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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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That concept art is beautiful! I'm welcome to the changes, but I also hope it won't feel like a waste of space. I also love MouseGear. This concept makes it seem like it will be relocated, perhaps to an even smaller location. I most excited by the fountains. In any case, even if those fountains are not in the natural bodies of water closer to World Showcase, we do need to update our Fountain of Nations. It is also surprising to see Starbucks especially gone. The swimming pool area looks odd through. I can't imagine what that is.


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@marni1971, since you posted somewhere else that you are a tad more comfortable talking about some of these things now that they have been announced, can you decipher some of what is going on in this blue sky concept art photo of FW? It is so hard for me to interpret most of it - especially the side with The Land, The Living Seas and Imagination.

Again, I always understand if you can't. And thanks for all that you can share.


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Thinking even more on this. I know this is only concept art, but having the Communicore buildings gone seems like that is something really set in stone. So I'm hoping for new, good, original area music that doesn't include generic action movie credits violins constantly ramping up in volume (you HAVE to know what I mean).You really can't have the Innoventions music playing when there really isn't any Innoventions left.
But the Innoventions music works at Future World even when it's gone.


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Even though one of the pathways moved, it looks like everyones favorite bathrooms will be staying. And no more ugly cover in front of TT? There is a lot of green space.

Woah wait a second, the Project Tomorrow area for SSE is gone? That seems a bit drastic. Someone must be taking full advantage of the term *concept*.
I hope they might finally remove the grave stones in front of the entrance.
Those fountains nearest to World Showcase look neat, World of Color type show coming in the future? Overall, this one piece of concept art is the most exciting thing for me to come out of the D23 Expo. Looks like there taking their work with Shanghai Tommorowland, combining it with some of the old Discoveryland concept, and creating a completely new immersive Future World. I can't wait!

Captain Neo

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It's sad that the guy who has been ruining Epcot since the 90s finally gets to ruin and reshape the whole park. It's cruel that Tony Baxter was forced out of the company but Mr Tom "I play dirty office politics and replace richly themed extravaganzas with cheap video screen rides" Fitzgerald gets to stay and be in charge of such important projects.


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I am SHOCKED. Wasn't the removal of CommuniCore not the favorite route? Where are all of the secondary buildings (merch, food etc.)??? @marni1971 is this the proposal that you were dreading? I am cautiously optimistic, but it seems rather.......extreme.
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