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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

hpyhnt 1000

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Well, yeah. The original plan was for them to turn around and see a futuristic three-tiered festival building, not an open plain of booths. But, you know, a worldwide pandemic happened.

Incidentally, an insider has said that the 3-tier festbuilding is back in the mix as a possibility. Thus the open field of booths rather than a plain building done on the cheap to leave their options open.
Eh, even if the festival building had happened as planned, there was still going to be a lot of empty walkway and grass where there once was indoor guest space and exhibits. Plus, hasn’t it been said the proposed building would have less useable floor space than the buildings it replaced? And the Moana area isn’t worth demolishing a perfectly good building in my opinion; should’ve stuck that between The Seas and The Land where it made more sense.

Still, pandemic or no pandemic, point is the makeover of East is on track to be done this year(?), open for guests and generating revenue at a fraction of the cost compared to West, which is still years away from completion to maybe get us a less practical building at a much higher cost.


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Plus, hasn’t it been said the proposed building would have less useable floor space than the buildings it replaced?
By far.

The “three level festival centre“ tag is a load of old tosh too. An empty ground level. A small middle floor. And an “exclusive“ bar on the roof. Idiots. This and the lagoon are two of the biggest mistakes in theme park planning since the wannabes graduated.


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So the new mousegear and perhaps the new electric umbrella are still slated to open this year. What would that look like? Would they finish part of world celebration around it? Or are we really looking at only the buildings so they can reopen with construction walls all around them?


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I really hope they’ve fixed the sewage issues in there before they consider a restaurant. The place used to smell something terrible by mid day!


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Thus, it continues.

More pictures here:


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By Epcot’s 40th, on October 1, 2022, how much of the Future World redevelopment do we expect to be completed?

- I expect CommuniCore East (Shopping & Dining) to be completed by the end of this year.

- Journey of Water should certainly be done in a year/year and a half from now.

- Dreamer’s Point and everything leading up to the World Showcase promenade SHOULD be done but who knows????


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You’re so boring at this point. At least say something interesting about the new project. You sound so salty.
Rightfully so too.
Disney scraped the fancy packaging on MagicBands due to “environmental reasons”.
We cannot have lids and straws that don’t dissolve in the parks because of the environment.

Yet they turn around and WASTE a perfectly good building? It could have been renovated. It could have been repurposed.

Instead, they inject god knows how much carbon into the air to pull the whole thing down, which in the end is completely pointless since the bar on stilts was cancelled and who knows what else is on permanent hiatus.

And that doesn’t even come close to discussing the historic loss of a once great area.

So yeah, he and many others like him are salty.

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