Back, Engaged, Cooled Down, Ready To Go Back Trip Report!

Well here it is. Its LONG so I added some pictures in case you guys don't like reading!

The Cast…
Myself (John) 30
Girlfriend (That will change) Colleen 26
Brother (Brian) 26
Brothers “GF” (Tanya) 24


We left our houses at about 2:00pm to catch a 7:00pm flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando on 9/23. Why did we leave so early? G20 summit. They were supposed to have the entrance to the airport shut down with police checking each car for boarding passes and photo ID’s. Well that didn’t happen. We were at the airport 4 hours before our flight, but better safe than sorry eh?



Our flight was great. Unlike the one I am on right now as I type this up scared out of my mind from non-stop turbulence. The only thing was our one flight attendant was MAD weird. She would not put down the intercom CB and told corny jokes the WHOLE time. If that was not enough when we got to the gate she said “Ladies and Gentleman thanks for flying Southwest and thanks for making my first flight with Southwest a great one. The people she worked with that day probably all ran on got their schedules and PRAYED they don’t work with her anymore.

We land safe, sound, and smooth at MCO around 20 minutes early. We head straight for The Magical Express.



We waited around 5 minutes and we were on the bus headed “home”. Online check in at Sports was fine. There was an issue with the people ahead of us though, and it was Disney’s screw up. I was listening, but not fully. We got a room in building 10 #242 and were about 6 rooms away from my brother’s room. We both got king size beds. Upon arrival Colleen was walking through the rooms and asked is this room made for little kids? I said that I doubt they would have a king bed for kids, and then I remembered most king rooms are handicapped rooms. I even said when we walked in that the bed was really low. I didn’t mind at all. I had my king bed so I was happy.

We left the resort to go to Downtown Disney to use our Planet Hollywood vouchers. Mainly so we can eat Crunch Chicken, but the $15 come in handy. I had TWO helpings of it.


After that we just got on the bus, and went back to the resort to catch football and swim!


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We get up and go to Epcot.


We have ADR’s at Tutto Italia. First off we have to go to Guest Relations to exchange our tickets for Annual Passes!!!


After we got our passes we head on into the park. We get Fast Passes for Soarin’ and then we go to the stand by entrance and the wait is 15 minutes. We got FP’s because my Brother and Tanya didn’t leave the resort yet. So we rode and had front row! (We had front row every time we rode this trip! We got off and used our FP’s to ride again. Our trip is off to a great start so far. After Soarin’ we head to Italy for our ADR. Tutto was GREAT. Follow me here. Tutto is great if you’re on the Dining Plan. Out of pocket…I don’t think I would spend $91.59 for 2 steaks, a tiny salad, potatoes, and dessert. Everything I had was awesome though. Very pleased with my choice here.



After Tutto we head back over to Soarin’ to use our FP’s, and the FP’s my brother got once he entered Epcot. Off of Soarin’ and straight to the Monorail to The Magic Kingdom! We arrived just as the parade was hitting the Emporium on Main Street so we got on the train and headed to Frontier Land. Something is funny though because MK is PACKED, and its SUPER hot. I really didn’t dwell too much at that point because I was just happy to be safe and sound in Disney. We went and got FP’s for Splash Mountain. After that we headed over to see Hall Of Presidents. Pretty good show to see. I’m not very patriotic, nor do I follow, or have ANY political stance but I do enjoy that show. After HoP, we head to The Haunted Mansion. During the portrait scene I was getting a feel for the timing of the lights for the “Big Question”. After leaving HM we went into the store next to Leota’s cart and I slipped away to talk to the Cast Member working outside the Mansions gates. I told him I wanted to propose to my GF in the Portrait Chamber and wondered if we came back later when the park was dead could the four of us go in alone so I can propose without a bunch of strangers in the room with us. He said absolutely and we started brain storming how I will be recognized once I arrive at 8:00pm (our scheduled time). He called out his supervisor and she said Ill just send you back out to work the gates at 7:45pm so you will notice. I then said my brothers GF has a 1st Visit Button, so approach her and say how would you like your 1st visit to be magical with a special tour of the Mansion. We all agreed that would be great. Now Colleen starts walking over and I just casually put up my finger and said hold on, and just went about our plans. I thanked them MANY MANY times and walked away over to my group. Naturally the first think Colleen says is What were you doing? I said asking if they knew were I could find the Jim Shore Ghosts Figurine. She says Okay, and everything is smooth. I have to text BigB911, and DisneyGirl1 now because they were gonna come fill in some space if I couldn’t get the room to ourselves. Now we are off to Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s walk on, and it was like that most of the trip. After Pirates we head over to Splash to use our FP’s. It was Brians first time on Splash and he had front row, 2 boats behind us, and we had back row because I request it so we don’t get “wet”. Well he got soaked, and I got wet as well because I had 2 kids in each row in front of me. Colleen was facing the mountain and says I didn’t even get wet! I just stare and say…Really? She turns and sees how wet I am an thinks its hilarious. It was hot as ever so I really didn’t mind. We headed over to the Dole Whip stand because Brian loves Pineapple. We didn’t get a Dole Whip but he did. (He just informed me now he really liked it…I forgot to ask him when he actually had it). Now we are off to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear. After Buzz we hit up Laugh Floor.


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9/24 Continued...The BIG MOMENT!!!

Now its time to head over to HM for the big moment! The CM approaches us and does his spiel about the 1st visit we all gladly agree to the special tour. We head in through the side entrance and are led into the second portrait chamber. The lights go out, I get on my knee. The lights come on and she is staring at the ceiling still, and remains staring at it for a good 10 seconds. Finally she looks forward and doesn’t see me so she looks down and immediately starts leaping around and yelling YES! YES! She is not answering me, she is cheering on herself. Finally I kinda tug her arm and she looks back down and I say “So are you gonna marry me”? She was laughing and said yes. My brother and Tanya are snapping pics, and getting video, Colleen is running around the room high fiving the CM’s and yelling, “I’m engaged”!





The CM who worked with me outside gave a rose that they place on Master Gracey’s tombstone

and we were off to board the ride. After the ride was done 2 supervisors greeted us and asked if we were going to see Wishes now. I say yes, and the one said would you like a preferred viewing area then? I said oh hell yeah! So we headed out and it was the area with the small landing between The Terrace Noodle Station, and the Pavillion Area surrounded by the water. Honestly this was a horrible area to watch Wishes. Trees were everywhere and it was hard to see. We didn’t really care about Wishes though, we were just happy to be engaged.

After Wishes the park was closed. We hung out at the Castle and took pictures for a while. PICTURES After the pics we headed to the buses to go back to All Star Sports to catch football and swim again!


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Today we get up and head to Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach is always a good time, very draining because you are constantly walking up steps, but it is an awesome park!

After BB, we headed to the resort to shower and go to Epcot. While walking on the Epcot bus Colleen starts chatting with a woman and her son. For some reason we all kind of hit it off instantly. We were all going to Epcot, but heading to Hollywood Studios after for Fantasmic, plus we had LATE ADR’s for 50’s Prime Time. We exchanged numbers to meet up for Fantasmic later on. We go into Epcot and head STRAIGHT to Seasons Grill! I LOVE this place.


After we ate we walked over to the International Gateway and caught a boat to DHS. I texted Carrie (The Woman We Met) and told her we were there. She said she JUST walked into Great Movie Ride. I said text when you’re done and meet in front of The Hat. We went through the shops and Carrie texted me so we went and met with her and her son Brent. We agreed it would be a good idea to get in line for Fantasmic. First we stopped at Sunset Sweets so I can get a Strawberry Ice! The CM’s congratulated us and gave us each a white chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick. Carrie had FP’s for Tower of Terror cause Brent didn’t like the ride so I said Brent and I will get in line for Fantasmic, and you guys ride ToT. That paid off cause we got front row seats.


Watching that show up that close in the dead middle was amazing. After the show we said we have time to do 1 ride before our ADR so we chose Great Movie Ride. We said bye to Carrie and Brent, not before making plans to swim when we get back though. We got to 50’s and hung in the living room for around 15 minutes and were sat. Our Waitress was good. She was heckling Brian the whole time. The free price for our meal was $52.55 and the food was great as it always is at 50’s.


After 50’s we hung around during closing hours and took some pics. We headed back to the resort to meet up with Carrie and Brent and did some swimming then it was bed time.


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We are headed to Epcot for the first half of the day today.


We get to Epcot and go to Club Cool, and then ride The Seas with Nemo. We head to The Coral Reef for our ADR there and we get a table 1 row away from the tank. A turtle gave us a good show. He would plummet down to the floor, sleep for 5 minutes. Then he would swim away, and all the sudden here he comes again. Sleep 5 minutes, and swim away to breathe. He did this the WHOLE time we were there.


At one point a Sting Ray come and flopped right next to him for a few minutes. A had the NY Strip, with a side of Creamy Polenta and Potatoes. Colleen got the Mahi Mahi, and that was REALLY good. They were the first to “do something” for our engagement and it was just a piece of chocolate on our dessert that said “Best Wishes”. Our free bill was $81.30!



After Reef we went on Journey Into Imagination, Honey I Shrunk The Audience, rode the Mexico ride, visited Club Cool and headed to the resort to swim because it was 8139098 degrees, and PACKED at Epcot. This HEAT, and insane crowds is gonna be a theme in this report.

We met up with Carrie and Brent at the pool because they were leaving. We decided we would head over to MK to watch Spectromagic and Wishes. We got to MK, did some photopass pictures, rode HM, and headed to the walkway from Adventureland to Crystal Palace to watch Spectro. After Spectro we headed to Caseys to grab a bite before Wishes. Caseys was packed. We had Brent go scope out a table for us and he actually got one. We sat down and just like that…RAIN. It was pouring but we were inside, with a table, and a decent view of the castle. After we ate we went to the Emporium because it was still pouring outside. Carrie and Brent had to leave because they were driving back to NC. Colleen and I decided to wait out the rain and that paid off good for us. Everyone left well 90% of the guests left so it felt like we had the park to ourselves! We headed to Pirates, then to Splash but it was closed, as was Big Thunder Mountain. We went in Philhar Magic, got some photopass pictures and rode Buzz twice. After Buzz we closed the park with a ride on TTA. Same routine after…Football, swim, bed.


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Typhoon Lagoon today! Straight into the wave pool. We tried a NUMEROUS amount of stances, jumps, and dives to hit the waves hard and get taken for a ride. The best result was me holding Colleen over me head by her arm and leg and letting the wave hit us that way. She would go flying as would I. We went on Crush and Gusher twice after that, then the Shark Reef, then the slides, back to the wave pool, and to the resort.

We got a bus to MK to get the monorail over to The Contemporary for our ADR at Chef Mickeys. Food was GREAT. Much better than what I remember from 2002 (the last time I had Chef Mickeys). Our free meal was worth $68.14!





After we ate we got on the monorail back to MK. We went in Monsters Inc, HM, got FP’s for Thunder Mountain, rode Pirates, used our FP’s for Thunder, went in Tiki Room, then Jungle Cruise at night. This moron with his wife and kid were sitting next to us. She was laughing at loud like this…”HA”! at the top of her lungs before our driver would finish the joke. Then he would complete the joke as our driver would say it. After the 3rd time I turned to him and said “Really dude, you guys are really gonna do this the whole ride”? They stopped. We finished the night on Splash.


We left, walked to the Contemporary and got a cab. Bus lines were wrapped around everything you could wrap something around.


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My dad called and said he driving down to hang/celebrate with us from Georgia for the day! First thing we do is go straight to Soarin’ and we all get FP’s. Epcot is PACKED and its hot as anything I’ve ever been in. We get on Nemo and go into the seas to kill some time before our Le Celier ADR. Thing is I had to try and get my dad added on as the 5th guest. I went to the podium and explained he came down as a surprise for the day to celebrate our engagement and they actually sat him with us! This was our first of 3 ADR’s at Le Celier and it was actually pretty dead in there. Oh well…It was great as usual and our “total” for that was $73.85


My dad and I run over to Soarin’ so he can ride it. Well he never told me he was afraid of heights and he really didn’t like the ride that well…Oh well! Colleen, Tanya, and Brian went over to Ellens Universe of Energy while we went to Soarin’ so we headed over that way and went on Test Track. Wait was 60 minutes so we went single rider line, 5 minute wait. We ended up in the same car as well! He liked that ride and was pretty insistant that it went faster than what they say! We headed over to Norway, got FP’s for Maelstrom. We went into Kringlia for my strawberry pie and THEY DON’T SELL IT ANYMORE. Well they do but they turned it into a cup. Same thing. Its just in a cup now.


We ate/drank and went on Maelstrom. My dad, Brian, and Tanya didn’t care for it but Colleen and I love it! We moved on over to Italy and I got a Strawberry, Banana, Peach Icee and it was AMAZING! Everyone else got beer from Germany.



While going through America Richard Marx was onstage singing Endless Summer Nights, so I stopped was taken back to 1987 for a minute and went in American Adventure! After that I met up with BIGB911 at the Tangerine café as we were both passing there. We chatted for a bit, I met his wife, and daughter. Very nice people! His daughter was shy though, but lucky she got to be pushed around in a stroller all day. We ended up watching Illuminations in Canada. Great view.


We headed over to Test Track after but it was closed for whatever reason? We decided it was time to go. We walked to the car I drove us to the resort. We drove my dads car cause I could get free parking cause of the AP’s we just bought! Driving was AWESOME. I probably won’t ever do it because I don’t want to pay to rent a car but it was SUPER nice getting in the car and just driving to the resort. We got back around 12:45am…did our football, swim, then sleep routine. Dad stayed in Brians room. He had to be up at 6:00am to drive back. Ugh…that sucks.


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Today Colleen and I had our own ADR at Le Celier. We were early, so we got some Soarin’ FP’s, went in Circle of Life, headed to Innoventions. That was cool. We did the Storm, and Trash thing. We then went to Le Celier. After we ordered the guy next to me goes “Hey, aren’t you Black Thy Dot or something from WDWmagic”? I said “Yes”. He introduced himself as Foolish Mortal and I knew who he was. He was dining with his mom, who was on her 27th trip!!! Two of the NICEST people I’ve met! We chatted all throughout lunch. “Mom” even let me take a pic of her dessert! After lunch we used our Soarin’ FP’s and then headed to the monorail to MK!

Its Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight! We hit up Splash Mountain, then my first time on Big Thunder. It was cool. Confusing because I brace to fly down a hill after the climbs and it doesn’t happen. Still a cool ride. We head to the Mansion, ride Peter Pan, then head to Caseys to sit out front for the Boo To You Parade!

Parade was GREAT! The new Haunted Mansion float was good. This parade is really the only love HM gets from Disney.





We then headed to The Castle to watch Hallowishes. The Castle blocked our view because we were so close to it but we still saw a lot and enjoyed it! After Hallowishes we walked towards Liberty Square and we ran into BIGB911 and his family again! We chatted for a few and we all went on our ways again. We went to the Mansion, rode that until it closed down. We hung around for a while took a lot of pics after parks closing of the Mansion because of the cool colors. We then saw all these people dressed as Haunted Mansion Ghosts.


We got a few pictures and went back to the resort.


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We have a Boma breakfast buffet today so we get up and call a cab. Cab was $7…not bad. Breakfast was good. I didn’t get an exact total but it was around $45 or so…

We then went to Animal Kingdom being that I really don’t care for the place and we were right there it just made sense. We went to Bugs Life (I do love this show), got FP’s for Dinosaur, got FP’s for Everest, stopped and got a Mickey Premium Bar, and Ice Cream Sandwich. We then went to see Finding Nemo. First time seeing this and it was pretty good! After that we had 4 minutes to get to our Dino FP’s. We actually made it right on time!


After Dino we went on Everest. This was my first time. I sucked it up and did it. I knew it was a fast ride so if I hated it it would be over with rather soon. It was good though. Both Yeti’s were in working order. I would have rode it again but the wait time was 60 mins and FP’s were 2.5 hours later. So we left, got a bus to Saratoga Springs, then a bus to Downtown Disney. We went to Wolfgang Pucks Express for a CS meal. We both got Spaghetti, and Meatballs with a Caesar Salad, drinks, and Crème Brule. It was $49.74! I cant believe we got a free CS meal for that much money. The salad was good, Spaghetti, and meatballs were rubbish, but the Crème was GREAT!


We did some shopping after that. We then got on a bus to Swan and Dolphin so we could go to Epcot for our ADR at Chefs De France. We walked around World Showcase despite how insane busy it was.


We then checked in at France.


I had Steak, and Colleen did too. Everything was good. Total here…$96.17!


The park was closed after we ate. Our ADR was at 8:50pm and park closed at 9:00pm. We walked through WS and took pics of the empty countries! We got on a bus and our driver was cool we BS’ed a lot. He gave me some Bus Trading Cards as well!


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We were gonna go to DHS today but when we got to the bus stop there were 7 people with EVC’s waiting at the DHS stop so we just said oh well lets go to MK. We got there and Colleen went to the bathroom and I dipped into Guest Relations and secretly bought us MNSSHP tickets for that night! I was gonna keep it a secret until party time. So we then head to Columbia Harbor House. We ate and got FP’s for Peter Pan, rode Small World, CoP, Buzz, Monsters Inc, used our FP’s at Peter Pan, rode the Mansion, PotC twice, then hopped the monorail to Polynesian for Ohana.


I was not impressed at all. None of the food was really good. Everyone agreed. Best part was the dessert the chef specially made for us. PICTURE It’s a ghost because they told him we got engaged at the Mansion. Ohana WAS really the only place to give us something for our engagement. That was pretty neat. Total was $61.75.


Now Colleen is asking where we are going. So we hope the monorail and get off at MK. She says “Its closing now for the party”. I said “We are meeting friends here just go through bag check and meet me up front”. She gets up there and I pull out the tickets and say “Well do you want Donald, or Goofy”? She was SUPER excited to be going again, as was I. We rode Pirates. They gave us our own boat for being engaged. We then went to Splash, Thunder, and headed to our Casey’s spot for The Boo To You Parade.


We stood out on Main Street for the fireworks and it was empty that night.


We were practically alone were we stood. We went to HM, rode Peter Pan after that, then we closed HM!



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We decided to go back to Blizzard Beach for a little bit today. After that we went back to Sports to shower and change. We then head to Epcot. I stopped in the Art of Disney to buy my Haunted Mansion Gallery Of Light Box. We caught the boat to Germany, walked to Italy and got a pizza and another icee. Pizza was pretty good. We then decided to hand out in France to use the AC. Once again Epcot is PACKED and it’s blazing outside.


After hanging out for a while we headed to Le Celier for our final ADR there. I wanted to try the NY Strip this time. It was NOTHING compared to the Filet. Bad choice on my part. Oh well. “Cost” here was $95.15!

We go over to Test Track and get FP’s, and then head to the Single Riders Lane. Colleen was boarded 4 cars ahead of me, and as soon as I got in the ride stopped for about 10 minutes. After finally getting through it, it was time to use our FP’s so we did that. We then headed to Maelstrom and actually watched the video this time. It wasn’t bad. It was only 5 minutes but it held my attention. We then headed to a dessert stand by the fountain entrance. I got a strawberry shortcake


and Colleen got some orange thing.


Both were great! We rode Spaceship Earth and headed for a bus to Saratoga Springs, then to Downtown Disney. We finished our shopping, got more crunch chicken from Planet Hollywood, got on the bus to All Star Sports, did the nightly routine, and went to bed!


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Wake up and head to Epcot. Its hot and packed again…UGH! Get the boat to Germany, walk to Italy and get some strawberry gelato. AMAZING!


We then head to Teppan Edo. Food here was GREAT today. I got steak and shrimp. Colleen got Scallops.



After dinner we got on the boat to DHS. This boat was SO FREAKING HOT I wanted to punch someone. It was such a miserable LONG ride. All the fans were broke and the boats don’t have AC. We should have just walked. We got out of the boat and it was 94 degrees outside of the boat and that felt better. We went to Toy Story and that was a 60 minute wait with no more FP’s. We went to Muppets,


Star Tours, One Mans Dream. We stopped at Sunset Sweets and got a cupcake and slush. They again gave us some white chocolate marshmallow’s on a stick.


We hopped a bus to the Contemporary to go meet up with a fellow WDWmagic member as well as fellow Pittsburgher Ron at MK. We arrived before him and got FP’s for Buzz. After that we met him and his lovely family. We all watched Wishes from Main Street then his wife and 2 girls headed to the resort and he hung with us. We rode Pirates, tried Splash but the line was 45 mins, rode HM, headed to eat at Caseys and we hung there the rest of the night just BS’ing. After that we went back to the resort to sleep. Ron of course went to HIS resort! lol


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Today we tried Tonga Toast.


To me it was good, but very overrated much like Dole Whips. I enjoyed it, but its nothing I would go back and do again. Colleen felt the same. We then hopped the monorail to MK. It was hot as hell our and PACKED and I just got really annoyed by this and left. We went back to sports and swam. From there we showered and headed to the Grand Floridian Café. What an awesome place this was to eat! We will be going there again. I had a steak, baked potato, and broccolini. All of it was delicious! Price here $78.00


We got on the monorail to go to MK. We rode Pirates, then headed to the Wishes Dessert Party. This was AWESOME. Our table was right in front and directly under Tinker Bells rope. The desserts were good, and the view was different but still a great time.



After Wishes we headed over to meet Tom, Sarah, and Nick. (WDWFigment). We went on TTA, Laugh Floor, Pirates, Splash, First Aid cause Sarah got attacked by bugs and her ankle swelled up! From there we went on Magic Carpets, Country Bears, Big Thunder, and we closed down HM. After HM we took a bunch of pics together. We then headed to Pirates and got yelled at and treated like children by a CM. She accused us of hiding out and being in the park an hour after closing. It was 1:45am. Park closed at 1:00am and we didn’t get off the Mansion until 1:16am. I understand she wanted to get home and all that but she could have just said you guys take your last picture (which she refused to let us do) and head home for the night. She just went about it very wrong. We were taking pictures, not running around yelling, and destroying things. After we left the front gates we said our goodbyes and went to our resorts. It was great being able to meet them. Colleen and Sarah really seemed to hit it off, as they were either 5 feet in front or 5 feet behind us talking the whole time. Tom, Nick, and I were always joking about things people do that annoy us in the parks and what not. I wish we could have had more time to spend together.


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Well this is our last day. I woke up and went to concierge to ship back some stuff. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I waited in a line of 3 people 1 hour to do this. I was so mad that I was sweating. After that I went back to the room to finish packing. We packed and checked our bags in. We planned to go to Epcot to eat at Seasons Grill but the Epcot bus line had 7 ECV’s waiting so we just went to MK instead. We went right to Casey’s and ate. Then we rode Pirates,


HM, shopped and came to the resort to eat again. Then it was time to go.


The ME bus was LOADED with people. MCO was nuts as well. The randomly searched one of my bags. No biggie just weird they only looked at one of them. Flight back wasn’t so great as you read above. TONS of bumps along the way and the landing was bumpy as well. All and all I made it there and back so I am VERY thankful for that.

A few notes from the trip…
The Bad

-VERY HOT and VERY crowded. This was terrible. It is one thing if you go and you know it will be really hot and really crowded but the past 3 years I went at the same time and it was NEVER crowded or this hot.

- Guests are just plain stupid and ignorant. There is no other need to go into details other than people are just ignorant and stupid.

- ECV’s are being abused. Can’t say how many times a saw a person obviously abusing the system. Basically they ate their way to being first on every bus, and ride.

The Good

- The enthusiasm from all the CM’s on our engagement and Colleens ring. Everyone seemed SO excited. If they could have cared less we would have never known. The only places that really didn’t acknowledge it was at the restaurant’s and that’s kind of where I expected it to be a big deal.

- The staff at HM was amazing. They were SO eager to help me pull off my plan. It was really special. So if any of you are reading this…We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You guys really made a dream come true!

- The wait staff. Everyone complains about their servers here all the time. We had great servers everywhere we went. France was weird cause the kid barely spoke English but he was good as well.

I would rate the trip a 8.5 out of 10. It was just too hot and crowded for me. Im not really complaining I just was not prepared or expected the heat, or crowds that we had. We are booked for next free dining. I took 9/1 - 9/13. Those dates and resort (Pop) will probably change though...but we ARE booked!


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I was waiting to hear about this trip! Congrats to the two of you, glad to know you still had fun despite the heat and crowds. :D

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