Best 30 seconds at Disney...


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oh my goodness, I think it is impossible to just choose one 30 sec. best moment :D
Resorts moments.. walked into the Poly Lobby ( ah the smell and feeling)*** Walking into the WWL lobby.. like a big hug.. walking into CBR's Port Royal and hearing the music.... Parks..Walking under the train station in MK onto Main St... moments of each ride have their own special 30 seconds you want to lock away...Epcot.. walking up to Spaceship earth, entering The Land.. again you could find something in all the attractions.. So many dining experiences as well..... Monorail speil...


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I'm looking for that short moment that you loved...or are looking forward to trying!

The best 30 seconds

Mine is the little song at the end of ITTBAB. "We're Pollenators! We're Pollenators!" :D

My sister says hers is going down the hill on Everest and whatever follows that.

What is yours?
Pick any 30 seconds from RNR. I love it all!
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