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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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Are any of those circular blobs (or the purple thingy in front of Mission Space) possible rides?

Otherwise it looks like they are replacing former attraction space with trees and sidewalks.


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I see a complete lack of CommuniCore and a whole bunch of mysterious new things that were not discussed at D23. That glowy thing in the foreground.... a fountain?

I'm guessing the new things are all stores/restaurants. With Communicore going away, they need space for MouseGear, the new Starbucks, and the QS space from Electric Umbrella.

So perhaps the glowy dome thing in foreground is a stage surrounded by fountains?


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my head is spinning from all these announcements, some interesting but several makes me want to hurl.
this one is interesting it just seems like everything is going to be a giant construction zone for a long time.

What is interesting to me is that a lot of these announcements seem like starting points rather than ending points. I guess when they say the parks will never be complete they meant it.


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Thinking even more on this. I know this is only concept art, but having the Communicore buildings gone seems like that is something really set in stone. So I'm hoping for new, good, original area music that doesn't include generic action movie credits violins constantly ramping up in volume (you HAVE to know what I mean).You really can't have the Innoventions music playing when there really isn't any Innoventions left.


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That concept art is beautiful! I'm welcome to the changes, but I also hope it won't feel like a waste of space. I also love MouseGear. This concept makes it seem like it will be relocated, perhaps to an even smaller location. I most excited by the fountains. In any case, even if those fountains are not in the natural bodies of water closer to World Showcase, we do need to update our Fountain of Nations. It is also surprising to see Starbucks especially gone. The swimming pool area looks odd through. I can't imagine what that is.

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