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Rumor BatB Rumor from Screamscape


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I suspect if Frozen 2 is good and makes a bunch of money, those projects will fall back into favor.
Both of those scenarios are entirely realistic. Frozen is still popular so there is little chance it will bomb, and I can't see the film being mediocre. I expect we will be hearing scuttlebutt about a Frozen attraction at Disneyland around this time next year.

Welcome back, by the way!


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Ha, great minds?

Can someone please outline for us where the heck this huge motorboat space is?
I was just looking at it and unless they shrink the size of Autopia, it's not very big. While the motorboat had a fairly large footprint, it was intertwined with both the Monorail and Autopia...it basically ran all the way to where the sub lagoon is and back. The Fantasyland theater plot is likely the only current spot that might accommodate a larger show building.


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As far as I’m concerned, the whole axis Main Street - Castle - Fantasyland should be sacrosanct, especially included original rides. It is the true heart and soul of Disneyland.

100%. But then again the whole West side of Disneyland could also be considered sacrosanct at this point with exception to Pooh. With that said I would be good with some Indy upgrades and adding some spice to the Jungle Cruise outside of the 3 major show scenes.

Toontown is fair game although I think it has its place and would be anchored nicely with the Mickey ride and a little spit and polish. Of course the other usual suspects are fair game like the FL theatre, Motorboat Cruise area, Autopia/ Subs and all of Tomorrowland except for Space Mountain. I’d be ok with them bringing Autopia into the 22nd century though. I’d even settle for the 21st. It’s just that, outside of flying cars I don’t see how you do that? It definitely doesn’t deserve the amount of space it takes. It would also be nice if they were able to keep the lagoon and give us a submarine ride that’s engaging and not Nemo.

So it probably comes down to like a futuristic Autopia and new Submarine ride vs Frozen and Tron and/or BATB. We know who wins that battle.
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Ismael Flores

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I could see the benefit of that but shows get old fast for me. I mean I think I’ve only seen Fantasmic in its entirety 3-4 times... and that’s 1.0 and 2.0 combined. I like the FL theatre area for the wrong reasons. Not because I care for Magical Map or shows in general but because it’s one the last “dead” places in the park that kind of reminds me of the old days.

Anyway I think a BATB E ticket and the capacity it would provide all day long for the park would be more beneficial than a show. With that said, between Motorboat and Autopia we could technically have both but of course that would be eliminating some other possible experience.

Lastly, I know everyone always mentions Motorboat as being an expansion area and I quickly jump on the bandwagon but is there all that much room there? I mean I know that the monorail would need to be re-routed but it doesn’t look that big to me. Certainly not big enough for a BATB E ticket without taking over a good chunk of Autopia.
they really should shorten the autopia the length it was originally. if they did that they would clear up a large chunk of land. the monorail would only have to loose the figure eight loop and keep the outer loop in that area and you would have plenty of room for a show building and smaller buildings for queue and store.

to eliminate visual intrusion areas of the track can hidden with rooflines
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