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AstroOrbiter Refurb 2019


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If not already acknowledged in this thread, I believe Astro orbiter will be getting a permanent Star Wars overlay ala x-wings and tie fighters, potentially with something sexy like video comms in the cockpit. This, coupled with Star Tours and an overlay of Hyper Space Mountain, will help to calm some of the frustration over how difficult it will be to access Galaxys Edge.
Thanks for reviving a six year old rumor. That was going to happen before GE was conceived.

1LE McQueen

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Jim Hill said a few months back that if Frozen 2 is successful, than the Motorboat Cruise dock would be turned into Arendelle and Elsa's castle would be put on that side of the Matterhorn.

I don't believe it for a sec- but that rumor is out there 🤣
Speak of the devil


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So....Astro Orbitor.

I saw somewhere recently a photograph of what looked to be the entire upper structure of the spinner removed.
As if it's 'gone' and there is now a big space above the construction walls as in the days of yore.

When i saw this picture, it was a dark shot and i could'nt tell if someone has just 'Photoshopped' the top half of the ride out for humourous purposes ( or wishful thinking ) but i'm surprised nobody has posted a photo of it's current condition.

Can anyone confirm if the top half is indeed now removed...?

Seems like a really thorough refurb if that is the case.

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