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Best musical score goes to...


Show wise, I love the end of Fantasmic - it gives me chills! A close second would be Wishes!

Film wise, can you really beat The Lion King??


Spaceship Earth, Jeremy Irons edition, music when you are traveling back down. Hands down for me. When I think WDW, that's the Music I hear.

Kingdom WDW

New Member
Off the top of my head:

- Reflections of Earth and Tapestry of Nations (Millennium Celebration, at that)
- Wishes
- Fantasmic!
- Splash Mountain (love the bluegrass style)
- El Rio del Tiempo
- Reflections and Wonders of China
- The American Adventure
- Horizons
- Universe of Energy (Feel the Flow and Ellen's Energy Adventure Theme)
- Muppet*Vision 3-D
- Epcot Entrance Music (Also known as Future World Area Music Loop)
- Soarin'
- The Living Seas
- Hoop-Dee-Doo
- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
- Timekeeper
- Spectromagic
- Space Mountain

Okay..more than a few!


Well-Known Member
Oh man, this is a hard one. Mine include:
*Space Mountain (I love the tunnel music)
*Illuminations/We Go On
*AA (I love the new ending)
*The early-morning loop in Epcot WS (the Disney music)
*Most of the music from Finding Nemo

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