News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

James Alucobond

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Framing for the portions of the Communicore Hall facade where it will alternate between opaque and glass triangular tiling is starting to go in. See center of image below.

James Alucobond

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New fixtures flanking the path to the center of World Celebration. Perhaps banner stands of some sort?

The small structure on the right here is now fully clad in dimensional paneling. It will eventually be mostly obscured by trees if the site plan is accurate.

Large trees have arrived in this area, and paving looks nearly complete. Smaller plantings are going in next to the Journey of Water restrooms as well.

More triangular framing ...

Additionally, the Moana meet and greet has some temporary fencing behind it, indicating they'll probably remove what's in front of it soonish. The planters nearby are essentially fully finished, filled with pink flowers.

James Alucobond

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Would be nice to see "something else" get repainted...
Am I alone in never having liked the purple? I don't exactly love the orange going on now either, but the original shade always looked horrific to me.
I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone would even want an entire building painted with iridescence, faux or not.
I feel like someone's either making something up or misunderstood.

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