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  • I know what ya mean...School has just enveloped me.Execpt for WDWMagic.LOL...It's a good way to make Homework go by quicker.:lookaroun::lol:
    Never mind. You're the Phantom of WDWMagic, that's all. Does your Phantom hat have Mickey ears on it???
    I see you've moved out of the Opera House. Did it get a bit too damp down in that cellar or were your neighbours keeping you awake by singing all night?

    Or have you moved to Manhattan, like the sequel says?? ;)
    Have you seen Will Ferrell's take on the Phantom? If you go to Youtube and type in "Will Ferrell Phantom of the Opera" it brings up this really funny video of him singing Music of the Night. The original is my favourite song of the whole show and alot of people seem really offended by his version, but I just find it really funny!!
    I heard Andrew LW wrote the part of Christine specifically for Sarah Brightman because he was married to her at the time. She was good, but I prefer Emmy Rossum as Christine. She just looks and sounds the part better (although it kinda annoyed me that she talked the Masquerade part too!)

    I think I liked the film because they made him look how I always imagined he would - the non-disfigured part was very good looking. It was always important to me that he would have otherwise have been perfect! A very goodlooking genius!

    So is it the NYC version that is playing in London? As it's been here for over 20 years! I just didn't rate the stage version I saw in London really. Maybe it was the actors. I loved the guy who played the Phantom and Raoul was good, but I detested Christine within minutes! And the flame scene, where he throws fireballs at Raoul was such a let down! I love the effects in the film, and Emmy Rossum's voice was amazing, for a 16 / 17 year old! And I love the dancing in the Masquerade scene in the film! Just love it!

    I guess I'll go back to my books now...

    Had to put it on now! Might even have to watch the film soon! That opening music ove the first scenes of the film where the opera house is restored gives me goosebumps! And Amazon has sent me some suggested books - 7 Phantom books! And four of them are a series set after Christine goes with Raoul and apparently Meg becomes the Phantom's new student and he ends up marrying her! I actually prefer the sound of them to the one in Manhattan! And there is another where Christine goes back to him!

    So it begs the question - why did they pick the one they did when there are so many better ones out there?
    You are PML worthy!You should join it's GREAT in there.

    It's going great...School on Monday and a Hurricane coming!Woohoo?


    No other development, but typography in general, along with logo design, etc., is a hobby of mine. The "Disney Fonts List" is quite helpful--I've spent quite a bit of time going through that list! lol
    Thanks Brian...the one & only glyph I designed is the one in my (current) avatar! Justin and his team do great work!
    He seems to have taken over the bar recently! I wonder if the others have any idea what on earth we're talking about?

    I've had a look at what the sequel is about and I'm really not sure about it at all!! I've just read a review of the book and...well, there was a lot of swearing in the review!! Apparently the writer has said that Gaston Leroux was wrong about almost everything he wrote about the Phantomand his early life. I might have to see this film just to see what all of the controversy is about!
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