
    Welcome back! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip - especially TSMM. I can't wait to experience it in Sept. Hopefully, the lines will calm down a little by then.
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