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Best Ride Quote


Well-Known Member
Without a doubt my two have to be...

"When visiting the English countryside, you must say hello to some guy named Trevor. Hello Trevor! Take care!"
"Well! Look at that...I planned it that way, I really did!"


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I think my favorite is when you exit the primieval whirl and the recording says "please stand before exiting". Um....ya, thanks Captain Obvious. How else are we gonna exit? :lol:


New Member
I love this scene from Carousel of Progress:

"We're remodeling our basement as something called a rumpus room... and we're looking forward to a few rumpuses I'll tell you, as long as they don't get out of hand..."

"John, this papering is getting out of hand. I could use a little help."

"Now Sarah, didn't I set up that clever automatic paint stirring machine for you?"

"Yes John, you're a genius. Of course this will ruin my food mixer, not that you'd care."

"Good old Sarah. Always the last laugh."

And for my favorite part...
We hear paint splattering as Sarah says: "Oh you and your progress! That paint mixer of yours just sloshed paint across my rump... er- rumpus room."

I laugh every time. :)

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