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  • Just replied to your thread about the $200 gift card / visa promo from last year. Hoping you can add some insight to your experience with it. Thanks!
    I wasn't sure how to respond to your post, so I'll give this a try. Don't want to be flamed for drifting, you know. I've been lurking around here for years and always enjoy reading your posts!
    <quote>Totally off topic here, but what news are you talking about this week? And I've never heard of "Disney's The Black Hole". I'm totally missing something here. :eek:</quote>

    In a meeting about traffic violations in Dallas, a commissioner (white) made a comment about the violations office being a black-hole because many articles and paperwork was lost.

    A judge and another commissioner who happened to be black took great offense to the other commissioner's comment. The judge demanded an apology and that the term white-hole should be used rather than black-hole.
    black-hole =/ white-hole
    Hey man, I hope you and the fam are doing well. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

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