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  • Aww! Haha, how funny! Well it turned out great! It looks like Mickey is reaching out to you! Haha. So cute!
    Thats unfortunate about your spectromagic picture, hey maybe when you're back in the states you can make that your mission to take a great spectromagic picture! :)
    Unfortunately it does becomes a bit top-heavy...:p

    I'm current working on adding other lightweight features, maybe GPS? Then I'd have an excuse for the Mickey ears...antennas! :lol:
    Let's just say some investigators got a little too close in their investigations, and my identity/location was no longer secret. The neighbors did get a tad annoying, i.e. hearing "All I ask of you" for the 300th night in a row .

    Echo Lake is a lot quieter, thus practicing my organ pieces with more peace. I'm a bigger fan of "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor".
    I'm in Peterhead in Aberdeenshire - it's the most NE point of the UK so we stick out into the North Sea. I've never lived in a city, but know quite a few folks who have left good ol' sunny Scotland for the metropolis that is London. Most of them have only ever stayed there for a couple of years before returning to Scotland though as they find it just too much of a change LOL. I also work with someone who left London a couple of years ago to try out the quieter life up here.
    When I went to see Phantom the first time, we got to stay after and have some Q&A with the staff. We even got to see them rehearse "Masquerade", which was pretty cool. The second time I saw the play I spent the entire Masquerade song looking for Erik.
    ALW did have three or four wives though...

    I don't know, the movie just didn't cut it, and I can't confirm or deny if the London and NYC versions are the same, I hope not!

    Time to go...Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair!
    Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!



    I saw the film before I first saw the play (which I regret.) Now after attending the play (twice) the film seems mediocre. The opening seen is good, but the rest of it is just Hollywood. They even managed to botch the Masquerade scene! (MASQUREADEALSKDALSKDJALKSDJMASQUERADETURNAROUNDANDTHERE'SANOTHERONEBEHINDYOUdundundunddundunMASQUREADEASDSALKDSJA)

    I thought it was VERY sped up, and Christine's part was in spoken word.

    Story has it that Andrew Lloyd Weber was looking through his grandmother (or similar relation's) library and he came across this dusty old book called "The Phantom of the Opera". He read it, and was fascinated by it, and the rest is history. Though after reading the book, I have second thoughts to Andrew Lloyd Weber's sanity. The play is completely different form the theater version.

    But apparently the London version was different from the NYC version. The London version wasn't around for long.

    I'll have to check out the books you got. Sounds interesting. :D
    The book is so much better than the movie, IMHO. The book came first, so I don't know what that reviewer was talking about. I loved it. I spent some late nights reading it.
    No, I haven't. I'll check it out, though.

    We saw the New York one...I wasn't aware of how many PotO's there are! Apparently they're coming out with a sequel.

    ...maybe he's haunting a certain bulletin board...hmm?
    Have you read Susan Kay's The Phantom? It's my favourite book ever. I've read it at least 20 times and can now pick it up and start reading it from any page! Never fails to make me cry!

    I saw the stage show once when I was about 12 and my DH took me to see it again a couple of years ago. I was a bit disappointed with the London show, but he's promised to take me to the Las Vegas show. It's supposed to be amazing!

    I would love it if Erik were still around, but it would also be very sad. His tale's too tragic to be true!!
    I remember a certain Erik...:D What if I told you he is still around?

    Off-stage, I've seen what they "Phantom of the Opera" twice. It's nothing like what really went/goes on at the Paris Opera House...

    Trust me, I know! :lol:

    Gaston Leroux is doing a decent job with his account, as I'm 3/4 done his report, but there are some inaccuracies. ;)
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